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The Tip of the Spear
He took in the room he had just walked into; the sun was setting amid some clouds. The light spread orange across the horizon and the sky and into their living room. He was nervous. He wasn’t sure what she had in store for him. Her corset lifted her creamy breasts, tightened around her midriff and stopped a few inches above her panties. Under her fishnet stockings her thigh and calf muscles bulged, enhanced by her heels. Thin rhinestone straps curled over the top of her foot, red toenails shining in the light. Matching red fingernails played with a silk rope, her dark eyes studying him quietly, hunger in her smile. Under his silk robe, he felt the thickening begin, the swelling in his groin that half-embarrassed him, half-thrilled him.”You look lovely, Mistress,” he said. His mouth was dry, his imagination already racing ahead, thickening his cock even more. “Can I get you some wine? Some Perrier?”She said nothing, simply crooked her finger at him. Her red lips curled in a slight smile. She ran her fingers along the silk cord, straightening it out, eyeing the slight bulge under his silk robe. As he got closer he inhaled the scent of Obsession, and her musky woman scent. He stood in front of her, taller than her, blond, blue-eyed, lips pursed. “Undo your robe,” she said, turning her warm eyes up to his, licking her lips, still fingering the silk cord. He obeyed; she was in charge. He was her toy tonight. He undid the knot of his robe, and it fell open. His cock was lifting now, throbbing into hardness. She looked down at it, at the veins, the muscular ridges that were becoming obvious. “Good,” she said. “I want it good and hard.” She moved a hand forward, her careful fingers lifting his cock, now heavy with arousal, running her fingertips along the tender underside, under that sensitive spot at the base of the head, then down to his balls to fondle and squeeze them, gradually increasing the pressure. He whimpered, involuntarily, then she let go and lifted his cock again. His cock was on fire, and he wondered how he was going to control himself at all. His eyes widened as she trailed the cord over the top of his cock, then she started coiling it around the base. It was rock hard now, throbbing and erect as he stood there. His cheeks were flushed. There was heat in her eyes. Carefully she wrapped the cord around his cock until there were about 5 coils around it, then she slipped the end under the last loop, and started to tighten, until it was firmly wrapped around the thick shaft. She yanked it slightly, and he felt his cock jerked forward, his hips following as he regained his balance and stepped forward, tugged along by the rope she had tied to his cock. She smiled and yanked it again as she walked over to the wall where the rings were screwed in at the ceiling and the floor. More ropes were on the chair beside the window. He gulped. He looked out the window. His cheeks were flaming. If she tied him up there, just there, he would be in front of the window. Even though no one could really see them there, high up on the seventh floor, with this light and the semi-reflective glass, nevertheless it would be possible for someone, from the right angle and with the right light, to see him spread apart in front of the window. He had no choice. He gulped again. He knew from times when she made him wear the cock ring that it only increased his arousal while at the same time postponing his release, but he was amazed at it right now. He felt his cock would burst. His balls were already tight. She positioned him in front of the window, then pushed the silk robe off his shoulders, displaying his well-formed body to the empty air outside their building. The silk robe lay in a pool at his feet. She kicked it away. She looped a rope around first one ankle and then the other. His cock stood out, hard rigid, pink and purple. But she wasn’t going to take him to the window. That was just a tease. Instead, she led him to a padded table they had used before, and patted it with her warm hand. “Up you get, on your back.” He swallowed and followed her instructions. His cock was now straight up in the air, his chest rising and falling with his hard breathing. “Bend your knees.” He bent them. She tied first one ankle and then the other to the small rings at the side of the table, forcing him to move up the table so that his head was hanging over the end. Then she tied his wrists down to the same ring. He was completely helpless now.She was so incredibly sexy when she was in control. She teased and tormented him mercilessly, she would spread her legs, and then spread her pussy lips with her fingers and show him how wet she was. If she had the oil, she would drip it over her nipples and then pinch and tug them, uttering low guttural growls as she responded to her own arousal. This time, she moved to his head, and took a silk scarf and wrapped it around his eyes. The elimination of the sense of sight heightened the other senses incredibly, so that he was intensely aware of what he heard, smelled, tasted and touched. Her scent now filled his nostrils; he heard some rustling then felt something silk over his face, filling his nostrils with a new scent, tingling across his lips. It was the scent of her pussy. “There, baby, how do you like that? You love the scent of my cunt don’t you?” When she used the word “cunt” he felt a thrill run up his spine, tingling in his cock. Maybe it was her frankness and openness. Maybe it was the intensity of her need. He nodded his head, moaning slightly. She tugged on the cord around his cock suddenly so his hips jerked to follow it. “Tell me!” she said. “I like to hear you say it. Tell me how much you like the smell of my cunt! Not my pussy. My cunt! Tell me!” Then she jerked the cord around his cock slightly to punctuate her request. It was driving him wild. And she knew it, knew it made his cock throb, drove him mad with the need for release, while at the same time knowing that the perfect tightness of the cord wrapped around his cock also prevented any chance of release. “Yes!” he said quickly, the scent of her wet panties still filling his nostrils. “Yes! I love the scent of your cunt, your hot wet beautiful cunt. I worship it, and its lovely scent!” He breathed harder and harder. He heard her move to the foot of the table, where his knees were spread. Then he felt it, the warm oil on his thighs dripping down, then on his cock. Then he felt her fingers scratching down his thighs, to the base of his shaft, then around his balls, then down to the base of his balls, teased and tormenting. She took the head of his cock and squeezed it. Then he felt her fingers again below his balls. Then sliding in the slick oil down to the crack of his ass. He groaned again involuntarily, half with pleasure and half with surprise. But she didn’t stop then. He felt her fingers tease down the crack of his ass, scratching lightly along the very sensitive skin. She was now touching the skin around his tight hole. He was half frightened, half wanting. It was so erotic, feeling the tender nerve endings stimulated there. Then her finger was pushing, sliding back and pushing in again, teasing and tormenting, until he started to push back slightly. Yes. He wanted to feel her there. He wanted her hot tender fingers arousing him. He heard her chuckle slightly. “You like that, don’t you baby? You find that pretty hot, don’t you? Would you like me to fuck you a bit with my finger?” Then, without waiting for his answer her felt it, her finger entering his tight hole very suddenly, very slightly, then stopping. He had a sudden intake of breath. He let it out again in a long moan. She pulled her finger out, wetting it again with the oil in the crack of his ass, then sank it again into his tight hole. Slowly it went deeper, and he could feel her moving it, slowly massaging. Unbelievably, he felt his cock jolt hard in response. He knew that if he hadn’t had the rope around his cock he would surely have come, so intense was the response. He groaned, almost screamed. He could hardly stand it! He writhed and moved as she teased him carefully. Then suddenly she stopped. He caught his breath. He heard her moving to the head of the table. He could smell her scent strongly now. He felt her fingers then at the side of his face, lifting his head up so that it was fully supported. Then he felt her warm skin on either side of his face, the skin of her inner thighs. “Now, baby, I know you like the smell of my cunt. Now I want you to taste it, thoroughly. All of it. Up and down. I want to cum on your face baby, let my juices cover your cheeks.”He opened his mouth and reached his tongue out, found her pussy lips and licked feverishly. She tasted hot and sweet and salty at the same time. He ran his tongue along her slit, moving his head back and forth, trying to drive her as wild as he could. He felt her moving in response, holding his head, guiding his mouth. It drove him wild to feel her guiding his tongue, making sure it touched her in just the right way. He felt his tongue part her puffy, wet lips, tasted the salty sweet wetness, then pushed it up against her pussy hole, then he felt her move herself forward and back, his tongue sliding over her hardening clit. He ran it up over her clit, along the one side and then the other, and circling it, hearing her moan and grunt as she started to fuck his mouth with her cunt. It was awesome. His hard cock was waving back and forth, he could feel its weight, tight in its wrapping of small rope, going crazy. Now she was moving madly over his mouth, pressing down on his head then lifting up, tantalizing herself with the delight of her control and his tongue. He knew she was going to cum any second. She loved having her cunt licked. The only thing he couldn’t do now which she deeply loved was slide his fingers inside her, or her favorite vibe, which drove her totally over the edge. Then she pulled away. His cheeks were coated with her juices, soaking wet. He felt her fingers undoing his blindfold, and he looked up at her corseted body, her wet mound, pubic hair matted. She hadn’t cum. He wondered what she had in store next. She quickly moved to his side, undoing his wrists and ankles. “Now let’s stand up.” and she gave a short playful tug on the cord around his cock. It was raging hard by now, prevented from release by the constriction of the cord. He stood up quickly as she tugged him over to the window, spreading his legs apart and tying his ankles to the rings at the baseboard in front of the window, and then his wrists up high, so he was spread-eagled in front of the window. He didn’t care. He needed to cum, to cum hard. His cock was throbbing, twitching with desire as she stood in front of him. She lowered the cups of her corset so her breasts swelled up and out of them. Her nipples were hard. She slid her hands down her mound and looked up at him with fire in her eyes, teasingly. She put some oil in the palm of her hand, and cupped it along her pussy, then brought her fingertips up to her nipples and pinched and tugged, moaning as she did so. Then she reached forward and pinched his nipples, something that always drove him wild. Like most men, his nipples were very sensitive, something most women seemed unaware of. His body was twitching and writhing. He loved seeing her teasing and pleasing herself. It was just about the most erotic thing he had ever experienced. Her fingers then dived into her own pussy, two fingers deep in her cunt before she pulled them out, wet and glistening, placing them now on his lips, so he could open his mouth and taste her again. Then she tasted herself, something that always drove him wild. Finally, her fingers dropped to his cock, his hard raging throbbing cock. She started to undo the rope, and he could gradually feel the electricity starting in it. At the same time she stared to finger her clit. He strained at the ties holding him apart, his body contorting and writhing. Once the cord around his cock was completely loosened, it immediately started to drip, the precum falling in a slow steady stream. She knew that at this point he was on the edge, and this is when she really started to torment him. She kept touching him, stroking him slowly, gently, keeping him there on the edge, crying out to shoot his cum over her. She herself was close to cumming he knew, but this meant nothing as far as his own satisfaction was concerned: she could cum two, three, four times – sometimes more than that. She started to shudder with her first orgasm, then to jolt and jerk as she came hard, pushed by her own fingers and his previous work with his tongue. “Please!!!” he said hoarsely. “I need to cum. Please!!” She simply smiled and kept tormenting him, his cock now aching, bursting.She kept it up until she was ready to cum again. She took the head of his cock, with him still tied, and slipped it up and down along her soaking slit. Still she didn’t let him cum. Then she moved back and started to finger herself again, teasing the dripping head of his cock with her fingers. Then she took it in her mouth, her tongue sliding along the shaft then over the head. He couldn’t stand it, but still she wouldn’t let him cum.Finally, she was ready to cum again herself. Her fingers were moving faster, and her other hand was starting to knock his cock gently, sending it bouncing with each knock. She came. She shuddered and screamed. Then she stopped. Her fingers slowly massaged the thick shiny head of his cock. He could feel it rising now, unstoppable. She knew it. She knew she had him at the point of no return, she chuckled and smiled and continued to squeeze and massage the head of his cock carefully. Then he started to move his hips more vigorously. He was moaning hoarsely. He was going to cum. “Oh yes!!!!” he screamed. Then she stopped. She knew he was going to cum; she loved to see him cum like this, over the edge, without any further stimulation, his cock simply bobbing in the air as the spasms started. Then a short spurt, white hot fluid shooting out a couple of feet. Then his cock bounced some more as his hips jerked uncontrollably. She smiled as another spurt shot out of his thick cock. Then another, and another, accompanied by his heaving groans. When he was finished, she took her fingers and stroked hard, urging a few more small spurts from his quaking, quivering body. He groaned aloud. Completely spent. He was breathing hoarsely, looking down at his own still-hard cock and her glistening body, shiny with perspiration. She leaned forward, kissing his lips tenderly. Her careful, attentive hands reached up and undid his wrists. They collapsed at his side. Then she undid his ankles. She kissed him again and smiled, stepping back.”I think I will have that glass of wine you were offering. Pour one for yourself. After all,” she smirked, “you will need some refreshment for the next round.”His eyes widened as he heard her talk about the next round, then looked down at his still hard cock – always the way it was when she kept him on the edge for a long time. He went to get the wine. He certainly would need some refreshment.

Beast of Innocence
Master had told me to keep still. He had told me to wait for Him, my long, dark brown hair in the pigtails He oh, so loved, and naked on all fours on the soft and cuddly light pink blanket He had set out for me earlier. But it was hard! Every crackle or pop of the fireplace scared me! Silly, really, since what should scare me more right now was the unknown.Was Master in a good mood? Had I done anything today that would result in punishment or correction from Him? I thought back over the last few hours. I had done a few loads of laundry, vacuumed the living room floor, gone grocery shopping, and had fed Him an easy but well-enjoyed dinner of cheesy tomato soup and thick, crusty garlic bread.”I can see your usual doubts running through your beautiful head, but you worry for nothing, my pet.”I heard the sound of Master’s powerful feet as they entered the living room. He fed some kindling to the fire that had been starting to die, bringing it fully, scarily back to life.Master chuckled at my whimpers of fear and rubbed the top of my head with a gentle hand. He allowed that hand to travel down the back of my head, then. Lower, and lower it traveled. Down my back and over the curve of my ass. It stopped between the needy, humid area between my legs, where two lean, probing fingers pushed their way into my flesh. I blushed at the sound of wanton need that crooned from my lips.”Needy as always, I see.” Master’s fingers left me all too soon and he moved to stand in front of me.I yearned to reach up with a hand and undo his jeans, revealing the thick, stiff erection I knew would be there, but I remained still. I knew well that Master hated when I showed just how needy I truly was.”Open.”I opened my mouth and sucked his fingers clean of my juices. It always made me feel awkward to taste myself, but I knew Master enjoyed the feeling of my tongue and lips against his fingers. And I enjoyed the feel of any part of him against my lips, to be honest. Oh, how I enjoyed using my lips and tongue to caress his body into climax!”Good pet. But I think your mouth needs something a little bigger. Don’t you?””Yes, Master.” I forced my head down so that Master wouldn’t see the cheeky grin that had sprang to my lips.I flushed at Master’s amused chuckle but watched with greedy, lowered eyes as He took His time in undoing the button and then the zipper of His jeans before allowing them and His black briefs to slide down some to reveal what it was my mouth really hungered for.But all too soon, Master pulled roughly on my pigtails to get my attention. With saliva dripping down the corner of my mouth, I reluctantly allowed my mouth to fall away from his damp cock. I watched with eyes again lowered as Master moved behind me, a hand gently caressing my flesh as He lowered His now gloriously naked body to His knees.”Mmm,” I moaned at the first brush of Master’s erection against my cunt. I yearned to thrust myself backwards against His cock, but again knew better. He had to be the one to set the pace. Not me. He made it so hard, though! The slightest brush of his cock against any part of my body drove me wild!Master grabbed hold of my hips and slowly, oh, so slowly entered me. He remained fully embedded in my moist core for several seconds before moving. In no time at all his balls were bouncing against my ass and the sound of His grunts mingled with my pants filled the dark, heated room.Will He let me come? I’ve been such a good girl! But I dared not ask permission, because that was always greeted with a firm “No” and a moderate to hard slap against my ass.”Come for me, pet,” He grunted a short time later as the first warm spurts of His seed filled my womb.”Thank you, Master!” I panted as I allowed myself to tumble over the peak I had had a precarious grip on since He had first entered me.My arms could no longer hold my weight and apparently Master’s knees had had enough as well, because seconds later we were a still connected tangle on the blanket.Master’s arms came around me, giving my middle a squeeze as His lips brushed my neck.”I love you, pet.””And I, you, Master.”

Leviathans Virgin
The big day was approaching and I had been flirting and teasing you for days…a soft kiss behind your ear when you weren’t watching, grazing my hand down your leg while we were having dinner with friends. I could tell I was already doing my job. You had that look in your eye. The more I played with you, the more that sparkle intensified. I wanted so badly to just take you, your attempts to seduce me being torture to refuse. It was my intention to get you to the place I required in order to perform the things I had planned for months. You have been a very good girl lately and I felt like it was time to go shopping at my boutique in the city for something a little different than punishment tools. I allowed my mind to run free and was quite pleased to be planning such a special night. One thing for sure, sometimes a little pain equals pleasure and the pleasure is eminent. You are in for the birthday present of your life.I secretly asked your friend to invite you over for a girl night sleep over. It was, after all, the eve before the big night and I had to make some preparations. I took extra time to work you into frenzy, constantly touching and whispering in your ear. You were so timid asking me if I would mind you going to your sleep over. It was cute and made me smile knowing my plans were coming together. “Of course my belle,” I said with the devilish grin you so often point out. “I have to work tonight anyway. Go and have some fun and we will have our own tomorrow.” You look bewildered, as you have no idea I had anything special up my sleeve. “Oh really?” you smirk as I pull you into my arms and tell you everything with my eyes. I felt your back arch in anticipation and you knew you were being teased. “Go on Belle. Like I said, I have work to do.”When the delivery arrived, it had been put away from prying eyes for a couple days now. I carefully took my time transforming our boudoir into the perfect seductive chamber. Candles placed about and the Mise En Place well tended to. Your birthday party was tomorrow, as Friday was a better day for all of your friends to attend so we had plans to stay in. After your surprise day at the spa with your girlfriend, you arrived just on time. I poured your drink the moment I saw headlights and the house was perfect. I had been cooking all day and treated you to the most amazing meal…your favorite meal. Your smile lit up the room and I was so pleased to see you so relaxed and happy, not at all knowing the meal wasn’t the grand finale. I instructed you to lounge while I tidied up and washed the dishes. “Yes Sir,” you replied in that voice that you know drives me crazy. “You have been a very good girl, Belle and I have quite an evening planed for you Birthday Girl.” The effects of the spa pampering along with the fact that we haven’t made love in days were taking its toll. “Miss Pierce?” I say in a low voice. “Yes Sir,” you purr. By this time we were cuddled up on the couch and I had most of your clothes off as I licked and teased the sweet spots I have learned to perfection. You were breathing heavily and I knew the time had come. “I made special preparations upstairs.””Oh really,” you barely manage to whisper, as my fingers had found the perfect rhythm between your legs. “I need for you to trust me tonight.””U huh,” your eyes roll back in your head wile my tongue grazes your nipple. “No I’m serious,” I say with that stern voice I use when your time has come. I cease what I had been doing to you and pull your chin gently towards me. I lock with your beautiful ocean blues. “You do really need to trust me if I take you through what I have planned for you tonight.” Immediately, you come too and realize that this was different. “I’ve been shopping at ‘the boutique.'” “I thought you said I had been a good girl Sir. It’s my birthday. What did I do?” you answer in confusion. “Oh you sure have Princess and if you will trust me, I want to take you in a special kind of way. You have to give yourself completely though.” My hand had found its way between your legs again and you understood I only had your best interests in mind. A soft kiss and a reassuring smile was all it took. You look deep into my eyes and nod your head yes. “Say it!””Yes Sir. In fact I simply can’t wait,” you repeat in your sassy and aggressive voice. “Very good Miss Pierce. Freshen up in the guest bedroom tonight please.” “Yes Sir,” again with your attitude. I had laid out new lingerie and the bathroom was set for your comfort. New bath salts, your favorite soaps and a note from me reads: “Please light these candles and take a bath. Relax and try to imagine what you have in store. I want you to wear the lingerie I’ve selected and I would like your hair pulled back before coming upstairs. I very much look forward you your return Beautiful.”Anticipation was wearing on you. You know that I was serious and that you had to give yourself completely. By now you are beyond aroused and can’t make your way upstairs fast enough. The door is locked, which is strange, but then you realize the ceremony is about to begin. You timidly knock and I answer immediately. “Enter Miss Pierce please,” I say trying to remain calm. You were stunning and it took everything in me to follow my plan as opposed to throwing you on the bed and taking you in the most primal manner. Prolonged pleasure is highly effective and I know that I need to spend a significant amount of time on you. This will bring you to the place I crave to see and tonight is all about you. It pleasures me most to pleasure you and watch as I expertly bring you to the deepest orgasms. It’s when I know I have done my job and I crave it as much as you. To be an attentive lover is something you deserve and require keeping you in line. I must be equally attentive when it comes to punishment, but it has been working well and you have behaved perfectly.You let out a gasp when your eyes adjusted and you got a look at our boudoir. I had obviously had been shopping and you didn’t recognize anything. There was a table by the new round velvet loveseat placed in the middle of the room with several toys and tools. I had built a raging fire and there was a set of black iron bars erected in a square with cords attached next to the fireplace. Upon a closer look, you notice there were cords affixed to the round loveseat as well. “I’m taking all control away from you tonight Miss Pierce. I promise you will enjoy and sometimes a little pain equals pleasure, yes Miss Pierce?” You take a deep breath and look back at me with your devious eyes. “I’ve been ready. I’m all yours!” I notice little fight in your eyes. “Perfect. That’s what I wanted to hear,” I repeat with a little of my own touch of defiance. “Time to begin.” I approach you slowly, heart beating through my chest. A slow kiss, our tongues begin their playful dance. Our bodies become one as I just needed to feel your soft skin on mine for at least a moment. I can tell you are all in and I am pleased that you are feeling so sassy. Of course as always, I’ve met my match with you. I remove your new lingerie and instruct you to take your place on display in the velvet chair. You do exactly as I say and your eyes lock in mine once again and your movements are slow and deliberate. “Who is seducing who?” I think to myself as I watch you lay down and instinctively raise your arms above your head. “I suppose the restraints are for me Sir?” you tease again defiantly, “I’m ready for you, just so you know.” “Oh you are huh? Ok good.” As I lean over your silky smooth naked body to secure your arms you rise up and bite my chest hard. “OUCH!!” I exclaim wincing. “I imagine I have more coming to me than that right Sir?” you giggle. “I told you I was ready for you!” I must admit it turned me on and confirmed the fact that you needed tonight. “Ok, Miss Pierce,” I reply as I take caution this time while finishing securing you.You feel a tiny sting on your ass before you notice the little black whip I snatched up off the table full of tools. “OUCH!!!” you exclaim yourself! “Is that all you’ve got?” you defy. “I like your spunk Miss Pierce. By no means is that near what I’ve got…believe me. Tonight pain is EXACTLY equal to pleasure for you.” “Oh really?” is your reply with no idea what you are in store for. I hummer you with a wink while I retrieve a long feather from the table. “This is what I’m talking about. For the rest of the night you will need to ask for the pain Miss Pierce. Believe me, you will be begging for it by the time I’m done with you.” I have centered myself and manage to make all of my movements slow and deliberate hereafter. I step back and gaze upon you. The chair is round by design. It gives me full access to you from all sides. You can pretend all you want but I know you are beyond aroused and I have you right where I want you. My hot breath on your nipples to begin with. Your breath slows and your back arches once more as your body involuntarily rises to do its best to meet my tongue. I allow you just a moment with your nipple in my mouth before I stop abruptly. “The other one gets some attention if you ask me for another swat Miss Pierce.” “Nope, I’m good,” you tease. “Ok…by the way, that’s what the feather is for,” my nearly sarcastic reply. You notice the look in my eyes and at once you realize that I have put some thought into this encounter. “Really?” The feather glides across your belly heading straight for your other breast. Again your body rises to meet me as my warm breath teases it. Abruptly I stop and look you deep in the eyes. “You sure?” Your breath is even heavier now and I know you are beginning to understand. “Ok I give!” you whisper as I continue to exhale warm breath across your neck followed by the softest kiss behind your ear. “Is there something you would like to ask me Piss Pierce?” I question, as I pretend you are going to get another one before standing back upright and addressing you once more. Silence. More silence. I enjoyed very much watching you squirm, doing your best to conjure the last little bit of fight you have left. More silence. I watch your eyes change as you gave in and realize you were in very good hands once again. “Please Sir. Another please?” Another small sting and you wince a moment. “Good girl.” This time my tongue takes its time making its way to the other nipple begging for attention. I spend more time gently liking and sucking until it was hard. Although I took my time making my way to it slowly, I again stop abruptly when I see you enjoying the pleasure. “You ready to continue Miss Pierce?” “Oh please Sir,” you gasp. “Very good,” I reply as I produce the candle from the table. You know exactly what’s to follow as we have had much playtime after all these years. My hand steady and slow as the candle approaches your chest. One drop and you understand what’s to follow. Even though I know exactly what the hot wax feels like on bare, tender skin, you put on your best face and smile in defiance once again. The feather now starts at your ankles and swirls around your calve upward. It tickles and involuntarily you draw your knees up to your chest. I firmly grasp your ankles and bring you back to position. A stern look from you and me regain your composure.”I would like for you to spread your yourself for me please and I want you to keep your legs still,” I command. You can’t help but obey and much to your delight I finally touch the place I had been teasing for days. “Oh yes Sir, right there,” you whisper, as if I didn’t know your body so well. Only a moment passed before I realize how wet I had already managed to make you. I was pleased with myself and couldn’t help but allow my tongue to taste you gently for a moment before again stopping abruptly. I stand up and gaze upon you as I watch the pleasure engulf your body. At this point not a word before you say, “Yes! More please.” “As you wish Miss Pierce,” I reply with candle already in hand. Another few drops on your freshly bathed skin and you wince once more. “Good girl,” I smile, “your reward Miss Pierce.” This time, no tease…my tongue has been craving you and I’m so pleased to feel your soft clitoris swell in my mouth. You are getting the idea and your fight is gone. When I cease you look disappointed, not knowing how I desperately want to continue more than you do. “I need for you to relax, please,” as I produce the next of my new tools. Although new you recognize the shape and know what its for, you don’t recognize it. It has already been prepped and I begin the process of inserting it into your inner sanctum. It always takes a bit of coaxing and teasing before your body accepts it. We both know that this is required to bring you to the deepest of orgasms we both crave. Another, please Sir,” you whisper, defiance gone. A sharp sting and you recognize I have moved on with the tools I purchased. You can’t pick out its shape as your vision has blurred in anticipation of what may come next as your reward. I take my place directly in front of you and grasp your right leg firmly. With full access, I enter you ever so slightly and begin a sultry rhythm. I have to deny myself for your greater good and slowly exit the extract of your soft warmth. “YES ALREADY!” you exasperate. Three sharp stings with time in-between for the sensations to take their effects. You raise your head with newfound fight and with piercing eyes: “I want more and you better make it worthwhile this time!” I love your spunk and I am beyond turned on. I’m happy to accommodate as I feel its time for your first orgasm. You welcome the pain, as you know I am always careful to pay attention. “Good girl,” I smile as I kneel before you. Those were a few serious licks you took and now its time for your reward. You know I love pleasuring you and generally take my time but you have been teased enough. Your velvet smooth sex on my tongue was nearly more than I could take and had to focus on not releasing myself. Relentlessly I continue my work, knowing full well how to achieve my goal. As you swell I am pleased to feel your body tense up before releasing uncontrollably. I savor you and slowly rise to gaze upon your beauty. I am happy to give you time to come too before kissing you softly on my favorite place on the inside of your thigh. “Come with me Lover,” I whisper in your ear as I gently remove your restraints. No words, just a smile as you reach up for me. I take ahold of you and lead you to the fireplace. This was a first for us both but by now your inhibitions have gone and you know that tonight is all about you. It was a magnificent piece. Hand crafted wrought iron shaped in a square, nearly as tall as the ceiling and the floor beneath covered in cushions and fine linen. “How do you want me?” I throw a couple more logs on the fire and face you away from it. Hands in the air and now once more restrained, the fire crackles fiercely. I have taken extra measures to ensure the proximity to the fire so the flame nips at your skin. You are majestic, like a work of fine art and I am mesmerized by your stunning beauty. Your only weapons are your eyes and they are taking their effect. I want so badly to take you for my own pleasure but this is your special night. After all, there will be plenty of time spent here, I’m sure.I wrap my arms around you from behind to allow myself the felling of your fire warmed skin on my chest and the kiss I so needed. “Shall we continue Miss Pierce?” You nod and smile. “Say it!” I say, forcing myself to follow my own rules. “I am ready for more please Sir.” I reach down and find your sweet spot once more to remind you of what you have coming. Slowly I remove the plug and select another shaped differently. This one was a series of balls attached with a ring on the end. As you feel the last of it make its exit, I know you want more. “This time you must hold perfectly still and your reward will be what you want.” “Ok…. um I mean yes Sir,” you utter, lacking the tool you love so much. I produce a bucket of ice and step back from you a moment. I can feel the fire nipping at my own skin and know the temperature is just right. The slightest sting followed by an ice cube gradually making its way from your neck to your lower back makes you squirm. “I said stay still, yes?” followed by the same act. Three times the ceremony continues before you manage to focus yourself on the pleasure you have in store. “Good girl,” I smile as I begin with the new toy. I know this is one of your favorites so I bought a new one recommended by the boutique as being highly effective. As your body welcomes it I watch that ever familiar arching of your back. I am crazed by now and am having a hard time keeping focused. I produce a candle once more and watch a few drops roll down your shoulder and slightly down your chest. I peel away the wax and follow with another cube. Several times over I continue until I can take no more. I find myself in front of you again, crazed and hardly aware of my own actions. You are the object of my desire and I enter you easily. This time the slow, steady rhythm is no more as I give in to my own desires. “My Birthday Girl deserves a good and proper fucking, yes?” I manage to gasp. “YES!” your reply as our bodies become one. “Come with me please,” you scream as we begin to swell. I had so much more planned and had so tried to deny myself, but succumb to your request. I explode with a fury and feel you receiving me with such intent as you release yet again. Time stood still as us. The fires heat coaxing us out of our blur causes me to realize you are still standing, restrained and barely standing on your own. “Come here Beautiful,” I embellish as I pick you up ever so lovingly and carry you to the bed. “You were amazing tonight my Belle.” As you curl up into my arms exhausted, I am so pleased. Although this is your Birthday weekend and I have much more planned, I am happy with the results thus far. You need your rest for the next few nights. I watch as you drift off with a smile on your face. “Happy Birthday my Jade,” I whisper and kiss your neck. “Thank you,” you purr…” I love Birthdays.” Sleep. The deepest sleep.

Violent Vandal
Wandering the cold dark streets alone, boot heels clicking a sharp staccato off the walls surrounding her, Ilena walks, tall, and lithe wrapped in a full-length hooded fur coat that hugs to her curves like a second skin. As she paces methodically down the abandoned street Ilena feels a niggling shiver glide through her senses.Her nostrils flair and she turns suddenly, eyes glimmering in the shade of the hood she wears. Walking with purpose Ilena’s heels clicking matching a beat in the distance thrumming into her soul. For some strange reason as she approaches the bar with the wild beat and the warm welcoming ambience she feels a tingling anticipation.Slowly removing her fur coat Ilena hands it in to the coat check and pays her cover. Her body, lithe, and barely concealed by a dress tailored to cling to every graceful curve. Sheathed from neck to knee in a navy blue dress, sequin spangled that glimmers like the night sky as she glides deeper into the throng of bodies dancing in a bumping rhythm to the live band.With coal black hair falling in soft ringlets around her shoulders and face, skin the color of cream, and sparkling eyes a predatory topaz. Her presence making people instinctively pull away and squirm in uncomfortable attraction, wanting to be near her but sensing something sinister behind her eyes. Oblivious to it all Ilena searches through the crowded room her head turning in an elegant swivel to take in everyone present.Ultimately her eyes fall on the one figure she came here searching for. Dominic a dark brooding man clothed in a long sleeved white cotton shirt the tie at his throat partially pulled from his collar revealing the sheer brawn of him by the width of his neck and broad shoulders barely concealed by fabric tugging over gristle. Ilena’s eyes linger on him taking in his shape and masculinity. The perfect V from his shoulders to his lean waist caught and captured by a thin belt through the loops of his tailored black slacks.Dominic’s black hair cut to a close bristle, his intelligent sea foam green eyes taking in the lithe form of Ilena as she paces forward. Craven need, sparking in her amber eyes, and seeping out around her like a heady fog. From the top of her ebony locks to the sole of her knee high black boots everything about her signals danger to those that don’t know her and even for those that do. They come together in the middle of the grinding bump of the dance floor the cadence of the music making their hearts pound in time with the beat. With one tender finger Dominic traces the curve of your luscious jaw and tucks a stray ringlet behind her ear. With a primal growl Ilena sweeps his hand away with one of her own, and whispers through clenched teeth. “I’m not here for that Dominic, You know what I want.”Nodding somewhat chagrined, Dominic takes Ilena by the wrist and draws her up the narrow stairs to his apartment above the bar. The crowd making reluctant way for them as they pass confused by the urgency emanating off the seductive couple. Dominic reaches up for the key resting on the top of the door jamb and unlocks the door drawing Ilena inside, her foot deftly hooking around the door as they enter slamming it shut behind them and pulling her wrist free of Dominic’s grasp. With one quick motion Ilena slaps Dominic across the face and snarls. “How dare you touch me like that Dominic.”Shaking his head sea foam eyes search her topaz glare, the thumb of his right hand gliding along his bottom lip along with his tongue trailing through the blood that her slap drew as his lip collided with his perfect teeth. “You’re a bitch Ilena you come to me for one reason and then treat me like this?” showing Ilena the shining droplet of blood on his thumb. Growling softly Ilena jumps at him fingers clawed aiming for his face. With casual ease Dominic catches her wrists before they can damage him, the muscles of his torso rippling. Pushing her back against the door with a hard slam they fall together kissing hungrily. The blood from his lip painting her lips a ruby red their teeth and tongues tangling wildly.Releasing her wrists as her hands relax from their claws Dominic grinds his lower body to hers his erection pressed into her sequined hips. Panting and writhing against the door Ilena lifts her legs to wrap around his waist, hands coming up to tear his shirt off buttons flying in every direction, nails scratching over the dark olive of his skin leaving welted trails as they grind together. Finally her fingers curl around the tie at his throat pulling it apart and letting it fall to the side.Ilena roughly strips the shirt off of him as her feet find the floor, using the leverage she deftly spins from him and uses the cuffs of his shirt to immobilize his arms behind him. Groaning in frustration Dominic tries to fight free of the fabric cuffs but even with all his glistening muscle nothing gives. Stepping in front of him with a wicked grin Ilena pulls the belt at his waist undoing it in two quick jerks and sliding it free of the loops the slacks settling lower on his hips. Stepping closer Ilena scratches her nails deftly through his happy trail that disappears under his waist band. With nimble fingers Ilena undoes his slacks and peels them off his slim hips, in his usual fashion Dominic isn’t wearing underwear so his erection pops free the length curving to his belly. A glistening drop of pre-cum sparkling at its tip with the foreskin of his cock rolled back slightly with the building pressure of the pleasure boiling inside his cock. Taking the length of his cock in her hands Ilena softly tugs on it pulling him forward out of where his slacks have pooled around his feet. As Dominic moves forward, he steps out of his loafers, and slacks. His bare feet moving slowly over the cold tile floor only moving to keep up with Ilena as she steps backward avoiding the various obstacles, a coffee table, couch, and end tables.As Ilena reaches her goal she slowly side steps and releases Dominic’s cock pressing him face first into an X cross and strapping first his ankles then removing the shirt cuffs and using the cuffs on the cross to secure him there. Stepping to her right there is a small armoire with various pleasure tools. Picking two of her favorites she first steps behind Dominic and strokes her hand softly up and down his length a few times then reaching around his head places a silk blindfold over his eyes tying it tight to block out all his vision. As her boots click on the tile behind him Ilena gently glides the pleasure whip randomly over his skin. Watching his muscles flinch under Dominic’s skin a soft purr escaping Ilena with each playful tease. Watching his body tense with each touch of the whip and click of her boot heels Ilena finally stops to his left and swings the whip leaving nice lines of red stripes across his ass. Finding her rhythm she works the whip randomly over his backside, striking along his butt, ribs, quads, and shoulders. Feeling the pulsing beat from the band below through the floor and work its way through her a feral purr emanating from Ilena as she works herself into a frenzied state. Finally exhausted she lets her head fall back the whip falling to the floor and she steps to Dominic. With her tongue she traces every red welt from the whip and working her way lower she kneels on the hard tile and strokes Dominic’s rock hard cock from behind with both hands, her sweating cheek resting against his red welted butt. Rising gracefully to her feet hands still working Dominic’s cock she whispers in his ear. “God I want you inside me Dominic.”Growling back he mutters, “Get me out of this contraption Ilena and I’ll fuck your brains out.” With that Ilena undoes the blindfold and unlocks the cuffs releasing this bear of a man. Her tongue gliding over her lips tasting the blood from their earlier kiss. Unexpectedly he turns and grasps the oval collar of her dress ripping it down the front sequins flying in a cloud around them, settling to the floor in soft clinks. Ilena’s eyes widening only slightly as the dress falls away revealing her curvaceous form, naked save the boots rising to her knees. As his sea-foam green eyes stroke possessively up her body, Dominic lunges at her gathering her up in his arms and slamming her to the bed behind them.With one forceful thrust of his hips he buries himself inside her balls deep looking into those predatory topaz eyes and working his hips back and forth hard and fast inside her. Feeling Ilena’s velvet folds draw him deeper, her sex sopping wet with desire and need, Dominic’s large hands cupping her ass as he grinds in deep wiggling his hips from side to side as he penetrates her filling and pushing her to climax. Ilena’s hands fist into the bed sheets rocking her hips as much as possible in his steel grip. All the pleasure of the evening narrowing to the dick piercing into her needy body and quickly making Ilena pant in ecstasy. Her body bowed to his thrusts all forgotten but that point between her thighs as he grinds into her the head of his cock slamming into her cervix making her groan.Unclenching her fists from the sheets she finds Dominic’s forearms with her nails and digs in hard, tightening the fulcrum of their bodies together with pain and lust. Her tongue darts out of her mouth drawing her lip back and biting on it hard, tasting her own blood as it mingles with his. As her head pushes back into the bed she moans. “Oh! Fuck! Yes! Take me Dominic!” With that Dominic jackhammers his hips into her one hand pressing into her belly and thumb teasing her clit till she’s squirming and writhing on his cock. He pulls out and Thrusts one more time holding still inside her feeling his cock pulse as he cums with a grunt against her cervix, the fountaining sensation against her center takes her over the edge and she screams body rocking away in wild waves of release.Pulling from her Dominic crawls up the bed and kneels over her shoulders his cock positioned at her mouth. One word tumbles from his lips as the tip of his flaccid cock grazes her lips “Suck”. With consummate skill Ilena opens her mouth and slurps the head of his cock into her mouth working her tongue around the salty head tasting his sperm.Ilena runs her tongue under the foreskin of his cock and teases his glans with her tongue tip. Humming softly as she feels his cock harden, she moves one hand up to massage his balls and the other to move up and down the silken wet shaft, her mouth making up the rest of the distance. Feeling her pussy oozing out with their comingled juices she writhes and sucks more of his hardening length into her mouth. Her head and hand moving back and forth bringing him back to full attention, Ilena’s fingers massaging his balls feel them harden as she slowly pushes up harder with her head Dominic reaches behind her head and helps her deep throat the whole of his cock.Working her throat muscles around it she begins to bob her hear once more slowly building his pleasure. As his head falls back with her free hand she teases her nails down the crack of his ass and feels him thrust into her mouth. Finally he starts to work his hips again pumping wildly into her throat. With her body tingling and the heels of her boots digging into the bed she releases his balls and grabs his ass hard Ilena’s mouth working effortlessly along his cock.Feeling everything tensing up for another explosion Dominic removes his hands from Ilena’s head and leans back on one arm. His body glowing with sweat and lean muscled perfection closing his eyes Dominic cums in a convulsive grunt, his body quaking in ecstatic release, pulling free of Ilena’s mouth he falls to his side exhausted. Ilena shifts and spoons into his back their almost naked bodies fitting together perfectly as the drift off to sleep.

Yours…On my knees
I am kneeling before you. Eyes downcast, waiting. A shadow passes across my face and for a moment I forget myself and glance up to see what cast it… and my eyes meet your cock, standing ready, so close… a tiny gasp catches in my throat, and then I remember and lower my gaze. Then your fingers, so gentle, are playing across my features, tracing my brow, my cheekbone, my jaw, sliding underneath to my throat. I am trembling. Still gentle and yet demanding now, your hand closes slightly, grasping, tilting my face upward. Permission to meet your eyes has not been given and so I carefully keep my lashes lowered, peeking through at what still stands ready before me, pulse quickening, mouth and tongue heating, lips wanting, dying to part but held firmly shut by my last scrap of will. A rumbling chuckle from you. I know you must be amused.You move your hand again, this time sliding up my cheek and into my hair. Your touch is so soft… until you make a fist, clenching where hair meets scalp, the stinging shock bringing tears to my eyes. With this leverage you tilt my face upward even further, and I understand your unspoken bidding and meet your gaze… gentle, playful, and yet I cannot miss the steel beneath. The command, quiet and soft, holds the same:”Open.”…And I do.There is a shift in the balance between us. A mere inch, perhaps two, and the tip of your cock brushes between my lips. Faster than thought, my tongue reaches for you, but then your grip tightens on my hair and you say, “Now, now.” With those two words, I know what you want: you want me ready, willing, eager beyond the limits of my own patience. You intend to find out just where those limits are. I am burning with humiliation. You shift your hips and I feel your cock brushing back and forth, first against my lower lip and then against my upper. Lower. Upper. Again. Keeping your fist in my hair, you place the thumb of your other hand on my chin and gently pry my mouth open even wider. Your gaze is stern and I understand that I am to hold this position, no matter my desires.Then, pressure. Unhurriedly, you sink your cock in, inch by maddening inch. It is torture to wait, feeling your skin slipping past my lips, tasting the salt and musk that is the taste of you. Deeper, probing my soft palate, momentarily stopping my air flow… then moving past, giving me breath. Your soft pubic hairs tickle my nose, but I barely have time to register that before your cock is pressing against the back of my throat. Tears spring to my eyes. I am utterly mortified, fighting my gag reflex and not even allowed to give you the pleasure I am dying to give. I try to cry out, “Please! Please…” but all I can manage is a small choking sound.I feel your touch on my forehead, beckoning my eyes to yours. I meet your gaze, and you smile. “Now.”Given my own lead, I can’t help but engage in a few ravenous strokes, taking you down my throat with such fury that you grunt and sway a little on your feet. After some moments I realize that I’m taking you swiftly to the end… Not yet ready to finish, I reign in, let you stand at the brink for just a moment, and then slowly, slowly bring you back down. I feel your fist gripping my hair… you are a touch frustrated but too awash in pleasure to really mind. Good. Slowly. Pressing with my tongue and lips, withdrawing till it’s just the head in my mouth, rubbing the ridge of your cock head back and forth first against the roof of my mouth and then against my upper lip, in… out. Stroking the underside with my tongue, memorizing every line, every rise and fall. Gripping the thick base of your shaft with one hand, pressing with my thumb on the very place where cock meets balls… withdrawing my embrace… one pace at a time until you’re completely out of my mouth, and then placing one sweet, nearly chaste kiss just on the tip. I sit back a little, look up and meet your gaze, all innocence. A look passes between us and I know that my control over this is only seconds from being wrenched out of my hands… but then you’re in my mouth again, deeper, all the way into my throat… and stop. Holding you there, I swallow against you. Again. Withdraw for breath, dragging my tongue against the pulse I feel building in you, and then back into my throat… swallow. When again I come up for breath your hands on my head seek to restrain me, keep that cock deep inside, but I need air. And so the struggle begins, you moaning and occasionally uttering challenges to my virtue, thrusting against me and yanking on my hair when I let you out too far, and me pushing, first with you and then against you, gripping sometimes your hips and sometimes your balls, urgently trying to stay on top of the rising tide. And now… tears are streaming down my face because this has become more choking than breathing… I’m a mess, my panties are soaked through with wanting you and my whole body trembles. I’m barely able now to keep up with the rhythm we’ve achieved. Somehow I manage to meet your eyes, and you know that it’s coming to your turn again. You slide a hand under my chin, around my throat… and I surrender control to you once more……It is time. Stroke by stroke I feel the intensity building within you. For my own part, I have become a helpless vessel, struggling to keep my mouth in some sort of useful, controllable shape, but it is hopeless. You are using me, slamming in and out of me with no regard for my comfort or your own. The best I can possibly do is to suck in every scrap of air I can find, fight my gag reflex down and let my involuntary drool and humiliated tears flow freely. I am absolutely on fire with my need of you. This moment is bliss.Suddenly, every part of you tightens. Your grip on my throat, the flesh of your balls, even the angle of your rigid cock is suddenly contracting, coiling like a spring. Your strokes have become wild and arrhythmic, plunging deeper still into my throat and completely cutting off my air. Growling, digging your choking fingers into my willing throat, you force my head back; force me to meet your eyes. “You. Fucking. Whore.” You say it with such adoration.And then, seed. It erupts from you with such force that I’m hard-pressed to swallow it all; indeed, some of it spills past my lips and down my chin. Salty, bitter, and incredibly sweet. Even as I’m finishing it, I find myself smiling. You may have come, but your cock doesn’t seem to know that; it is still hard as iron. Our eyes meet once again, and there is a challenge between us. Do we go on as we have? Can we? Then you push me off of you, roughly; you are still in control and I had better know it. Smiling your wicked little smile, you take my hand, help me to my feet. Gently wipe your seed from my face. Eyes holding mine, fingers playing in my impossibly mussed hair, you are the very picture of the tender and compassionate mate. I begin to wonder whether I imagined that look of mischief just moments ago… but then it returns, that wicked smile. Your hand slides around to the back of my neck and before I know it I am bent over, my sodden panties exposed and that which lies beneath deliciously vulnerable. I am aware of nothing so much as the slight motion of air against my hyper-sensitive skin, until I hear your voice in my ear, bringing me almost to my own rapture with just two words:”Your turn.”

Night Embrace
I have you bound on my bed. You are naked, your wrists tied above your head, your legs bound wide apart. Completely available, totally vulnerable, and I can see you tremble as it hits you, that feeling of helplessness. Knowing how much bigger than me you are, how strong you are, how muscular, yet knowing that you have given yourself to me this way. I can feel it, feel the trust you have in me. Knowing that I will hurt you, deliciously, with love and savage tenderness, but that I would never injure you or use you or misuse you. Teasing my fingernails over your flat brown nipples, I see you lunge up slightly. I lean down and whisper in your ear. “It feels good, doesn’t it pet?”You can only nod, your throat tight with tension and lust. I pluck at them with my fingers and nails, tugging them gently, teasing you. I lean down and lap at them with my tongue, first one, then the other. And then I suck on one, hard, biting you, pulling at you with my teeth. Again, one, then the other. You groan.Now they are rigid and wet. But not quite hard enough.I reach for an ice cube in the cup by the bed, and run circles around your nipples with it. The icy water runs down your chest and sides. I see you watching me, and I get the blindfold and put it around your eyes.”I want you to just feel me, pet, not see me.” I never tell you that it’s too hard for me, to see your eyes when I do this to you. Knowing you could see my heart in my eyes, know how hard it is sometimes to take this role, yet knowing it’s a deep need as well. And what a precious gift it is, this surrender to me. I take a deep breath, hoping you feel what I feel when I am naked and bound by you. The owned feeling, that sweet longing to be Yours, to do everything you command me to do. I take a long soft feather, and run it down your body, from wrists to ankles. It skims over your flesh, leaving a trail of goosebumps over you. Then tickling it back up, slowly, erotically, watching you squirm and hearing you moan. My hands follow that same trail, skating over your bare skin, learning the textures of your body. The soft hair under your arms, the warm smoothness of your chest, the crisp hair framing your beautiful cock, your long hard legs, straining in the bonds, wanting to touch me. “Not yet, pet.”Again I am drawn to your nipples. I shudder, knowing how good it feels when you suck on mine. I attack them greedily, sucking them into my mouth until you are moaning. Glancing down, I can see how aroused you are. Your cock is rigid, red, throbbing, fully erect. God, it’s so beautiful. But I resist the urge to touch it, telling myself the same thing; not yet, not yet. I start to massage your body, feeling the muscles under the warm skin. Your inner thighs, along the line between hip and thigh. Close, so dangerously close to your cock, but never quite there. I can see you tremble when I grip your thighs. You want to spread them more, but the bonds won’t let you. I know that feeling, pet. Wanting to be so open and available for you. Taking another ice cube, I run it along your thighs, down behind your knees, down to your ankles. Those sounds you make are driving me crazy. I can feel my own body tremnling in response. Next, I pour warm oil on my hands, and begin to handle your body. Smoothing down your arms, across your chest, your hips, your legs. Kneading the muscles, memorizing the feel of your body under my hands. That beautiful body you give to me so willingly.You are shiny with the sweet vanilla smelling oil. I simply stand there, admiring you, knowing you are there because you choose to be there, because you love me, because I love you. And that it’s something we both crave, this exchange of power. But the lust is building inside me, pet. I slip my fingers into my wetness, and slather it on your lips. You greedily lick it off, whimpering slightly. “See what you to do me, pet?”You chuckle, and thrust your hips up. “See what you do to me, Mistress?” “Oh yes, I see it. Do you want me to touch it?” I ask innocently. A violent shudder rushes over your body. A hissed “Yesssssssssssssss,” is all I want to hear. “Not yet,” I answer.I see you tugging at the bonds, your muscles bulging and straining. I just smile wickedly. Moving down to the end of the bed, I unhook your ankle cuffs, one at a time, and retie them with your legs spread and up and open, looping heavy soft ropes under your knees to take the strain off your legs. I run my fingernails down your inner thighs, and I can see your battle, the battle inside you, hating to be bound like this, loving it at the same time. Taking a leather cock ring, I unsnap it, and quickly wrap it around the base of your throbbing length. Snapping it, it squeezes you gently, putting slight pressure around you, like my fingers would if I were gripping you. “Oh, fuck, Mistress,” you groan, your hips thrusting up, trying to find my fingers again. Picking up the purple anal beads, I coat them with the slick lubricant. It’s not something we have done yet, filling your ass, but I think it’s time. I want you to feel what I feel when you fill me. Climbing on the bed, I straddle your body, facing away from you. My naked body under the nightgown settles on you. God, I do love the sounds you make when I touch you. I reach down, and spread your cheeks with my fingers. You tense, almost lifting my knees off the bed. “Wait, I……..oh, God,” you moan. I feel your capitulation, knowing what I am going to do, accepting it. I know it’s not something you have done before. I know how much trust it takes for you to be bound like this. And I know how much you are going to love it.I start to insert the beads slowly, slipping one in, then pushing it in deeper with my finger. Then the next, slightly larger, until they are all the way inside you, the whimsical heart shaped handle the only thing showing. Your cock, Jesus, your cock is harder than I have ever seen it. A deep mauve, the head almost purple, the veins distended and throbbing. It takes my breath away, knowing I drove you to this. Rising off your body and the bed, I lean down and tell you, “I’m going to fuck you with them, my sweet.” Your body shudders in response. I move around the bed, and kneel between your open legs. I slide a long finger into the handle, and put my hand reassuringly on your inner thigh. Slowly, I start to slide it in and out. The beads slide out, one at a time, then I shove them back in gently. You groan, a low throaty growl, and I keep fucking you. Your hips are starting to move with me, reaching for the beads. “It feels heavenly, doesn’t it, dear?”You struggle to find words, I can see it. “Yesss.”After long moments of sliding them in and out of you, I pull it out. I lay on the bed, and spread your cheeks wider, and start to lap at you with my velvety tongue. “Jeeeessssssuuuusssssssssssss Chriiissst,” you roar. I know what you are feeling. Somewhat violated, exposed, naked, and me doing this wicked naughty thing to you, licking you in that private spot. The intimacy of it shakes you to the core. And I feel that exact moment when you surrender it all to me. Your body slumps, and you relax, and my tongue dips into you deeper. You open, yield, and I dig my tongue at you, wanting more, til you are writhing on the bed. Lifting my head, I shove two fingers into you, and dive down on your cock. Your hips surge up, driving your cock into my throat. I fuck you with my fingers, twisting them, pressing on your prostate, driving you wild under my mouth and hands. And I suck, suck hard, and you start to cum. Your body is locked, your head thrown back, your back arched, trying to get as much of you into my mouth as you can. I push hard inside you, and you jerk, flooding my mouth and throat with your creamy essence. I can feel your whole body shaking apart. I suckle you slowly, sweetly, drawing out the last trembling shudders and groans, and then release you. Your cock is still red and rigid.With unsteady hands I untie you. I felt the power of your surrender, and it has shaken me. Before I even have a chance to think about it, you are on me, pulling me under you, and driving your cock into my soaked sex. “Bitch,” you whisper before your mouth claims mine. You fuck me. There is no other word for it, you fuck me with no finesse, just raw power and urgency, taking back the control you so willingly gave me a moment ago. I cling to you, lost in your body, in your possession, in your love. The climax, when it hits, is shattering. You follow me down into the vortex, screaming my name as you fill me. Collapsing on the bed, your heavy body covers mine, our bodies warm and damp. Your breathing is like a freight train, harsh and gulping. You roll off me, and I remove the cock ring. “Damn, woman, you said it would be intense, but I never knew. It gives me new respect for your surrender, my sweet.” I just smile. You ain’t seen nothing yet, my adorable pet.

Innocent lover
I am a good pet. I swear. But sometimes mistress drives me to it…I just want to touch her so bad. Touch her, taste her; fuck her. The problem is that she lives so far away. You see my mistress lives in Tennessee, while I’m in Mississippi. Our only contact has been through the internet. Tonight, that changes; my mistress is coming to visit her pet and finally, after years of patient waiting, her pet will be able to taste, touch, nibble and suck on his mistress. He’ll finally pluck her sweet little cherry.She told me last week that she was coming to visit. I got excited, of course. I’ve know her for 3 years now and have never met her face-to-face. Of course I’ve fantasized about it; how could I not? She’s the sexiest woman I’ve ever met. Perhaps I should describe my mistress for you, since you haven’t seen her. My mistress stands about 5 feet, 6 inches tall, has long luscious red hair, the kind of hair you want to plunge your hands and face into. She’s very pale and freckled, which she hates but which drives me absolutely wild. She’s not petite, by which I mean she’s not as thin as a post, but she’s not horribly big either; she’s the perfect size to fit in my arms.She arrives today. I’m so excited, and I have everything prepared. She knows that her pet’s a kinky fuck, but has no idea what I’ve got in store for her. I’ve been cooking all day and my apartment smells exquisite. I have candles set up all over the place and before long they’ll be casting their soft glow over every inch of space. On the table is a bouquet of long-stemmed roses, there’s also a bouquet in my car for when I pick her up.As soon as I pick her up, I’m going to bring her back here, take her bags into the bedroom and tell her to go into the bathroom, where I’ve drawn a bath for her. It’s a very girly bath, full of bath salts and nice smelling things, and floating on top is a sprinkling of rose petals. After she gets out of the bath, we eat. Once we’re through with dinner, I take her hand and lead her to the bedroom, which is lit with candles. Slowly I strip her down to nothing and lay her down on her stomach. I straddle her butt and begin massaging her slowly, occasionally drizzling massage oil onto her back and butt. Now I get rebellious…Mistress doesn’t like me touching her without permission, but she’s so sexy that I can’t help it. My hands wander up her leg and caress her virgin folds. She moans softly and I lean down and nip at her earlobe. Quickly she pushes me onto my back and ties my hands to my headboard. She asks if she gave permission to touch her that way. I grin defiantly and say no. She walks over to her bags and goes through them quickly, pulling out bits of clothing.”Close your eyes pet. No peeking.””Yes mistress,” I mutter, and shut my eyes. A few seconds go by and I hear cloth rustling, she’s getting dressed…”You may open your eyes now pet. Look at your mistress, see how she’s dressed for you.”I open my eyes and my jaw drops to my chest. She’s put on a pair of thigh high black nylons. You see, I have this fetish, not so much a pantyhose thing as it is a sock fetish…My mistress attends catholic school and the long socks are part of the uniform. God how many times have I stroked myself, thinking about her in just her socks and skirt, riding my throbbing cock? She walks seductively over to the bed and straddles my hips, and runs her hands up her stomach. She moans softly as she cups her breasts, teasing her nipples lightly.”You’ve been very bad pet, touching your mistress without permission,” she says as she runs one hand down her stomach and traces the outline of her pussy with one finger. “I’m sorry mistress…” I am, but she doesn’t believe that I really am a good pet.”No, you’re not, pet; I can hear it in your voice. But you will be when I’m done with you.”Slowly she teases me by touching herself. With one hand she pinches her nipples gently, twisting now and then. The other rests lightly between her thighs, fingering herself with first one, then two fingers. She moans softly as she curls them into her g-spot and she gives up on her nipples, sliding her free hand down to massage her clit. I can feel her muscles thrumming as she comes closer and closer to orgasm. She tosses her head and moans loudly, rubbing furiously at her clit. Finally, she comes, covering me with her sweet nectar. She pants and leans back against my knees.”Mmm…That felt so good pet…Pity you’re disobedient and couldn’t participate…”I stare greedily at her soaked cunt, still throbbing from the orgasm she just gave herself. She holds the fingers that she had been fucking herself with near my face.”See how wet your mistress’ cunt is? You should have felt how tightly it was gripping my fingers, pet.””May I taste you mistress?” I ask. She holds her fingers up to my lips and I suck on the gently, wrapping my tongue around them, trying to get every last drop of her sweetness off of them. Reaching up, she unties me.”Do you want to eat me pet?” I nod, of course I do. “Off the bed…Now.”I slide off my bed and kneel in front of her.”No, no pet. I want you naked first. Strip for your mistress.”Slowly I strip off everything I’m wearing. She watches, eyes surveying me hungrily. I kneel before her again as she scoots to the edge of the bed. I gently put my hands on her knees and spread her legs wide. “Now pet…Pleasure your mistress.”She twines her fingers in my hair as I bury my face in her pussy. She moans loudly as I slip my tongue deep into her. My hand creeps up her thigh and my fingers find her clit.”Oh God that’s good pet…” She mumbles as I rub her clit hard. She’s close to coming again, I can feel it. Her muscles are tightening and she’s panting for air. I flick my tongue against her g-spot gently as her cunt tightens around my tongue.”Oh fuck pet…I’m coming….” She screams and pushes my face deeper into her throbbing pussy, drenching me with her come. I lap greedily at her sweet nectar, sucking up as much as I can. Mistress collapses back and I crawl onto the bed beside her and curl up. She strokes my hair as I nuzzle her neck. “Mm…Good pet,” she says sleepily. She looks at me, surveying my body, and her eyes come to rest on my throbbing cock. “Oh dear pet…I’ve been a horrible mistress, haven’t I? I’ve been getting all the pleasure and ignoring my poor horny pet…” She reaches down and strokes my cock slowly, making me moan. “What shall we do about this problem of yours, pet?””You could let your pet fuck you, mistress,” I reply, not really hoping for it, she’d already come twice and I don’t think she was up for passing out tonight.”Mm…How does my pet want me?” She smiles and keeps stroking my cock.I groan softly. “How does my mistress want it?”She thinks about it and grins playfully. She grabs my hand and drags me into the bathroom and turns on the shower. “How about in there?”We wait for the water to warm up and I start nibbling and caressing her, teasing her nipples and clit, making her moan softly. We drag each other into the shower, touching and teasing and nibbling each other. I push her up against the wall and grind my cock gently against her clit. She takes my cock in her hands and guides it into her throbbing wet hole. Slowly she lowers herself onto me. I grab onto her ass as she wraps her legs around me and start fucking her slowly. I turn us around and lean back against the wall, letting the water hit her back. She moans low in her throat as I fuck her harder and faster, arching my cock into her g-spot hard. Deeper and deeper I thrust into her wet cunt, impaling her on it, grinding my hips against her clit. She moans that she’s going to come again as I’m nearing orgasm myself. I shove her against the wall and fuck her hard and fast as she screams and drags her nails down my back. We come together and collapse into the running water, panting. Slowly we gather each other up and clean each other off. After our shower we towel off and drag our asses back to bed where we fall asleep cuddled together, mistress and pet, sharing warmth and closeness.

She walked in the door, glad to be home. It hadn’t been a miserable day at work, just a long one. Still, she decided she was in a pretty good mood as she hung her coat and walked a little further into the house. “Hey, babe?” She called questioningly.

He jumped out from behind the closet door, pinning her chest against the wall, hands on the wall just a bit above her head. It was a bit rough, but not too much – maybe a slight sting, not pain. The man smirked a bit, kissing her neck gently at first. “How was your day, hon?”

“Alright,” she muttered as his kisses sped up, heated up. “Glad to see me?”

“Yeah, of course,” he said before biting her shoulder gently through the blouse. His hands released her to slowly trail down her sides, her curves, and eventually meet just below her waist. He began working on the button and zipper, slowly pulling her pants down as he kissed the nape of her neck. Already she was wet, almost soaking. “Still in there?”

“Naturally,” she answered. “I didn’t touch all day, I promise.”

“Mmm,” he murmured as he finally got her pants off and she stepped out of them. “Good girl.” He kissed the back of her head as his hands slid back up her legs, feeling them until he reached her underwear and started pulling that down too. “Going to behave tonight?” He asked, his voice taking a tinge of dominance.

“Of course… master,” she said after a pause. As her panties passed her knees, she started reaching back towards his pants, wanting to feel him. He stopped pulling down her panties, stopping quickly to pin her arms – firmly, not harshly – against the wall. “Talon…” she groaned.

“Mmm, not yet, my pet. You said you’d behave.” He finished getting her panties out of the way, leaving her naked from the waist down and with her ass fully revealed to him. He slipped his hands between her thighs, running a finger up and down her slit and feeling the end of the dildo sticking out a bit. “So how did it feel?”

“Oh, god,” she answered. “I felt full all day. All I had to do was walk a certain way and it’d shift a bit…”

He grinned as he took the end in his hand and started pulling, slowly. She gasped as it began to exit her, as he kept going slowly, too slowly for her taste. His mouth returned to her neck, breathing over it and kissing it hotly, while his other hand rested on her side. “Master, please, don’t go so slow… please…”

The man smirked, biting her ear gently and tugging on it before nodding. “Alright, my pet…” and he pulled a bit faster. Still, he made sure she felt each inch come out of her as she was slowly emptied. His free hand moved to her blouse, deftly undoing the buttons – he had had lots of practice, after all. She groaned as the last bit was taken out and tossed aside, just as he got the last button of her blouse undone. “Thank you, master,” she whispered. The empty feeling was nice after a whole day with it up there… though she was sure it wouldn’t last for long. Not that she was complaining. “You…?”

“Not yet,” he answered her with a grin, tossing her blouse aside and quickly getting rid of her bra as well. She had been home for less than twenty minutes, she was ass-naked – literally – and he was still fully clothed. It was torture, and they both knew it. But it was the good kind. “Put your hands on the wall and spread your legs a bit.” He ordered her as he took a step back to give her room. She complied, missing his touch or not. The man took a vibrator from his pocket – four inches, just to begin – and turned it on low. She closed her eyes at the sound, knowing what was next. He rubbed up and down her slit, once, twice, three times, just to get the moisture, then lubed it up with some from his pocket. “A little further,” he muttered, and she spread herself a couple more inches, revealing whichever hole he wanted. He grinned as he slowly pushed it into her ass, partially to make her feel it, partially not to hurt her. She moaned as the last inch made its way in, although she had been expecting more. “Is that all?” She asked, almost disappointed.

Quickly he grabbed her sides and pushed himself into her back, not painfully, but to make her feel the bulge in his pants. “What was that, pet?” He asked with dominance. “Are you behaving?”

“Yes master, I’m sorry master,” she answered quickly. “I’ll behave. Please, more?”

“Good girl,” he muttered, backing off again and turning the vibrator up a setting, eliciting another moan from her. His left hand traced up her side again, gently running over her breast as he finally turned it to the highest setting before removing it slowly. She held back her whimper as he pulled out another vibrator, eight inches this time, and lubed it up. “Just one more, my pet. Just one more.”

“Thank you mas- ooh fuck,” she moaned, cut off, as he shoved the eight incher in, getting the first four in one thrust. The last half went in on the second thrust, leaving her gasping for air.

He smirked, “it’s not even on yet.” His hands traced up his wife’s sides again, and he leaned in and kissed her shoulder sweetly – a brief moment of love, just because, well, he hadn’t shown her any since she had gotten home. He leaned in to her ear and kissed it softly before backing off again, taking his role back – and turning the vibrator straight to the highest. She moaned, loud, not suspecting that… not even close to suspecting that.

“Oh fuck master, that feels so good…” His smirk returned as he took the last bit sticking out of her ass and began pulling and pushing the vibe in and out of her, giving and taking about three of the eight inches. “Oh, thank you master…” she moaned again, her legs spreading a little bit more without her even meaning to, her breathing becoming ragged. “Please, master, please let me feel you?” He smiled and kissed her between her shoulder blades.

“Alright, pet. Turn around, on your knees.” She waited for a moment, expecting him to remove the vibe, but he left it in. “Pet?” He asked a bit sharply, dominantly, and she complied, looking at him quizzically. The act of kneeling shifted the vibe, and her eyes closed in pleasure as she gasped on the way down. The man smirked, quickly undoing his pants and boxers, leaving his shirt on and leaving her eye-to-eye with his mongrel. She looked up at him questioningly, and he nodded.

“Yes, master…” she murmured, leaning forward to take him into her mouth, first half, then licking her way back up his shaft until it was just the head, then engulfing the whole thing. The entire time the vibrator buzzed away happily in her ass, giving her shocks and tingles, making her moan around his dick more than once as she moved back to the head, focusing on that spot just under the tip. She loved his reaction to that, and they both knew it as he groaned, his hands resting on her shoulders, his body shivering a bit as she licked faster at that one spot, not sure if she should make him cum, but knowing she loved to swallow.

“Alright pet, that’s enough,” he murmured, gently pushing her off of himself. She sighed, but nodded, looking up and wondering what would come next. “Turn around,” he ordered, grabbing a pillow from the couch and setting it in front of her. “Bend over.”

“Yes, master,” she murmured, getting on her hands and knees in front of him, presenting her ass even more than it had been before.

“Hands behind your back,” was the next order. An odd one, but she complied, now seeing the reason for the pillow as she rested her head on it. He grabbed the handcuffs – odd she hadn’t noticed them – and cuffed her wrists together behind her back, leaving her not only exposed but helpless. Finally he removed the vibe, leaving her moaning as each inch slowly came out before he turned it off and set it aside. “Are you ready, my pet?” He asked, finally tossing off his shirt.

“Yes, master… please master… please give it to me…” She begged, not only for his sake, but her own. She was built up from all that, built up from having the dildo in her all day, ready to cum, and for him to cum. “Please…”

He nodded, lubing himself quickly before placing his hands on her hips and pressing himself into her ass, letting her take the first two inches slowly and nicely. “Mmm, that feels goo-” she began to thank him as he pushed the last few in all in one thrust, making her groan again. “Fuck master, please, please fuck me” she begged quickly, needing him even more. He grinned and pulled out before thrusting again, making her take it all at once. “Oh god…” she groaned as he began to speed up, his own breathing quickly ragged – after all, messing with her that long had made him plenty built up himself. “Yes master, please, yes…” her words became incoherent, a mix of groans, moans and “oh fuck YES” as he sped up, eventually reaching their maximum hard and fast. He began moaning, pulling on her hips and pressing himself further into her ass. A few thrusts later and she was screaming some wordless scream as she came, her whole body shaking with the feeling. He had thought he had been going as fast as possible, but her scream gave him a last burst of energy, his hands tightening on her hips, a half dozen thrusts even faster – prolonging her orgasm as it built up his own to…

He groaned, let out a “fuck, YES” and released himself in his wife’s ass, continuing to thrust as he came… and came… and came, leaving her ass plenty full. The man groaned once more, one last thrust releasing what little was left of him, before relaxing his body. He released her hips, letting his hands rest on her gently.

“God, Steve, that was amazing,” she said, laughing.

He nodded. “Yeah, me too.” His body slouched a bit, all the tension released. He slowly pulled it out, though they both sighed as he did, his dick quickly softening. He grabbed the key and uncuffed his wife, helping her stand and gently rubbing her wrists to release the tension. He laughed and looked at the door – they hadn’t moved three feet away from it since she got home. He kissed her softly and she returned it. “Feel better?”

“Mmm, yeah.” She laughed. “Might be a bit sore back there for a day or two though.”

He smirked and responded, before kissing her again, “No problem. We’ve got two others to play with.”

“Tell me a fantasy,” he said. He saw a shy look cross her face. She always seemed to have trouble with this question, even though her fantasies were no weirder than his.”This one’s a little strange,” she began.”Feh. Personally, I only think about Ozzie and Harriet, Norman Rockwell, and Alice in Wonderland.”Beast! Don’t tease me, or I won’t tell you anything.””I’ll be good. Here, let me snuggle up and hold you while you tell me.” He did as he suggested, and she snuggled into his embrace.She took a deep breath. “Okay, well, this one’s about the Wolf. I think I told you once that I had vampire fantasies.”He nodded encouragingly, although he was somewhat confused by the sudden juxtaposition of the Wolf with vampires.”That probably didn’t mean what you thought it did. I mean, I love vampire novels, and I love to bite and be bitten while making love, but I don’t actually have sexual fantasies about vampires — that’s just a sort of facetious way of telling new lovers that I’d like them to bite me. So, I’m sort of surprised at the turn things have taken.” She sighed and seemed at a loss as to how to continue.He caressed her shoulder and spoke very gently. “Tell me the rest.””Well, you know that we’ve been talking a lot about trust and a little bit about submission.”He nodded.”Um, and in the last couple of weeks, I’ve had this fantasy of giving myself to the Wolf, of having you let the Wolf out and of having him bite me for real.””For real?””Yes.” She was only whispering now. “I dream of having you rip my throat open with your teeth and taste my blood, as if I were the Wolf’s prey.” She looked down, embarrassed.”Honey.” She looked up. “It’s okay. I have weird fantasies, too. I don’t mind this one; I even sort of like it.””You don’t understand.” She was still whispering.”What don’t I understand?””You know how there are the it-gets-me-hot-to-think-about-it-but-I’d-never-really-want-to-do-it sorts of fantasies, and then there are the kind you really want to do?””Of course.”She gulped. “This is one that I really want to do.”He was still for a moment, and she looked at him anxiously.”Um, is everything okay?” she asked.He hugged her tightly. “Everything’s fine. I was just wandering around internally, assessing my reaction.””Oh. And?””Well, I’m petrified, but the Wolf is practically slavering at the very thought.”She grinned at the image. “That’s okay, love — I never thought that you would want to do it.”You don’t get out of it that easily.””Huh?””I didn’t say I didn’t want to do it; I just said I was petrified. I was petrified at my first flogging, but I did it anyway.””Oh.” She gulped. “Uh, so when would you like to do this?””Right now.”He shifted something around internally, and the Wolf came forth. Although his features were still the same, he was wearing them differently, so he looked different. She had told him that this was so, so he tried it once in front of a mirror. His face was sterner somehow as the Wolf, more feral. The gentle kindly man she’d been talking to was still present, but he was now secondary; the Wolf was primary.She was clearly aware that the change had taken place, because she laid down on the bed, arched her head back, and presented her throat to him. Her trust excited him, and he moved swiftly towards her. “You’re sure?” he growled.Her voice was breathy but firm. “Quite sure.”He bent his head to her neck and bit her, gently at first, letting her excitement build before he went further. She gasped at the first bite, seemingly somewhat surprised that reality was catching up with her fantasy.He bit her harder, though still not breaking the skin, taking a series of hard, sucking bites from earlobe to collarbone. Since she was always an easy bruiser, the purple came up almost at once. She moaned at every bite and arched her head even further back.He continued biting her, a little harder each time, until she began thrusting with her hips, fucking the air.He sank his teeth into her neck, as hard as he could. Human teeth were not built for a wolf’s job, so once he had bitten down, he jerked his head sharply to one side. The flesh of her throat ripped open and began to bleed. She yelped but did not draw away.He lapped delicately at the blood that ran from the wound. When the area around it was clean, he fastened his mouth to her neck and sucked. He drank briefly, then raised his head and bared his teeth at her, so that she could see her blood in his mouth. She shivered. “Do you like it?” she asked.A wolfish smile was the only answer he could give her — the words had gone away.He lowered his mouth to her throat again and sucked in another mouthful of rich red blood. She moaned. He could see her carotid artery, pulsing scarcely an inch away from the gash in her neck. “I could have killed her, had I so desired,” he thought, and again her trust filled him with emotion. In his other self, trust sometimes made him feel humble, but the Wolf felt bold, excited, and lustful. He fastened his mouth to the spot directly over her body’s most important artery and bit, very gently. She did not flinch, but she did open her eyes and look at him. “You can’t frighten me like that.”A wild emotion seized him, and he pushed her head to the other side, exposing the side of her neck that was as yet unmarked. “Do it!” she whispered. Her encouragement was a rush, and he lowered his mouth to her neck, chose a safe spot, and again ripped her open with his teeth. It wasn’t enough; he wanted more. He sank his teeth into the wound in her neck and bit her hard, making the wound deeper and wider. The sight of her beneath him, bleeding from two wounds that he had made, yet still with her head thrown back, still offering him her throat, affected him like a drug. He fastened his mouth to the wound, sucking and biting, filling his mouth with her life’s blood, filling his heart with her heart’s blood.He became too excited to trust himself with her throat, so he moved on to something where wild aggressive motions couldn’t hurt her. He thrust his cock into her. That she was as wet as he’d ever seen her only inflamed him further. She hadn’t been lying when she said she wanted him to take her throat. This fresh evidence of her trust in him and her desire for him made him even more excited, and he began thrusting hard. She came after just a few moments, and this brought him to the edge of orgasm himself. He sank his teeth into her neck again, and still thrusting, came, screaming his pleasure into her throat.They rested in each other’s arms briefly, then he got up and came back to the bed with a bottle of alcohol. She winced when she saw it, and he said, “Human bites infect easily.””I was bitten by a Wolf.””With human teeth, love, and human germs.””And a human heart.

Anger Undeserved
He came home from work, slamming the door hard and throwing his coat and bag on the ground, his eyes alight with anger as he saw me, kneeling and naked in the middle of the living room, just like he had asked of me. I was sitting back on my heels lightly, a blindfold on, and my hands were crossed in front of me.I heard him come in and jumped, the door scaring me. Suddenly, he had me around the throat, up against the wall. I was gasping for breath, terrified for just a few seconds, my air supply completely cut off.”You need to be severely punished, bitch,” he said, spitting in my face.I started to tremble, my body pumping with adrenaline as he let me go. Sir had never treated me like this before- what had I done wrong?I heard Sir going through the drawer with all of our toys in it- the toys he used on me- and then he grabbed me roughly, twisting his fingers into my hair and dragging me onto the bedroom. He gruffly handcuffed my arms to the bed, spreading them to opposite corners.”Get that ass up, you whore- NOW,” he said demandingly, and I quickly brought my hips up, sticking my ass into the air as far as I could. Before I could even think, I felt the sharp sting of the flog right across my ass. I cried out, surprised at how hard he was going already, but he continued relentlessly, flogging me all over my ass and the back of my thighs, then up my back.Surely he was breaking my skin- my whole body was burning, hurting, aching, and there was no relief. Sir had never treated me like this- I sobbed, crying and screaming into the pillow as I tried to think back, wondering what I could possibly have done to make him hate me like this.I thought about using my safe word, but decided that maybe I could make him happy by not using it and dealing with the punishment I deserved.He flogged me for a solid ten minutes; then it stopped, and all I could hear was his heavy breathing. Sir almost never got this emotional when he was flogging me- it was at that moment that I actually got scared. My body was shaking, my back and ass and legs burning as I cried hysterically into the pillow, trying to keep my cries from being too loud- Sir would only be angrier if I started screaming and crying from the pain. If I had been able to talk, I would’ve begged him to stop- but my voice was completely raw from screaming, and I couldn’t utter more than sounds and grunts.Suddenly I felt the bed shift; I still had my blindfold on, so I could not see what Sir was doing. I found out quick enough.Sir grabbed my hair painfully tight, twisting his fingers into it, and then he unceremoniously shoved his cock all the way into my mouth, making me gag and shudder. He facefucked me until he came hard, as tears streamed down my face and I gagged again and again. He pulled out as he shot his load, cumming all over my face, and I cried harder at this. I had been so good for the flogging and the facefucking, and he hadn’t even let me taste him!He ripped the blindfold off, and slapped me hard, his cum smeared all over my face, letting out a low growl.”Shut the fuck up, slut, and stop crying,” he said menacingly. Then he got off the bed, and I didn’t hear him anymore.The lights went off, and the door closed, leaving me alone in the dark. I cried and cried, staying in the same position Sir had left me in.What seemed like hours later, as I drifted in and out of a restless weariness, my world was lit up. I was only half conscious, my body shivering and spasming as I cried dry tears, my body heaving from sobs. I felt hands on my back and I screamed again; the hands disappeared. The handcuffs were undone, and I felt a hand moving softly down my arm, a voice murmuring something that I couldn’t understand.I only closed my eyes tightly, curling up on myself as fresh tears started. My whole body ached- my arms and shoulders were on fire, and I could feel my back, butt, and thighs oozing blood. I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to look at whoever was in the room, and then I felt Sir’s fingers, just two of them, travel down my cheek.I would like to believe that I did this because of what I had just gone through, but whatever the reason, I flinched, turning my face away from his fingers, and continued to sob into the comforter. My body shaking as the sobs overtook my whole being.I hated him!Then I opened my eyes, wanting to throw myself at him and rip his hair, claw his face, ANYTHING to show him just a fraction of what he’d just put me through, but when I looked at him, he had tears streaking down his face. He sat on the bed, leaning toward me, and when he saw the intense glare I gave him, he closed his eyes, covering his face with his hands. He sunk off the bed, and from the looks of it, got down on his knees, ducking his head, but I was too tired to lean over and look at him.Let him suffer, I thought. He’d left me here to suffer, alone, so now he could. I drifted off into a restless sleep, woken intermittently by the soft sounds of crying coming from over the side of the bed.Sunlight streamed into the room as I opened my eyes, groaning loudly.What had HAPPENED to me last night? I tried to think back, closing my eyes tightly, and then it all came flooding back, and I let out a sob. I moved my hand to cover my mouth, and an intense pain shot through my body, starting at my shoulder; so intense, that I let out a loud yell, freezing all movement as my chest heaved.I looked around frantically, trying to figure out what to do next.Then, suddenly, I heard something stir where I couldn’t see below the edge of the bed. I saw Sir’s face, exhausted from lack of sleep, his eyes finding mine. I tried to summon some of the hate I had felt for him last night, but I couldn’t, and my lower lip trembled. He watched me for a second, his eyes full of pain.”Sir… what did I do?” My eyes filled with tears as I asked the question that had been haunting me all night, and Sir’s face broke down again, tears falling fast and hard as he continued to watch me. My throat burned from talking, and I swallowed hard, wincing as my throat burned all the way down.”NO,” he said forcefully, still kneeling on the ground. “You did nothing wrong- do you understand me? This was NOT YOUR FAULT.” His eyes were burning holes into me, and I shrank back against the bed, dropping my eyes to the comforterMy eyes were drawn to his face, again, and surely confusion was very plain on my face as I tried to comprehend what he was saying.”Then…” I coughed, wincing as my throat burned and my entire body lit up in flames, again. I whimpered, trying to clamp my lips together. I could see Sir reach out for me with both hands, his face falling into misery again, but he drew them back almost as quickly. He took a deep shuddering breath, obviously ready to explain.”I… It’s not a good excuse, by any means,” he said, shaking his head. “Would you like me to explain first or get you cleaned up first?” My eyes started to tear up again at the thought of anything touching my body, and I shook my head, hard, hurting my upper back with the sharp movements.”Okay- please, honey, try not to move… you’re re-opening all the…” He faltered for a second. “all the slices on your back every time you do,” he finished, running a hand through his hair as he looked down at the bed. “You want me to explain first?””Yes,” I croaked, and he jumped up quickly, looking at me pleadingly. “How about some water? Can I at least get you something to drink?” I murmured my consent, watching his back as he disappeared out the bedroom door.He was back in less than two minutes, two big glasses of water in his hands. He set one down on the bedside table, and the other he held in his right hand.Out of his pocket he pulled a long bendy thing, which, I realized as he stuck it in the glass of water, was a long straw. He brought the straw to my lips, and I sucked slowly, the water permeating into my mouth and soothing my raw throat. I closed my eyes, letting out a small sigh of content. I sucked greedily from the straw, wanting the whole glass, but Sir took the glass away, smiling just a little at me, his eyes still dull.”Don’t drink it all at once, hun- you’ll get a stomach ache. I’ll give you some more in a few minutes,” he said softly, and my stomach twisted at how gently he was speaking to me. He was using a soft tone, keeping his eyes downcast and his face relaxed, like he was trying not to scare me or something.”So, at work yesterday, I was fired- the frustrating thing was, that I was set up. A couple of my co-workers wanted me gone, so they set up all this stuff so that my boss would come in and see a file on my desk that was not supposed to be there. They planted the file, and my boss saw it, called me into his office, and instantly fired me. Didn’t ask for an explanation or anything- just a ‘Goodbye, have a nice life,” Sir said, his teeth clenching and his hands tightening into fists. I decided to say something, before he got angry again.”Sir, please don’t let this story anger you again,” I said pleadingly, a shiver running down my spine as I closed my eyes. “I will not be able to take anything more- you will surely kill me if you lose control again, Sir.” I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to see the pain on his face as he realized that I was right.I felt his fingers on my cheek, and this time, while I flinched, I did not shy away. Sir needed me, and no matter how my body reacted, I was going to be there for him.”I am so sorry, baby,” he whispered, and I shook my head.”Sir, I understand that it was not truly YOU who did this to me. Please, continue with your story,” I said, still with my eyes closed. He took a deep breath and continued.”Ah, yes, well, I left the office as calmly as possible, but of course I was mad. When I got out to my car, they had keyed it- there are marks running up and down the sides of it. At the time, it had only heightened my anger,” he said, and I opened my eyes, seeing him shaking his head. “Now I see that I shouldn’t have let it get to me, but then, I was more mad that they had the nerve to do it, not that they had done it.””Well, they were all standing around one of their cars, so I put my things from my office in my car and then I headed towards them,” he said, pausing now. I watched his face intently, and it was then that I realized he had a black eye forming, and there were a few small cuts on his face.”I lost control, Fallon…” He said, slowly losing it again, bringing his hand up to run through his hair. “I completely lost control, and I started a fight. There were five of them. I held them off pretty well for awhile, but in the end I had to split- there were too many of them, and I was losing the fight pretty badly. I ran to my car, and I made a beeline for home.”His eyes flashed to my face, anger melting into sadness again as his eyes roamed over my bruised and bloody body.”I was, and still am, angry with myself- for running away from them. That went against every dominant thread in my body. It was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. I don’t know why I did it, and I don’t want to know. All I care about right now is YOU. Because you need care- very badly. I will call someone, if that is what you want. I can have that friend of yours come, or my sister would gladly come right now, I am sure of it,” he proposed, his voice heavy and quiet. I watched him, confusion again evident on my face.”Sir… I would like to have your sister’s help, if you cannot,” I said, trying to keep my voice even as I thought of him leaving me. He looked at me, surprised, and then he leaned down, looking right in my eyes as he held my face with both hands.”No, no, that’s not why I was offering at all. I ALWAYS have time for you, my precious beautiful jewel. I just…” He trailed off, and a tiny bit of fear flickered in his eyes before dying away. “I was simply offering you another person, in case you did not want me to touch you. In case you were scared of me.”I just stared at him, my face going blank with shock.”S…S… Sir, I do not… I am not,” I was speechless, trying to put into words what I was feeling.”Shhhh, it’s alright- do you really want me to help you?” He looked almost not sad anymore, and despite everything, that brought joy to my heart.”Of course I do, Sir. How could I ever want anyone else to?” I gave him a tiny little smile, and he just looked at me; now it was his turn to be shocked.”Fallon…””Yes, Sir?””You really are the most beautiful and wonderful woman I have ever met. You are showing me that in new ways every single day,” he said, his face going from shock to awe and adoration, and I blushed deeply, looking away from him.”Sir, everyone deserves forgiveness. Tempers are very hard to keep,” I said, my eyes on the comforter.We were quiet for a few moments, and then he leaned closer, clearly intending to kiss me, but completely unsure about it.”Please, Sir, I want you to kiss me- I just can’t move my head to meet you,” I said finally, exasperated that he had sat there so long, so close to my lips. “Kiss me, Liam, please.” I whispered his name, and he leaned forward, pressing his lips gently to mine as we both let out a small sigh of relief.”Now, how are we going to go about this,” Sir said, his eyes darting over my body.”Well, Sir-” He stopped me with another kiss.”Please, just call me Liam right now, Fallon. I can’t bear to hear you call me Sir after what I’ve done to you,” he said, keeping his eyes averted. I sighed, unsure of what to say, and then I continued.”Okay, Liam,” I said softly, his name sounding slightly odd coming out of my mouth. “My backside is probably the worst, and it’s making a mess all over your bedding, so maybe you could wipe it down? I’m not sure- you could just put me in the tub, but I will dirty the water an awful lot right now. I don’t think I can stand- a shower would be the best way.” I ramble on, nervous now for the pain that was coming.”Hey, hey, baby- relax,” Liam says, his eyes connecting to mine and instantly calming me. I take a few deep breaths, closing my eyes, and I lean my cheek against the comforter, trying to relax my body.”Sorry… I am just afraid,” I say, trembling a little bit. Liam brought a hand up to my cheek, rubbing gently with the back of his fingers. This time, I don’t flinch at all, and I even press up a little, enjoying the feeling of comfort I got from his touch, now knowing what I knew about yesterday.”Don’t be afraid- I will NOT hurt you anymore than is absolutely necessary, I promise,” he said, looking right into my eyes as he said it, just like before, and I nodded my head.”Yes I know,” I said, giving him a small smile. He sort of smiled back at me, and then he moved, getting up off the bed.”I’m going to get some water and a washcloth- then we can wash your face and clean up your back a little,” he said, and it dawned on me that I still had his cum all over my face- now that I thought about it, I could feel it, dried and crackling, on my skin and in my hair.A few minutes later he was back, washcloth in hand, and a big basin of slightly steaming water. He set down the basin on the bedside table, drawing it farther down the side of the bed, closer to where I was curled up, and dipped the washcloth in, turning to look at me.”Let’s start with your face, okay?” He gently cupped my face in his palm, turning it as he wiped me down. He dipped the washcloth again and again, starting down my neck, and then onto my shoulders. He was careful to stay on the front side of me, not letting the washcloth get too close to my raw and red back, and for that I was grateful. I wasn’t ready for him to wipe down my back yet- that was going to hurt.”Can I put your hair up, hun? It’ll make doing your back easier- it will probably feel better, too,” he said, his eyes on my face, gauging my reaction.I knew then that I was going to have to deal with getting my back wiped down- and it needed to happen sooner rather than later.”Yes, Liam- that would probably be best,” I said, and he disappeared for a second, coming back with a ponytail. He proceeded to put my hair up in a high, messy bun that got it all off my neck and face.”Okay, baby, you’ve gotta lay out on your stomach,” he said softly. “I promise, it won’t hurt as badly as you think it will.” He kissed my ear softly, keeping his hands off me- he was letting me go at my own pace.I took a deep breath, and as I let it out slowly, I roll up onto my knees, my face against the comforter. I heard Liam let out a small stream of cuss words, and I glanced over at him, confused.”Please, just keep going,” he said, standing up and turning his back, one of his hands supporting his forehead.”Liam, what is the problem?” I stopped, confused. Then I realized that the position I was in is the same as last night- my breathing hitched, and my legs really started to shake. “Please, I need you over here right now,” I said, my legs trembling as I started to try and ease myself down onto my stomach. He quickly turned around, his eyes flashing to my face, and he came right back over, supporting me underneath my stomach, helping me lower myself slowly.When I finally laid flat on the bed, I just stayed there for a second, my eyes closed, my chest (and back) heaving. That was painful, I thought, though not as painful as I had thought it would be. Liam had been right…”Fallon? Are you alright?” Liam’s soft voice came from my left, so I opened my eyes, searching for his face. After a few seconds I focused on him, and smiled up at him, trying not to let him see the pain.”I am, Liam, I am. Feel free to get started whenever you are ready,” I said, and he turned, dipping the rag into the water. The rag was dripping wet, and instead of touching me with it, he just rang it out over my back, splashing my back with lukewarm water. I arched against the water, hissing between my teeth as the drops hit my back.”Does that hurt?” When I didn’t immediately answer him, he asked again. “Fallon? Are you alright?””Y-yes, I’m okay, keep going,” I said, closing my eyes and trying to relax.He did that a few more times, wetting all the dried blood, and making sure scabs were doing okay, and that none of the cuts were too deep or infected. Finally he was satisfied and he gently lowered the cloth onto my back. I bit my lip hard, not wanting to risk screaming, and then he slowly drew the rag down the middle of my back, getting off most of the blood. I squeeze my eyes shut tight, but the tears came anyways, so I turn my head the other way, facing away from him. I don’t want to be seen crying again, and I think he even understood. He gently petted my head as he continued, telling me how wonderful I was and what a good girl I was being.When he finally finish, I was crying steadily, tears streaming down my face as I cover my mouth with my hand. I wasn’t sobbing- the tears were silent for the most part. I knew he was talking to me; I could hear the soothing tones in my ear, but I have no recollection of what was said. My mind was floating, nothing touching me- my vision was blurry and my body completely limp.I felt myself move, the pain dimly lighting up in the back of my head, but I just ignore it, focusing on the soft murmuring of his voice as I hung limply in his arms.When I woke up, I was laying on my stomach, warmth all around me; I didn’t want to open my eyes, for fear that the pain would return if I did.”Good morning, beautiful,” I heard Liam’s voice, soft and luxurious in my ear as his lips brush against it. I slowly opened my eyes, resenting my body for giving me away, but then I realized that nothing hurt anymore. At least, not in the way it had yesterday.”Liam… what happened? Did I pass out?” I leaned my head up, realizing with a smile that I was laying on his chest, both of us laying in bed. He smiled at me, his eyes STILL dull and un-sparkling.”Yes, you did. You have been asleep, or in a COMMA or something, since like eleven o’clock yesterday. Almost twenty four hours, baby. I was worried,” he said, and I stretched my neck a little to kiss him softly.”What else did you do to me after I passed out? I feel wonderful,” I said, and he smiled again.”Did you feel me carry you to the bath? I thought you might still be awake then, but definitely almost gone. I tried to talk to you, but I didn’t want to touch you too much. I wasn’t sure where you still hurt,” he said, his eyes on my face. “I put you in the tub and that’s when you really passed out, so I figured I could really scrub you down good. You are very clean now, trust me- all those cuts on your back should heal well. I washed your hair too- I used the strawberry one that smells so good,” he said with a half smile. “I know how much you love the way that one smells.””Thank you, Sir,” I mumbled with a smile. He watched me for a second, almost saying something, and then he stopped with a sigh.”Then I rubbed you down with some disinfectant cream- that was when I was afraid you’d wake up. That stuff burns like hell, but you didn’t wake up; I was relieved. I really started to worry when seven and eight o’clock rolled around, and you still hadn’t woken up… I moved you around a few times- didn’t want you to be too stiff or sore this morning. Just moved you like 2 hours ago, so that’s probably why you feel so good,” Liam said, telling me everything.I decided to try sitting up, so I went very slowly, inching my elbows up closer and closer to his ears. Liam noticed what I was doing.”Wait, baby, hold on,” he said, and his hands went to right below my shoulders. He put his hands flat against my chest, pushing me up very slowly. “Does bending your back like that hurt?” He held my gaze, obviously concerned, but I shook my head.”No, not at all,” I said with a smile, and he smiled back, this time his smile ALMOST reaching his eyes.Finally I had my elbows all the way underneath my shoulders, my hands near his ears, and Liam let me go, his hands running under my arms and down my sides. I sighed, content to be laying here with him like this.He looked up at me, watching the emotions as they dance across my face- he was always so good at reading my moods and my body language. Then he got a clouded look in his eyes, and I sighed again, for a completely different reason.”Baby?” He looked up at me, his gaze soft and almost scared as he made eye contact with me. “How? How do you do this? I just about killed you yesterday, and yet you can lay here with me like nothing happened and this is just another morning.” He watched me as I processed what he was asking, my mind turning it over as I came up with a good answer- how did I EXPLAIN my submissiveness to him?”You know, if you had asked me that yesterday, I would have walked out on you. I probably wouldn’t have even given you an answer at all. But now… I don’t know, honestly,” I said, shaking my head. “Most girls, well, their normal reaction to that would have been walking out. That is what anyone would have done… who didn’t love you the way I love you. Liam, I understand what happened, I see it was a complete accident, and I forgive you. It’s okay that you lost your temper. Yes, maybe you didn’t handle it in the best way, but now we both have seen the signs. I will stop you if that ever happens again. I should’ve stopped you when I heard you hitting me… you were breathing heavy, which isn’t normal. And that was the point at which I was scared for my life. I should’ve used my safe word then and begged you to stop. Maybe it wouldn’t have helped- or maybe that would’ve been the thing that flipped the switch for you, from anger to sadness; who knows…” I shrug slightly, shaking my head to show him that it didn’t really matter. He just watched me, speechless, his eyes glued to my face.I held his head with my hands, my elbows braced on either side of him as I leaned down, pressing my lips to his in a sweet, soft kiss that left my entire body tingling.”Just let it go, Liam,” I whisper, my lips teasing his. “It’s okay- just let it go. I’ve forgiven you already- now you need to forgive yourself if…” Then I stopped, pulling back a little to watch his face, horror slowly creeping across mine. He grabbed my face, locking my gaze.”Baby, what?! What’s wrong??” He sounds so worried, but the idea grew in my head like a disease, rendering me speechless.What if… what if he didn’t want to be a dominant anymore? What if he didn’t want to be my Master anymore, because I reminded him of all his mistakes?! My breathing got shallower, and my eyes un-focus slightly as a single tear slid down my cheek.”Hey! Fallon! Please, please just tell me what’s wrong! Did I touch you someplace wrong? What?!” He was frantic now, I could hear it in his voice, and finally I snapped out of my head.”Sir… I just thought of something. No, you didn’t hurt me,” I said quietly, my eyes darting between his gaze and the comforter beneath him. He held my chin, looking me right in the eyes.”Please, Pet, look at me, not at the blanket. What is bothering you?””I… I was just thinking about you forgiving yourself, which you seem ill-inclined to do. If…” I stopped for a second and took a deep breath. “If you don’t, I’m just afraid you will lose interest in this lifestyle- lose interest in me, because I remind you of all the mistakes you have made.” I finished quieter than I started, barely speaking at all, but Liam surely heard me.He gently cupped my face, letting his thumbs trace across my cheeks, his eyes soft. Then the fingers of his right hand and his eyes traveled down my jaw to my neck, where the small, silver choker rested around my neck.”You know, when my parents had their twentieth anniversary, they renewed their vows,” he said quietly, toying with the collar. My breathing hitched just a little as I feel his fingers on the sensitive skin of my neck, and I closed my eyes, trying to keep calm and focus on what he is saying. “It was a beautiful little ceremony- my mother got dressed up, and my dad was in a suit.” He paused there, not saying anything, and my eyes were drawn to his face. He was watching me again, something behind his eyes that I could not read.”Sir?” I asked meekly, wanting to know what he was thinking.”Baby, maybe I need to show you that I still love you. You know, we never got married…” He quietly trailed off, and my eyes widened as his words registered in my brain.”You… you mean…” I tried to find the words, shocked into speechlessness momentarily, and he just smiled at me, watching as my smile got bigger and bigger.”Sir!! You mean we should get married?!” Suddenly I couldn’t breathe- my head was spinning and I could hear my heart beating in my ears. He cupped my face in his hands again and pulled me down for a soft and sensual kiss, his lips warm and a bit wet against mine. The kiss grounded me again, and I took a deep breath, slowing my heart rate a little and melting into his hands, letting my whole body relax.”Yes, baby, that’s what I mean,” he murmured softly, caressing my cheeks with his thumbs. “I love you, and I want to show you that you are the most precious, most beautiful, most amazing gift I could ever get.”