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How can I seduce you?
Hey everyone. I had this idea already in my mind. But don’t have time to pen it. It is the concept once I discussed with minu aka mina. I asked her what pragya do to seduce Abhi, she said she didn’t knew how she do? After messing up my brain a lot, I ended up in some idea about it, and penned it.

*Disclaimer-Whatever, I had written in this story, written by me accidently, not deliberately. If it somewhere or somehow exact to your Stories, I am really sorry it is really co-incidence.*

Without any further Talking, I continue here my story.

WARNING: This story contains mature content, if you don’t okay with it. Please ignore,.

How can i seduce you?

An Abhigya one shot by Nasreenayesha

Opening the eyes adjusting to the light, pragya patted the emptied place beside her, “Today, also he gone. Before I wake up” grunted pragya in a little moan as her face evident the worry she had. The day will never worse for pragya better than this. The day without her seeing her husband, wishing him, and offering him, her morning wifely duty she loved all those customs even she didn’t love her husband, nevertheless she complained. People say “Time heals everything”, like everything changed even their hopeless marriage changed into hopeful, meaningless to meaningful, the fruitless love story of them turned into fruitful one.

Their relation changed different angle, which she never thought of even in her dreams. Because, she never thought that husband will leave a girl like supermodel tanu for his simple chasmish biwi. But he did, he left tanu not only her and also offered himself for his pardon, he humbly requested his wife second chance for their life. He promised her, “I will make this relation more beautiful and lovable”. He always kept promise, that day they started their life with a new beginning. He proved that his dadi saying that he is a man of heart, he loves people by heart, he will do his best to keep a relation and he did. They both started their relation with friendship, sooner love blossomed and they felt blissful in each other’s love and care.

Nothing in her life changed, until an International concert arrived to him, by the name of Nikhil his producer, which is his dream to pursue it. When he heard this news, he is overwhelmed by the offering, music is not a business for him, it is a passion for him. He loves it just like the way he loves her. She had always supported him even in the times of his bad behavior, but his extreme passion for music more than her. Made her get irritate of his obsession in his music, may be type of jealous.

Nowadays he is different, he is busy in working studio, engrosses himself in his guitar, he have less time to spent with anyone, especially with her. They shared less time, day by day it decreased. This is obnoxious to her, Ever since in her life, she waited. Patient is her best friend in her life ever since her childhood,. But she is done of this waiting, no longer she is going to hang out with this patience. This patient is not like the way as if a person calling up someone in phone, and waiting to be answered. It is DIFFERENT the situation now she is. May it is absurd comparison.

She waits for him even it took late time him to arrive home. She sometime wait for her in room keeping an eye on door and sometime waits by searching random things in Internet. But all in vain, he came after 1 or 2 pm, that time she may be dozed off, or lightly opening her eyes little eagerly waiting for his arrival in sofa which she do in older days.

As well as one day, she ended up in searching in How to seduce your husband? But it didn’t provide her the fact what she is looking for.

She may not be that type girl, who easily do her best to seduce her husband? But she hardly misses her husband? What could she do of, when she hadn’t have any other options other than seduction. His nok- jhoks, his teasing tone, his sultry look and having sex with him, and everything overall he misses him dearly. She is longing for the treasured time she spent with him.

Well she discerned that he love his music, he want to rock the stage, so he is hard working day- and night but it made her irritate her because all the it at the cost of ignoring her and family. IT is not making her think good of the passion he has.

Frustrated with his husband, and his ridiculous behaviours, She cried to herself. “What I have to do, to seduce you MY DEAR HUSBAND?” She needed him beside her and also in her. The mere the fact is, She needed him. Embarrassing yet true. She couldn’t remember ever needing a man before. And she wasn’t just talking about clever conversation or a warm, fuzzy hug. Nope, she actually meant she needed “it.” What is making her hard it is too euphemism to tell of.

May be she could give him hint, which is what they uses in front of the family, when she wanted to talk to him personally. But what was the use of it?? When he hardly glances at her, where did he get her hint which she will tell of? It would be more embarrassing if she will ask him to “Do Some Favor” for her. In spite of her besharam thoughts, she could not able to get hold of the nerves and her parts of the body willing to be caressed by him, she needed some extreme physiotherapy or simply sex.

Her face blushed and flustered as her minds drifted to the memory of his hands on her, all over her body. Touching, sucking and kneading her and energizing her and him and drawing to the passion world. What she known is. She needed him more and most.

Shutting of the brain that is already upset and upsetting, she put a conclusion to her brain. That she will surely get, what she wanted. Reaching her hand to the place where he always sleep, she patted her hands their softly. Hoping that, she could get hold of his hands and twine it with her fingers. The sensation his rough and long hand make when it is slid through soft on sense is indescribable and untouchable feeling.

Her minds moved to the memories of his long, broad and rough forthright hands on her entrance, her body shivered at the thought of his hands on her. Forcefully shutting the nerves that all were needing, she took some breathing exercises she left to do her daily chores.


Abhi had arrived home earlier he do in now-a-days, he straightly made his way to dadi’s room, who he had barely talked. Dadi is laying on her room at having siesta, never mind to disturb daadi, he moved to his room, has he had his lunch already with producer. He opened his room door slowly, has he thought pragya may be slept. Opening the door, he found pragya is nowhere. Notwithstanding she is nowhere, he wished to search her, but his nerves are not moving voluntarily. He flung himself on the sofa, and switched on the Television, channeled it to music. Shutting his eyes, he enjoyed the rhythm of the music.

Pragya who is in the balcony, holding her books and paying no attention to it. Hearing the sound of music, she sprinted to the room. She saw her husband, may be after two days her mind recalled the days he missed from her sight. She slowly took her steps, and moved to his side.

She perched herself on the sofa beside him, and carefully not wishing to wake him up. Her face studied his face. He had lost weight in this events, his face is creased with the tension and tired he have.

And eye shadows showed her he had less slept these days. Even though his hectic day, he spent much time in his work, he smelt fresh as if he had returned just now from the shower. This is the bout her physical attraction, but she couldn’t able to take it the direction she wished… as long as she wasn’t foolish to delay on it.

She let her hands wander through his face, the crinkle that formed on the mere her touch. Her fingers made path to his closed black hazel eyes, nose, to the kissable lips. Her fingers are best enough to him, to earn goose bumps all over in his body even he is in absent minded or unapproachable position.

Not able to bare with the sensation she is causing through her tiny fingers, abhi turned to her still in sleepy stage. “Jackpot” considered pragya his action to her and contemplated on the thing she is doing. Before she could slid her fingers more, and turned out to sex-starved lady. She positioned her correctly, so that she is possibly close to him.

Her finger traced the stubble that defined his jaw, and his roughness. Her fingers slid to the adam’s apple which is the one she specially liked on him. She desired that she could replace her fingers with her lips which is willing to do. But it will end up in nothing, it will definitely end up in waking him, and turn the pleasure she is relishing now into nothing. “Something is better than nothing” thought pragya.

Her hands slipped to the shirt he is wearing of. The nerves which is ready to arousal, is pulling her out of control to unbutton him. NO, NO. She can’t. It may wake him up. She never wished to do than, she never by herself done something that will scatter his peace. Did she? She asked her. The prudence of her told to let him sleep, and do your reading which she left in the middle.

She focused herself to the black buttons with hooded eyes, she slipped her fingers slightly though not enough to unbuttoning, it is enough to waking him up. His eyes crinkled and his faces too like he do before he wake up. Pragya got the symptoms and acted before he wake up cautiously, and leant into his chest like already she is slept in him.

Opening the eyes, adjusting to the lights abhi studied where he was sleeping? Because these days he hardly slept. Sensing that something is holding tightly, his gazes fell onto his chest, Pragya. He recalled what happened? But he was too sleepy to retrieve the memories what happened before? And what made her to end up in sofa with him?

Pragya slowly waited him to wake her up, she rejoiced silently on his embrace. She made her way like she slpet, she opened her slowly, and smiled at his husband, which he returned happily. But nor for long. As soon as his eyes spotted the clock that is beside the Television, he noticed the time. “6’O Clock” it announced him.

“Oh. No. I’ll be late” he said before carefully moving away from pragya. “Make me a cup of coffee. Before, I come back” he said taking the towel and moving to the shower.

Pragya had prepared cinnamon tea, which is favorite for Abhi. She usually does the cinnamon tea, and gave it to him before he wakes up in the morning. Now- a-days, he had ne’er given her choice to make up his tea, when it is offered. Did she going to miss it? Ne’er. The aroma of the tea had mixed with the air, and paved it ways to Abhi’s room, before pragya enter the room with the tea in her hands.

Abhi had just now, came out of the shower. The water from his cold shower is dripping on his neck to his stout muscles in his pectorals, which is barely toweled by him. He looked up the direction his wife is arriving, she flashed her sultry smile when she noticed her that his gaze is on her. Taking the cup of coffee pragya paced to him, he dropped his towel carelessly, but pragya didn’t. She picked up the towel before provide him his coffee.

Abhi settled him at ease on the chair. Pragya dried his hair with the towel, while he is drinking the coffee which is offered a second ago. The sweet tasted coffee ran through him, as the hotness of the coffee warmed the cold cells in his body. Plus the magic on her hands on the towel in hair is relieving the stresses he had. The frizzy hair from the shower had rested on its perspective place on the constant moment of her hand work. They made Abhi body shiver with the touch she is giving of. He wished that she could do hair massage now, but no, he had no time either to relax of, or of getting hair massage.

He stood from the chair, and moved to closet, picked the shirt which hit is hands first, and moved to the music studio even not caring bid Good Bye to pragya. Pragya face fell up like the sky without moon on first moon day. The glow her face had faded a minute ago just o the sight of his abrupt leaving. Her eyes are watering up to wash up the sorrows she have now.

NO, There is no need, she cry. That is old pragya who had cried unnecessarily for the things she couldn’t be blamed of. It is bad to think same pragya even after living with Abhi, the rockstar since their marriage. She had well enough grown to tease someone for their doing, and teach them for their doing.

So now, She is going to get of the things she want by his husband way. Like Abhi, the rockstar wife style.


Pragya had settled the things she planned by. The candles are lightened all over the room on the stands. She had purchased herself specially orchid smelled candles. As she lightened the flame, the wax of the candle melted sending the orchid smells all over pleasantly improving the surrounding. A sort of Romantic night. She had dimmed the light so that she only be noticed.

She had opened the curtains lightly so they could reflect the beautiful moon light on the sky. It is less chance to be noticed by someone from outsiders, so there won’t be any problem even the window is opened. She didn’t need disturbance for her now, so she let the windows as it was.

She had changed the bedspread, on which one they made there love making first. It was a kind of special, so she had done the bedspread by her favorite. The time is 10’ O clock. Time to him arrive. The International concert had finished successfully as the way he hoped of. There will be no doubt, it will top of the song on this month sooner. So the party have been given by abhi to his producer as well as his whole crew included for the grand project they had worked.

Abhi asked even pragya to join up, but she rejected politely by saying some lies. As she had already planned this day of her life even before it existed.

She had dressed up in sari, little of net or tulle type. It is transparent on her back side as well on the chest side. She had worn the blouse fully sleeved like tube top, but nothing on the back other than a little rope like cloth to say of it is blouse. She had worn little ornament, so that it will be easy for him to undress and her to pleasure.

The sari is transparent on the part she wanted, the sari is embellished with golden color. And the border is laced filigreed with stones. Normally she wore little make-up, fearing that too much of make-up may end up in fatal her. She had let her hair in a ponytail, so that her back and neck is visible to his hazel eyes. She checked the preparations properly, before abhi opens the door in the mid of it.


He had made his way directly to his room, because he’d made sure by akaash that dadi and others arrived home. The only person he left to notice is his wife, he knew that she’ll take care everyone in his home in his absence, but who’ll take care? She always cared less about even though in his presence, what she done to her in his absence? enquired abhi himself. Abhi is much tuckered out to walk up the stairs.

He opened the door slowly, thinking that it may affect her sleeping. But what he saw is next minute made him speechless. He saw his wife who had costumed herself in sexy dress that he had never ever seen her wore like that. Did he hallucinating because of tiredness? He rubbed his eyes roughly, as it is possible for eye ball to fall. Yeah, she is really wearing those type of dress. But for what?

His face wore an apprehensive look, as he saw her approaching to him. She stepped to him, and abaft. She bolted the doors, as well her husband who is standing the place before he bolt the door. She restrained him, and stepped closer to him decreasing the distance they have.

It is his way of love making, restraining, hungrily kissing and stripping. May be this is the time to show him her love making style. She is always been demure chasmish, aur kishmish. However today, she is not going to be like every time.

She looked into his eyes as well as he. His gazes locked with her, and immersed in her eyes. What he known was? It was all her plan from the naughty smile she gave before kissing him.

He closed his eyes forcefully, as her hands slipped to the hands of his. He supported himself steadily on the wall, and his rested on the slender waist of her. His fingers started to pace forth and back of her back. As her hands rested on his head, she twined his fingers on his tightly.

The happiness replaced his tiredness, his cells started to rejuvenate on her simple kiss and touch. She felt herself tightening as her lungs found it hard for breathing. He slowly moved his fingers on the blouse rope to and fro. The pressure of her lips generating heat and sensation all over him. She pushed him lightly so that he couldn’t proceed on removing her blouse, as she is decided to take up slow and steady move today.

Today is her night, her wish and she is going to be demanding him. In every love making, he is the one who will be taking care of proceed, and she will act with his process. It felt different for her to take turn on him firstly, and it made her shiver on the choice she taken.

He looked apprehensively, as her hand pushed away his. Through all the way, she hadn’t stopped kissing him. All the while, they had been kissing like they had separated for ages, and looked suddenly without expecting of each other. They broke the kiss, but not themselves. She rested her head on his chest as she needed the assurance of having himself beside her. She relished the moment of being with him, as her heart felt complete content as she is with him.

He raised her chin with his finger, and kissed his forehead. Abhi had never needed to be said, when his wife was readily waiting for him. A man cannot be happier more than at the feel of his wife needing him, more than him. He always understood her, words always played less in their relation. He will understanding before what she left her feelings. So when the extreme feel of her is clearly visible on her, how can he simply left out that?

Pragya smiled at her coyly, as he started kissing her. His lips roamed on the eyes which is used to mesmerizing him, the nose which he play switch off-on button, and he randomly started kissing him skipping the lips which always he used to kiss much times. He kissed her all the way he could without removing her dress, he had decided to take slow move as his wife decided.

His kisses were swooning her harmones, she waited for him to take her to the bed and continue on the process, and complete it before she request him to fulfill her. Like wise, as if he read her mind, he took her to the bed and placed her on the bed center.

He flung himself on her, and worked out his hands on the breast of her. Removing the pallu aside from the breast, he caressed her breast with his. Even with the fabrics on, he could feel her stiffened at the moment, as she find hard to breath as his hands are sweeping away her breath. He covered her butts which is perfectly fit to his, and massaging with his. He can feel her ni**les hardened. When he is satisfied with the one, he moved to the next, and made his way to the navel, and planted the featherly kisses making her gasp at the antic.

“Aww” she lead out a moan as his rings carelessly scratched her clavicle when he was biting her earlobe, his another small favorite place he liked much. The impatient she was before now as well as he was. He playfully toyed with the hooks of the blouse, making her irate at him. Shoving his aside, she unhooked her blouse herself.

His sinful eyes had been watching her pleasingly removing her blouse with his. She left herself with the bra, and the petticoat. He smiled at her wife, who always shying and cover herself with her hands, now taking step by herself. His hands kneaded her breast after removing the bra, he sucked her ni**les and carried out with the other causing her to gasping.

She pulled him closer to herself with her hands on his hair, she cannot hold on with the pleasure he is giving. She didn’t know what he felt, but she could feel that she is wet by the time. His hands fiddled with the rope of the petticoat fighting to free her. She hold on her breath so that he would able to remove it easily. He removed the petticoat and lead out his sultry smile ever he used to.

He removed the combination, and she hid herself on the pillow on the shyness. He set his fingers on her, and “Ooh, Abhi” she moaned for the umpteenth time. He carefully handled her under his, and watched her to ensure she is okay.

“Abhi Please” he heard her pleading him, he know what does it mean.

He placed a tender kiss, before taking her into his. She clenched her hands in the bed, as she pleasured the moment, he is inside her moment. She felt complete after much time, a quick relief crept over her face, as he was inside her. Satisfactory smile started to sweep over the corner of her lips replacing the moans.

“Abhi…” she said lovely before making him settle next to her, he is in dress still now. As if he had watched her taking bath from the outside. Completely dressed in his formal, it is her turn to ride on her.

She stroked his face affectionately, and poured kisses on her face. She unbuttoned the inner shirt he’d on inside the coat. He helped her to remove the shirt and patted for the moment enjoying him having goose bumps. “Pragya…” he panted as her hands continuously playing with the hair of his pectoral. She kissed the perfect curved pecs, and the sculptured packs of step by step.

He pulled her to the kiss not able to bear the pleasure and or something is giving him. The kiss wasn’t perfect nose hit, and her lips tremble. He bit her lips to give her access to him to enter her. She gave him the next second, he pulled her closer to him, making the kiss longer.

She broke the kiss, and went on with the process she is, now it is her turn to fiddle with his tight pants. He raised his hips to remove it, and removed it. She lead out a mockery smile as her eyes found his manhood trying to free him.

She wanna to give him the pleasure, he gave to her. She kissed him, and took him manhood in her. Making him reach the peak of the height in pleasure, “Aww. Chasmish…” he murmured as her kissing make him hard to breath.

“Please. Please stop it” He requested her not able to bearing what she was doing.

But she was not in mood to drop out the one she started, the next moment she deepened the kiss, and making him gasp more. “Ooh. Chasmish. Please”

She left his manhood free from her, and moved to him. Snuggling closer to him, “Does it hurt?” she asked stroking the lips of his.

“No. No. A little much’ he said genuinely, all the pain was unnoticeable, before the smile she gave. He kissed her forehead, “ Did you missed me?’” he asked sensing the reason behind the passionate love making.

“Hmm. “ she nodded at him.

“I love you” he said smilingly, seeing the love and passion have for him.

“I love you too” he heard her replying lightly, as she drifting to the sleep slowly, nuzzling her nose into the clavicle of him.

He heard her heart beat against his heart, which is beating for him. Him only. He was too much pleasured to re calling the passionate moments a little ago. He was happy to find her love him more, the feeling is too much than the sexual pleasure he had.

He slept off peacefully as his wife is the best thing happened to him.

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Chatri means chudithar.

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