Horror Room Escape 2 – Abandoned Hospital

The door slammed behind your back keeping you locked inside an old and creepy abounded hospital.

If you’ve ever played one of those room escape games like on Kongregate you have at least experienced the concept. Today there’s a whole bunch of live escape rooms in almost every city and the concept remains the same. You follow the clues trying to ‘open up’ say 4 rooms in like 45 minutes. The clue is usually either some object or a piece of paper with some puzzling instructions that you need to use in order to break out.

Make all that in Flash and add some scary elements to it, and you’ll get ‘Horror Room Escape’ – part 2 by Eight Games. I am not really a fan, mainly because these games involve going through the static screens and there are no real jumpscares, while the other reason could be because there are millions of these games out there while new ones are still coming in.

The gameplay: You and your friends were investigating an old institution, possibly hospital. Obviously, you were at the wrong place and wrong time and at some point doors slammed behind your back while friends went missing. Your only option is to deal with the situation, search for the clues and try to figure out your way out of there. The place looks quite unfriendly – it’s old and dirty with blood stains and broken doors, you collect eyeballs, a meat chopper, deal with human skulls, occasionally seeing ghosts, a killer mask, stuff like that. Anyway, the goal is to solve puzzles and collect keys, where the final key unlocks the last door and opens up the way to freedom.

Walkthrough by EightGames


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