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I have spent some time improving the installer and patcher program, so this release utilizes that. If the patch process fails in any way, it falls back and attempts an auto-repair option. I have also switched to a different CDN to distribute the software which seems to have a bit better performance and reliability. This patch will be a further test of that to see if that is true worldwide or not. Please let me know if you have trouble with patching process. I have also added better debugging to the log files in case there are issues. This patch is fairly small at around 150MB.
I’ll now be moving on to 1.14 release work. Plans for 1.14 are morph compiler and other new morph compositing and packaging features. I’ll also be spending a lot of time on the clothing sim feature, and if all goes well I’ll be adding an early demo of this to the release. Probably a skirt of some kind which would benefit the most from simulation.


You must have installed first before patching or it will attempt a full download of which is 10+GB. Extract the contents of this zip file into the directory where VaM is installed. VaM_Updater.exe should sit next to VaM.exe if done correctly. Then run VaM_Updater.exe begin the patch process. It will download the patch and attempt to apply it.

Download zip: Updater

Release Notes:

Plugins: Added more Unity dll references to the Visual Studio plugin project

Plugins: Made SuperControler GetSaveJSON function public as requested

Texture import: mass import now tries to normalize paths so they can be more readable in UI

Texture import: No longer forces re-import if url did not change unless action is provoked by user through UI

File browser thumbnail processing now halts when browser is hidden to prevent fps glitching

FloatParamRandomizer plugin example improved – added handling for late-loading receivers like skin, clothing, hair


Added new world UI plugin example. Simple HUD that displays currently selected atom

Bug Fixes:

Plugins: fixed to allow more Unity reference dlls

Triggers: fixed issue with late loading trigger receivers like clothing not showing properly in trigger UI

Fixed issue with new clothing in 1.13 having incorrect IDs for style and materials. Not that scenes created with these will be broken until fixed and resaved. Save files can be manually fixed by replacing all occurrences of (Clone) in the save json:

Fixed genital textures dark/light spots issue

Fixed glow not showing up in screenshot and WindowCamera cameras

Control: fixed several bugs with JSON and function calls being crossed for spring/damper/drive settings


MeshedVR Stickied: Virt-A-Mate version