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Lab Rats 2 v0.14.0 is finished and ready for a week of bug testing by patrons! This month was a productive one, bringing a ton of new additions and changes to the game. Love, as opposed to general sluttiness or obedience, is now a tracked statistic for characters. Girls who love you are more willing to have sex in private, go out on dates, and otherwise be friendly with you. The UI of the game has been updated to give more feedback to players and to provide more information about choices they are going to make.

Large chunks of new content have also been added. New love based interactions allow you to build a relationship with a girl without corrupting her, or use that trust to corrupt her more quickly. Four new sets of underwear and two new bras have been added to the game along with several new default outfits that make use of them. New events that take place at home have also been added.

I hope you enjoy the new update, leave a comment or send me a private message if you encounter any crashes, bugs, or unintended behaviours!

– Added “love” stat for girls. Characters wtih high love will have higher sluttiness when you are in private and be more devoted to you. Characters with low love will have a penalty to sluttiness all the time.

– Family members do not recieve the positive sluttiness modifers from Love.

– Added support for sub maps on the main map screen.

– Added distinct homes for each character.

– Added ability for MC to discover where characters live and visit them.

– Added character home sub map, to let you visit characters who’s home you know about.

– Updated “out of uniform” crisis. Characters who love “not wearing anything” now gain love and have no happiness drop when they are told to strip and work naked.

– Updated all existing role events, crises, and actions to affect love when apporpriate.

– Added support for menu tooltips.

– Created “Employee” role, which is given to all employees when they are hired.

– Moved all existing employee based interactions into the “special action” menu.’

– Refactored “Action” class. Added tooltip support and much more comprehensive control over how buttons are displayed.

– Crises involving Mom and Lily now take Love into account when deciding how comfortable they are with you.

– Added 4 new panty clothing items and 2 new bra clothing items.

– Added new random event for Lily.

– Added new outfits using new clothing items.

– Added new “performance review” action for employees. Can be performed once a week.

– Rewrote sections of night time visit crisis to work better with new living arangements.

– Removed mandatory “Talk with” action that was associated with the new serum crisis to avoid double time skips.

– Characters are now more likely to ask for permission when stripping if they are highly obedient.

– Added new nightime crisis involving mom at moderate sluttiness and love.

– Clicking on a text input field in the character creation window now auto clears the default text.


– Characters who are fired will now stop showing up for work.

– Characters no longer recieve a happiness boost when you insult their work.

– Added clock symbol to menu options that will advance time.

– Expanded small talk option. Knowing a girls opinion on a topic will result in a larger love increase.

– Refactored “Chat with her…” menu screen to make future content additions easier.

– Removed limitations on how often you can chat with a girl.

– Added time advancement to most events where you chat with a girl.


Lab Rats 2 Ver 0.14.1 by Vren