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Lucy is infatuated with Marvin and decides to make the first move. She ends up in a pool of tears over his rejection but then gets one steamy night with while he was drunk. The next morning he rejects her yet again. She finds herself falling for him even though he hates her, will she find true love or is she wasting her time.

Chapter 1

Lucy looked gorgeous as she walked into the Swit-on-point buildings. It was a cool Friday afternoon and all the workers had gone home. She was dressed in a tight fitting red dress that brought out her curves and made her breasts look like they where spilling from her chest. She did not normally look this good, and today was a special day for her. She had summed up the courage to do what she had always fantasized about since she had meet him. She asked to see Marvin at the front desk.
The security guard on duty confirmed that it was ok for her to go and told her the directions to the second floor.

The second floor was decorated in a very high class manner and looked very expensive. Swit-on-point was a company that specialized in creating software used by investors to manage their clients money. Marvin had built the company from scratch and was proud of his hard work. Lucy had meet him once in a award ceremony hosted by his mentor last month and she just couldn’t get him out her mind.

She lived a quite life and would never in her life imagine herself doing what she was about to do now.
She was a very pretty lady, with lustrous curly hair and caramel skin. She was not slender but neither was she fat, she was medium built and had an hour glass shape.

As an engineer she was not interested in the latest fashion and would usually be seen in loose fitting clothes at work. She completely looked different today and felt very different too.
She knocked on the door and heard a deep voice say come in. She could feel her excitement build up as she stepped into the room and saw him sitting behind his desk. Even before he lifted his dark eyelashes towards her she felt that overwhelming urge to kiss him.

‘hello Marvin’

Lucy was walking slowly towards him and trying to look sexy like the women on TV but instead she tripped and struggled to keep her balance.
Strong hands where on her as Marvin held her, he smelled good and suddenly she felt faint.

‘hi Lucy’ Marvin said in a deep voice.

He let go of her and stepped back as he slowly looked her up and down. She remembered what she came her for but had no idea where to start. Lucy was still a virgin at 26 and had no idea how to seduce a man.

‘i came here to offer you a deal’.

‘what kind of deal?

‘the kind that every man dreams of’

‘do tell’

‘i want you to make love to me’

Marvin did not expect her to say that and his shock was evident as he took another step back.
Lucy was now panicking because he had not answered her and she was feeling like crying for putting herself in such a vulnerable position.

‘what? Why would you want me to do that, you hardly know me’

‘because i cant stop thinking about you and my heart pounds faster every time i see you’

Marvin started laughing.

‘woman are you crazy, where do you think i would be if i had made love to every woman that told me ‘my heart pounds faster every time i see you?’

‘but i am not like every woman’

Marvin laughed even harder this time.

‘And what kind of woman are you?’

Lucy felt so exposed and raw, she looked deep into his eyes and thought she saw something dark and lustrous, something so faint that she thought she had imagined it. But instead Marvin moved behind his desk as a sign of dismissal.
Lucy did not know what else to say to him and just stood there awkwardly, she was sweating, her heart was beating faster and her shoes where killing her.

‘If you don’t mind I have a lot of work to do’

Lucy felt hurt and humiliated, she wanted to say something intelligent but her mind was just blank at that moment. She could feel her tears welling up in her eyes so she quickly turned and ran out as fast as she could, she didn’t stop until she was in her car and that’s when she let all the pain of being rejected flow out of her in a heart wrenching cry.

Chapter 2

Marvin knocked on the door again, he had been standing there waiting for a reply for the last 5 minutes. He then remembered that she kept a key in the flower pot. After unlocking he stepped inside and called her name.

‘Primrose baby’, are you home?

Marvin continued to call out but was met with silence. Marvin had a feeling that something wasn’t right.

He was just coming out of the kitchen when he heard voices from the main bedroom. He walked even faster as he heard moans and groans. When he opened the door he felt his heart drop and his head spin.

Primrose was down on her knees, naked to the day she was born, she was moaning as a man pumped his thick dick inside her. It was obvious to anyone looking at them that they were feeling incomprehensible pleasure. He was kissing her neck while he cupped her breasts in both his hands.
Primrose suddenly lifted her head and said:

‘oh, I think am coming baby, you feel so good!’

Marvin helplessly watched as the man pumped his girlfriend faster and they both twitched as their climax hit them. This was too much for Marvin.

He walked backwards and headed straight for the parking lot, he couldn’t face her when he was this angry, he needed time to cool off.

Chapter 3

Lucy was tucked in her bed with a bottle of her favourite wine and a box of chocolates. She had given herself time to indulge in a bit of self pity and still couldn’t sum up the courage to get out of bed.
The only thing that finally got her out was the sound of the phone ringing in the kitchen. She lived in a comfortable flat that was furnished in a very feminine but classy manner. Her job paid her well and she didn’t want for anything except the feel of strong arms holding her every night.

When she said hello, a very loud and excited voice sounded on the other side of the phone. It was her best friend Alice. They had been friends since their varsity years as roommates. Alice was now married with a 2 year old son, her husband Mark was very loving and affectionate. Seeing them together made Lucy yearn even more.

‘please come with me to Margret’s baby shower, am so excited for her!’

‘I don’t really feel like going’

Lucy did not fell like being surrounded by a bunch of women going on and on about babies and their perfect lives it only reminded her of her of all that she was missing.

‘Nonsense, it is going to be fun and besides, you haven’t been out in a while, hiding yourself in your house can’t be healthy for you.’

‘No Alice, I don’t want to be around people right now, please understand.’

Alice was still talking when Lucy put the receiver back on the hook.

As she walked back to her bedroom, her mind was filled with thoughts of Marvin. The way he had been able to dismiss her like she was nothing. He hadn’t even cared that she was a virgin, I mean most guys would jump at the thought of deflowering a maiden. What bothered her more was the fact that she still couldn’t get him out of her system. Even as she sat in her bed and concentrated really hard on the book she was reading, all that came to her mind was thoughts of Marvin kissing her, stroking her, loving her.

The sound of the doorbell was the only thing that could get her out of her fantasy world. She was met with angry eyes that belonged to Alice.

‘how dare you hang up on me Lucy!’, do you have any idea how annoying it is to talk alone on the phone, I came here to kick your ass in person!’

‘am sorry Alice, but am in no state to socialize right now’

‘ what’s that supposed to mean huh’

‘that I want to be left alone , that’s what’

Lucy knew that Alice was not going to leave her alone even as she said those words. Her friend already had the look of a mad women and was giving her that scrutinizing look that meant trouble.

‘ Wait a minute, something is not right her.’ Alice had placed her handbag on the counter and had taken a few steps closer to the couch where Lucy was sitting. She came and sat next to her as she talked.

‘Lucy, what happened? Did you do something stupid like when you told your sister her husband secretly went to a gay club in the wedding reception?’

Lucy felt a hot flush and looked away.

‘no, I didn’t so leave me alone’
Alice started laughing as she ran to the kitchen to grab the popcorn.

‘oh this is going to be good, you are hiding something from me and I shall not stop until I know what it is!’

Alice sat next to her on the couch as her small mouth greedily munched on the popcorn.

Lucy let out a sigh, she knew that Alice was on to her and knew when she was lying. There was no easy way out of it, she had to confess to something.

‘ I feel depressed that I cant get a man Alice’

‘what?, nonsense, you are a beautiful woman, you got nothing to worry about, the right man is coming your way, now get ready coz we are going out!’

Alice pushed Lucy into the bathroom, she had a disappointed look on her face, she had expected Lucy to spill something deliciously juicy.

‘get yourself cleaned up because we are going and don’t make me pop another vein over it! coz I will get in there and bathe you if I have to!

Lucy knew her friend was serious about that last part so she did as she was told.

Chapter 4

Marvin was sitting at Joe’s pub and grill nursing his 5th drink. He felt a sense of hopelessness. He had wished over and over for the last hours he had never met Primrose. He still didn’t know what in the world he wanted to do to her, strangle her, punch her, bash her face in, break her bones one by one, he had never been so angry in his life. His life had been perfect, she had been a great business partner, pushing him and advising him on business opportunities since she held a Master’s in business management. They had been perfect for each other. At least that’s what he thought.
He dreaded going back to the house they shared and facing her so he had sat there ignoring her calls and getting himself as drunk as his body would allow.