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what happens when you found out your sister has seen you having sex with your girlfriend? do you pretend nothing happend or do things get more complicated? (completed but editing if you spot any mistakes or have tips on how I can improve the story feel free to message me.)(if you’d like me to write more please tell me. Thanks for reading hope you enjoy


my sister watches
Little Sister Watches

One day, I was home watching a movie by myself, and my sister walked in
the door. She was 14 at the time, and just beginning to develop quite
nicely, with rounded small breasts. She plopped down on the couch next
to me and asked what I was watching, and I pretended like I didn’t know,
trying to find the remote to turn off the porno I had in the VCR. I
couldn’t find it, so I had to get up to turn it off. I think she
noticed the bulge in my jeans, becuase she said, “You don’t have to hide
it from me, I’m old enough now…” I was 16 years old and had a steady
girlfriend, who was quite experimental, and we had great sex. “Oh, ya,
old enuff, huh? You’ve done it?” I asked. “No, but my friends talk
about it all the time. I know enough.” “You don’t know shit,” I said,
“You’re just a kid!” This made her mad, she hates it when I call her a
kid. “I’ve seen you and Melanie doing it in your room!” she yelled at
me from her bedroom. I stopped where I was, and wondered if I heard her
correctly….she’s seen us, huh? “What did you see?” I asked. “Melanie
was on top of you…she was bouncing up and down on you…I know what
you were doing…I ain’t stupid.” This kinda turned me on…knowing my
little sister was watching. I walked up to the door of her bedroom.
“So what did you do?” I asked. “Nothing, just watched for a while,
then I went over to Natalie’s house.” I got up my nerve….”So, would
you like to watch again?” She opened the door and just looked at me.
“Well,” I said, “do you?” She smiled and said, “I guess.” I told her
to wait in my bedroom for a while, I had to call Melanie. I called Mel
and told her what had happened, she seemed weary at first, but I talked
her into it…after all, she was just going to watch. I went back into
the bedroom and told Lisa (my sister) that Melanie was on her way over.
“Are you nervous?” I asked. “Naw, not really,” she said, “I’ve seen it
before…no big deal.” I knew she was, her leg was shaking like it
always does when she is nervous. Melanie showed up about 10 minutes
later and I met her at the door. “Are you sure you want to do this?”
she asked me. “Ya…I find it a turn on, don’t you?” I answered. And
she started kissing me while pushing me back to my room. I glanced at
Lisa when we entered the room and she was still shaking that leg.
Melanie pushed me onto the bed and started to unzip my jeans. She
pulled them down to my ankles, and then pulled my boxers down, releasing
my cock for Lisa to see. Melanie started to stroke it up and down.
“Gawd, it’s sooo big,” Melanie said, glancing at Lisa. Lisa took a big
gulp and just stared at my trobbing dick. Melanies mouth went around my
cock and she inched it into her mouth, moaning as it slid over her
tounge. I stared at Lisa while she watched Mel take all of me into her
mouth, and she squeezed her thighs together, her little skirt crawling
up her legs. I glanced at the floor beneath her, and noticed her
panties were already on the floor next to her chair. “It’s OK if you
want to touch yourself,” I said, “you don’t have to hide it from me.”
Melanie came up and said, “If it would make you more comfortable, I
will get naked,” and she took her shirt and bra off. Mel’s got
beautiful 34-C tits, with nipples that are permanently hard. Then she
stood up and slipped off her jeans and panties. Lisa watched as Mel
rubbed her hands over her beautiful breasts and down her stomach. She
stopped right above her bush and backed over me, straddling me. She
then took her fingers and parted her pussy lips and glided me into her.
She went down the whole length and stayed there for a minute before
going back up. I was wondering what was taking her so long, until I
peeked around her and noticed that Lisa was all the way naked! She was
sitting in the chair with no clothes on, one leg on the chair, and
touching her pussy. I glanced at Mel, and she was all smiles, I could
tell that this was turning her on. She went a little faster, fucking me
at a steady pace, staring at Lisa the whole time. She kept moaning,
“Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah, Oh gawd, this is soooo goood…mmmmmm” I was
just enjoying it when she stopped and said, “I want it doggy style,”
She got up and got on all fours on the floor….right in front of Lisa.
Lisa didn’t even move, she just stayed there watching Mel, staring at
her body. I got into position behind Mel and glided my rock hard cock
into her wet cunt, fucking her real slow. I watched Lisa’s face as I
fucked Mel, and her hand was working that virgin puss really well, I
could see the wetness on her fingers and around her lips, and her clit
was swollen so big and red…Mel was staring at it too, her eyes fixed
on that red knob of Lisa’s. “Fuck me faster…faster…I want it….”
Mel said, and I went a little faster, she bucked back against me to feel
it harder, her eyes still fixed on Lisa’s clit. “I want it!” she said
and lunged forward, her mouth connecting with Lisa’s swollen clit. I
couldn’t believe it, my girlfriend was eating my little sister’s puss!
Lisa jumped a little and she was shocked at what happened, but Mel kept
her mouth on her wet mound, working that toungue around and around her
clit, darting in and out of her wet hole. Lisa looked at me in a state
of shock, and I said, “It’s okay, Lis, just relax and let it happen.”
She spread her legs wide and laid back in the chair, watching Mel’s
mouth carress her virgin cunt. Lisa closed her eyes and tried to
contain the twitching of her thighs and stomach as Mel’s tongue explored
her, inside and out. I fucked Mel faster now, knowing that she will cum
any minute, hoping not to take this any farther than it had already
gone. Lisa started to shake and moan, softly at first, then louder,
until she was screaming “Oh yes!” at the top of her lungs. My little
sister was cumming on my girlfriends face, her wetness drenching Mel’s
mouth and chin, until Lisa pushed her away, saying “No More! No More! I
can’t….no more!” Right then, Mel started to orgasm, her pussy
gripping my cock as I pounded her tight hole. Lisa grogily watched as I
fucked Mel as hard as I could, squeezing every last ounce of energy out
of her until she collapsed onto her belly on the floor. Mel had had
enough, but I was still rock hard. “What are you gonna do now?” Lisa
asked me. “I guess I’ll just masturbate,” I answered, and started to
stroke my meat. “Well, what about that stuff that shoots out? Gonna
get it on the floor?” she asked. “What are you getting at, Lis?” I
asked. “Well, you could shoot it on me, ya’ know, so it doesn’t get on
anything..” I couldn’t believe my sister was talking like this. “Okay,
where do you want it?” I jokingly asked. “On my bottom…” she said,
“shoot it on my bottom.” and she got on her knees on the chair, sticking
that tight little ass into the air. I could hardly believe I was
staring at my 14 year old sisters ass and puss, stroking my meat, about
ready to shoot my wad around her tight asshole. I could smell her
juices, and couldn’t get my eyes off of that perfect ass. Mel turned
over on her back, and watched as I jerked off, staring at my sister.
“Don’t you want to touch me?” Lisa asked, “Don’t you want to touch my
bottom? Or my pussy?” My left hand carressed her ass, lightly touching
her tight hole, imagining what it would be like to slide my cock inside
of it. I moved my hand down to her puss and got my middle finger wet
with her juices and moistened her asshole with it. I gently pushed my
finger into her bottom, waiting for her muscle to relax, so I could push
it farther. “OOhhhhh….Yeah…..Oh, be gentle,” she said, as I pushed
my middle finger deeper inside of her. I slowly pulled it out, then
back in feeling her muscle tighten around my finger as I fucked her ass
with it.
“Oh, wow. That feels good…..that feels good….keep going.” My
sister was enjoying me finger fucking her asshole, and this was turning
me on so much, I could hardly keep from cumming. Mel was enjoying this
too, as she was carressing Lisa’s small breasts, tweaking her small
pointed nipples. “I’m gonna cum pretty soon, Lis”, I said, warning her.
“No, not yet, I want you inside me…inside my bottom.” Now I really
couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My sister wanted me to fuck her in
the ass! Mel immediately took my cock into her mouth to moisten it,
then moistened Lisa’s asshole with her saliva, rubbing it around her
hole with her fingers. I pointed my cockhead at her entrance and pushed
softly so the tip barely entered her. She gasped and held her breath
for a moment, then said “Slowly…please go slowly….” as I guided it
into her virgin ass. I got it about 1/4 of the way in, and pulled it
slowly back out to the tip, then started my entrance again. She moaned
this time, pushing herself back against me as almost all my cock
disappeared inside her bottom. I pulled all the way out and pushed all
the way in, all the way to the base of my cock and held it there for a
while, letting her feel it deep inside of her. I looked at Mel, and she
was watching, playing with her pussy, enjoying what she was seeing. I
started to fuck her ass now, starting slowly, rubbing her cherry tits
with my hands. She was matching my motion, banging her ass against my
waist, wanting it all. “Lisa, your ass is so tight. I’m gonna cum…”
“Shoot it inside of me…shoot it inside my bottom, I want to feel it.”
I fucked her faster now, my cum boiling in my balls, ready to shoot.
“Here it comes….” I said, and pushed my cock to the hilt, shooting my
hot wad inside my sister’s tight little ass, my cocking throbbing and
spasming, spilling it all into her bottom. “Oh, yes,” she said, “Oh,
gawd, it feels soo warm, I can feel it inside of my tummy. It feels so
good.” After I emptied my wad into her, I pulled it out of her and fell
back on the bed, exhausted. Both Lisa and Mel crawled onto the bed and
lied next to me, and we all fell asleep….until mom and dad got
home….but that’s another story…..