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Alexia Ghiacciavoni has led anything but an ordinary life. She’s lived alone since sophomore year and has quite the odd personality. She likes to think of herself as both a dominate and a submissive, both a sadist and masochist. She just can’t seem to choose one. But deep down she knows, with her two doms, she’ll always be the sub, and she has no problem with it. No they’re not committed to only eachother, yes they are in a relationship. But their relationship is not one of the norm. It’s not about love, it’s pure, erotic, steam and with the way things are going, they’re gonna be fogging up the whole place.

Let’s Rewind
A psychotic smile made its way onto my face as I reached my hand into the wound on her neck. She screamed as I twisted my hand around inside of her throat, but all that came out were gurgled chokes. I laughed as I straddled her. Bending down, I licked her cheek, rubbing my core onto her stomach as i looked straight into the eyes of her father. Her father who’d raped me. Her father who now got to witness his daughter’s death. Oh how proud he must be. So much blood. The horrified look frozen on her face. Oh how it turned me on. With the jerk of my wrist, and a seductive grin, I pulled her larynx from her throat before throwing the knife at her father. He watched with horrified, wide eyes as the knife sailed through the air before eventually landing right in the middle of his forehead. Wonderful.

My eyes flew open and I sat up in my bed. My hands were shaking. That same dream again. I know I’m a sadistic bitch but I’m not psychotic enough to actually do that. A yawn tore past my lips as I stretched. Stupid fucking birds chirping… it’s way to early for that. Swinging my legs over the bed, I slipped my feet into my unicorn slippers. I took a moment to look around my room. Black carpet, black walls with pastel blue and purple accents, a ceiling painted to resemble the forest with wolves peeking out and a full moon; A balcony with glass sliding doors, black satin curtins with shiny blue designs, closet, anime and band posters along with my drawings all over the walls, a white dresser, a pastel purple vanity table, a black fogged glass computer desk with all my electronics, and a corner with all of my teddie bears, plushies and bean bags in it. I walked over to my closet, opening the mahogany double doors. I picked out a pair of pastel blue and pink lace panties, a pastel blue and white braw with pearls and pink roses on it, a spiked collar with a metal circle in the center to attach a leash to, a black off the shoulder shirt with a pastel blue heart on it- inside the heart was a whip- white jeans that had black frays in them, and black peep toed pumps.

I took my outfit into my bathroom and prepared a bath. My bath tub was made of foggy purple glass with black sakura branches on it. I started a playlist on my iPod deck and stripped. I took a moment to look myself over in the mirrorr. I loved how I looked. My black hair was long and curly and came down to my knees. My C42 cup breasts were fairly large but are perfectly perky. My stomach is flat and toned, but in terms of width I’m a tad on the thick side. My legs are kind of thick, but they’re not overly thick. I don’t have a thigh gap and I’m not stick thin. I’m 5’4 and my natural eye color is a stormy greyish blue color. My butt is round and defined and my back has a natural arch. I cupped my breasts before moving my hands down my body in a slow, seductive manor. I laghued. Damn I love my body.

* * *

After my bath I got dressed and went down stairs. I lived virtually alone. My dad owned this place and he payed for everything, but he lived in another house he had in paris with his late wife and step kids. He offered me to live with him there, but I prefer my life the lone wolf way, lol. I grabbed a slice of cold pizza for breakfast and a few boxes of strawberry pocky for later, before grabbing my keys, my bag, and my phone and heading out the door. I walked over to my car, a four door sleek black phantom. It was like sex on wheels. I threw my stuff into the passenger seat and started the engine before ripping out of the driveway like a mad man. I had a need for speed. I took a parking space in the back of the lot, it was shrouded by trees so nobody could really see my car. I’m the only person who ever parked there so I got the same place every day. As I was walking I was suddenly pulled into a slightly larg crevice alley between the west and east wings of my work building. Two doms from the bdsm club I constantly visited were there waiting for me. Stalkers. But I didn’t mind in the least; these two just so happened to be my favorites. They never did anything without the other though, but i wasn’t complaining.

“Here? Don’t you think its kind of sleazy?” I asked. Dominic, the meaner of the two, glared.

“No. It is not sleazy, and we’ll do it wherever we please. You’re our sub now, just as we’re your doms now. This is a relationship.” He scoffed and smirked, “you’re ours now.” He said, pushing me up against the wall next to Dameion. Dominic moved over to one side and Dameion blocked my other side. They had me trapped between the two of them and a brick wall. Dameion captured my neck in his mouth as he groped my ass while Dominic opted for a more…bold approach. He unbuttoned my jeans before reaching his hands into my panties. He wasn’t gentle in any way. His finger pound into my vagina hard and slow. Each time he brought his hands back up, I would feel the pain of his hard knuckles hitting up against my pelvis. Not once did he break eye contact with me during his slightly painful assault on my pussy. But I didn’t complain nor did I want to. This was exciting, exilerating, hot, sexy, and pure ecstasy. Dameion turned me around so that I was now against him and he was against the wall. He pulled his dick out after sliding my pants and panties down to my ankles. I couldn’t hold in my moan as he thrust into me. He wasn’t being gentle this time either. He was slow and hard, harder I thought, than even Dominic with his hands. My head lolled back as I felt Dominic thrust into me from behind. I moaned louder, biting my lip in an attempt to keep quiet. It obviously wasn’t enough since Dominic clamped his hand over my mouth. Dameion reached his hand up and slid it under my shirt. He pushed my bra up and pulled on my breast. I hissed at the pain. He’d pulled harder than he’d ever pulled before. He looked into my eyes and only smirked at my sounds of pain. He pulled harder, bending his head down to pull at my nipple with his teeth. Dominic used his other hand to play with my right breast. He twisted and pulled and pinched at the tender of my nipples and breast. I ground my ass harder into Dominic who was making softer and slower thrusts in my ass. He pinched down harder onto my nipple. Dameion bit down onto my nipple at the same time, drawing blood. He released my breast and settled his hands onto my waist as Dominic did the same. Dameion pulled me forward, harder onto his dick, and when he pushed me back, Dominic pulled me back harder onto him. It was a rough game of back and forth, and I had no room to complain. I moaned softly. My breathing was heavy and I was nearing my climax. Just as I as ready to cum, they both pulled out. I watched incredulously as they pulled their boxers back up and buttons their pants. Dameion bent down and pulled my jeans up along with my panties while Dominic fixed my bra. They smirked.

“We’ll be waiting for you after work.”


Work was long and boring, and all day I was left to wait, unsatisfied and on the edge of a climax that would never come.

“Hey Margerie. I think I’m going to clock out early. Do you mind taking these chemical swatches up to the lab and running an EC scan on them?” I asked my coworker. She was a nice girl, but she never said no. I don’t think she knew how, either that or she really loved her job; which I enjoyed being a microbiologist too, but it got annoying sometimes.

“Sure.” She smiled.

“Thanks. After that can you record the data and put the folder in my office drawer? I really appreciate it. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I smiled, giving her the key to my office and walking off. I walked out of the building, ignoring Joshua who was constantly trying to score my number, and to my car. I smiled as I looked in the passenger seat. Two black and silver gift boxes sat in my passenger seat, wrapped up to perfection. I opened the one nearest to me; inside was a key and address. In the other box was a very complicated looking black and blue lingerie set and a collar. I smirked before peeling out of the parking lot and heading to the address given.

Chapter One
“You know, I can’t really say that I like the fact that this is a love hotel. It kind of makes me feel sleazy, like a common whore.” I explained unsurely. The address they gave me was to some random love hotel. I definitely did not want to do anything in these beds that have had all sorts of people doing all sorts of things in them. I’m not that nasty; what went on in that alley was hopefully a one time thing.

“Well you’re definitely a whore, but you’re our whore. Nobody else can touch you.” Dominic said. I scowled at him.

“Part of our agreement was that you guys wouldn’t call me stuff like that, I dont like it. I’m not a whore, I dont go around fucking any and everybody. I’m not doing anything in this place and that’s the end of it. I don’t care if you are my doms, I draw the line here. First it was the alley and now this. I’m not gonna lower my standards just because you want me to. That isn’t apart of our agreement.” I scowled at him. I was looking and talking mostly to Dominic, but I was adressing them both.

“You’re really going to start acting professional about this now? As if we haven’t already gone beyond that stupid little contract. What we have now is more than just some average dom-sub professional relationship. This is more.” Dominic snapped back.

“He’s right Lex.” Dameion agreed. I turned my glare on him.

“I know he’s right, Dameion… But that still doesn’t mean I’m gonna do anything in a place like this. You two were pushing it when we did it in the alley, but this. This is just a no. There are other people who can hear us, all kinds of people have used these rooms. I’m. Not. Doing it.” I explained. This was vexing. Usually when I was with them I felt loved and comfortable; but this… This was making me feel uncomfortable and degraded. I didn’t like it. Dominic stood, stomping over to the door and throwing it open with a bang.

“If you dislike it so much then you can leave. Nobody is forcing you to stay. Nobody’s forcing you to do anything!”

I stared at him for a moment. My eyes and nose burned as I held back an oncoming slew of tears and unintelligble shouts.

“All of this… just because I didn’t want to fuck in some sleazy love hotel? Fine!” I stormed out of the door, throwing the lingerie piece in his face as I passed him. God! He’s so unbelievable sometimes; always the first to argue and say something he regrets. I know he was just upset. I also know that he’ll come and apologize later — but none of that excuses his behavior.

Well…. Since my plans for the evening have officially been canceled, I suppose it’s time for a girls night in with my three besties; Me, Myself, and I.


Writers Block
So I’ve got some nasty writers block… I started this book with tons of ideas, but I’ve got some stuff going on right now and it’s really stunting my creatice writing ideas. I won’t be updating anything for a while. Sorry, but I hope you all bare with me, I’ll defiantly be back!


Chapter Two
The moment I arrived back to my giant, lonely home, I dialed the numbers for both a pizza place and some Chinese delivery. I threw my shoes to the side, plopping onto a chair in the foyer. After a moment of careful consideration, I redialed the pizza place and canceled my order. I really don’t feel like being alone tonight. I quickly dialed another number.

“Hey Margerie!”

“H- Hello? Who is this? I really don’t have time for your games right now Stacey..”

“No no! This is Lex… As in Alexia.”

“Oh! Alexia. I’m so sorry about that… Stacey is my ex husbands new fling… She’s always calling my phone at random times. I’m really sorry about that.”

“Yea.. no it’s fine. I was just wondering if you wanted to come over for a girls night kind of thing?”

“Um.. but don’t we have to work tomorrow? Plus, I wouldn’t want to intrude on you…”

“No it’s fine if you can’t come. You wouldn’t be intruding though, love.”

“Well if you’re fine with I’d love to. A break from all this nonstop work would be really nice.”

“Okay great! I’ll text you the adress.”

“Okay. Just let me grab an overnight bag and some shoes.”

“Oh- Okay then. I’ll see you soon then.”

Margerie and I have never been great friends -more of everyday acquaintances- but that didn’t stop us from talking sometimes and exchanging numbers.

I stood up, yawning, and walked to the door. I opened it with a fake smile.

“Please don’t ring-” My smile dropped at the sight of Dominic on my doorstep.

“I accept your apology but that doesn’t mean I’m not mad. Please leave.” I spoke before he could. He sighed but complied nonetheless. It’s always the same. He does something to upset me, his partner takes his side leaving me to feel as if I’m the one in the wrong, I refuse to agree with them, he sees what he did wrong -comes to apologize- and I forgive him. . .