Welcome To The Freak Show

Welcome, to the freak show – the creepy show you’ve been unwillingly accepted to participate.

As in many other horror stories, this one too captures blurry moments of the past events, but you can’t recall how and when you got here. The past is murky and the memories are black.

A running zombie game? Not sure what’s that for, but this game has nothing to do with the green brain eating pests. This is supposed to be just a light brain teasing game with some dark atmosphere and a lot of point and clicking SO, ignore that note.

The game begins with a scene with a table and a present package on its top. Holy crap. The purple bear popped out and completely freaked me out!

The note from the box says that you have been poisoned and that you will be given an antidote if you survive through the night. When a bear tells you that you must survive through the night, there’s one game that instantly comes up to my mind (yup – the fnaf).

There’s a cannon room, but the door is locked. If you pop a balloon on the carousel image, you will get the key.

The inside of the house is a bit creepy, but generally, no scary stuff going on there. You will see a strong guy, lifting some weights with a whole bunch of mice running underneath. And a creepy lady in the bar offering you a drink. The puzzles and tasks are definitely heavier than in like monkey go happy series, but strong players won’t need walkthrough (which I provide down below just for any case)

Anyway, in the last part, you are supposed to get the antidote and cure yourself.

And remember, you may be cured, but you will never escape the freak show!


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