Inculcation – PnC Horror Escape

Inculcation is a freaky creepy point and click game made a while ago, with some super complex gameplay. It’s a point and click horror adventure where you investigate the house and deal with some strange hostile creatures finding a way out all the time. In the end, it all turns out to be a part of a controlled military experiment as it will be explained, an experiment which you voluntarily took part.

If you wonder what the word means, here it is:

As I actually suck at these pnc games, I had to watch Markiplier first, to figure out what needs to be done here.

Inculcation as played by Markiplier

You start off in an unknown place with a bunch of a hand drawn maps, key, gun and a few clips of ammo. As soon as you unlock the door a strange creature will come up and attack you. You can use a gun to defend yourself.

The thing is, even though you shot the creature, you’ll have to do it again, in the bathroom. The rest of the game is more puzzling than creepy and very confusing. I don’t see how anyone can work his way through without peeking in the walkthrough. Oh, and the monster will show up a couple more times. In the end, it turns out you had been given a TX-15, an experimental drug that makes you see other humans as aliens or threatening. It’s a military drug because you kill without showing mercy or feeling guilt.

Your grade will be calculated based on a number of kills you’ve made and injections you have used and the overall time spent in the ‘game’.

Inculcation official textual walktthrough

…may be found at this location:


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