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A Perfect Team
Amanda and Josh were a cute couple who had the best of time with each other. Both twenty years old, they decided to spice their sex life a little. They were very creative and so, Amanda suggested to her boyfriend if he would try to masturbate himself while watching her suck another man’s cock. Their trust was very strong so Josh agreed with her to do this thing. They were together for 5 years and were very happy with each other. And when it came to sex, both of them were very curious to try different things.

The day before they talked about doing thing kind of thing, they went in the city to find a man perfect for what they wanted. They didn’t wanted to make a mistake and choose someone bad or who might have a disease so for two hours the couple wondered around the city to find the perfect candidate. At the end, they found Ben. A sweet blonde guy, with green eyes with a great body, but a little short. The couple talked with Ben about the thing that they wanted to try and Ben agreed to help them.

All three went on a hotel and booked a room on the last floor. When they entered the room they let Ben in the bed to get ready and they went on the bathroom to have a little talk. Amanda wanted to get clear with her boyfriend that if he doesn’t like it then they will stop it.

“Listen here baby, don’t have ugly thoughts about this okay?” she said massaging his crotch slowly. “I’m not going to cheat on you. This is for both of us to have fun.”

“Yeah sweetie. I got it.”

“Good boy. If you want to make it a little kinky in your head, thing that he is my brother. Since he has blonde hair like mine. Think that you see me suck my brother’s cock and stroke your cock slowly, alright? I love to see you do that.”

“Okay baby.”

“Good. Now come here, give me a great kiss and then let’s have fun!”

Amanda and Josh came out the bathroom. Ben got down from bed and came closer to Amanda. She was between her boyfriend and Ben. With her right hand, she was massaging her boyfriend’s crotch while the other hand was on Ben’s abdomen. Ben began to squeeze her breasts while making out with her. The girl was already horny, she was feeling excited for what was going to happen. After her boyfriend achieved a strong boner, he got naked and sat on the couch grabbing then some lube and poured on his dick. Amanda unzipped Ben’s pants, Josh’s cock was twitching hard and then he touched it and began to stroke it. Ben pulled out his manhood while Amanda was getting in her knees.

“Oh wow. This fella in here is pretty excited. Don’t he?” She said looking at Ben’s junk.

“Yeah. He really is excited.” Ben responded.

Amanda slowly grabbed his balls with her right hand and then she gently put the tip of his junk inside her mouth. From her way of moving, Amanda was pretty experienced in doing this. She was sucking it like a queen. Josh was analyzing her girlfriend carefully while from time to time she looked back at him to see if he was enjoying himself.

“How is it baby? You feeling okay?” She asked.

“Yes. I’m feeling good. You?” Her boyfriend asked.

“Same. I’m having a good time.”

“You like it?”

“Yes baby. I like it.” Amanda said smiling. “Is twitching so hard inside my mouth.”

“That’s because is happy to be there.” Ben said.

Ben put his hand on top of her hair and began to move his hips faster. Amanda fixed her focus on her boyfriend while letting Ben fucking her mouth. For a slight moment Josh bit the bottom of his lip and Amanda saw that, making her wink at him for achieving a better pleasure. Her wink was a success. After that she closed her eyes and turned her head to Ben where he began to fuck her face harder.

“Oh baby, you look so sexy doing that.” Josh said. Amanda began to moan and then she quickly grabbed Ben’s thighs and hold on to it very hard with her nails. Then Ben began to move faster and faster until he had the need to cum. He quick pulled his cock out from her mouth and when he grabbed it his junk immediately began to shot white juicy cum on Amanda’s face. She opened her mouth and began to smile while Josh was sitting on the couch with his junk twitching like crazy.

“Oh my. That was a big load!” Amanda said.

“Holy shit. It really is. I messed up your face pretty good.” Ben said.

Amanda took some tissues and cleaned Ben’s dick then told him to go on the bed and take the blue pill that was on the drawer. She knew that he will last a little so she became prepared with some viagra. Ben went in the bed and took the pill and Amanda walked to his boyfriend to see what he was doing.

“How are you baby? Are you feeling okay?” She said getting in her knees in front of him.

“Yes baby. I’m okay. How are you?”

“I’m good. You see how much cum I have on my face?” She said smiling.

“Yes. I see that.”

“Mmm look at what we have here. Uuuh, your dick is so wet and hard. Mmmm. You like what you saw?”

“Yes. I liked.”

“Good. Now try to slowly stroke it okay. I don’t want you to cum too fast. Hold it there as much as you can, okay?”

“Yes baby. I will do that.”

“Mmmm, give me a kiss.”

Josh and her girlfriend started to make out. For a few minutes Amanda slid her hand on his balls to play with them a little to bust up a little Josh’s pleasure. Then she went on the bed. Ben was ready for round two with a raging boner. Amanda got in doggy style facing her boyfriend. She still had the cum on her face. The girl thought that she looks sexy like that and will make Josh have a greater pleasure when masturbating watching her. When she got in position Ben came right away and inserted his dick inside her.

“Oooh. Yes. Like that. Put it nice and slow.” She said.

“Daaaamn….. It went so quick. Oh my. It feels so warm. Oh my god.”

“You like it?”

“Fuck yeah. I like it very much.”

“Good. Now start fucking.” She said.

Ben put his hands on her hips and grabbed them as hard as he could. Then he began to move his hips slowly back and forth. He liked the feeling of his dick going in and out of her so he most of the time he took advantage of her to do that.

“Holy shit. My dick feels so god damn good.” Ben said.

“Haha. Glad you like it.” Amanda said.

The girlfriend turned her head to her boyfriend and watched him how he was stroking his cock. Then Ben grabbed her hair and increased his speed of fucking her. Amanda began to moan and saw in her boyfriend eyes and he wanted to stroke his dick faster. She nodded her head and her boyfriend saw the signal so he began to increase his speed too. Her eyes was fixed on his dick and she couldn’t wait to see him cum. A few minutes later Amanda looked Josh in his eyes and noticed that he was close. Then she began to make him come to her.

“What is it baby? Want to cum? Yes?? Oooh, couldn’t you hold it a little much? Aaaah! This dick feels so good inside me! Huh? You want now baby? Now now? Okay, come here. Come here baby. Mmmmm”

Josh got up and went to his girlfriend. He put his junk inside her mouth and began to fuck it hard. His boyfriend felt so much better now that he finally had his dick in her girlfriend’s mouth rather that in his hands. It was like his mind was melting slowly. Ben reached his limit and pulled his dick out ejaculating on Amanda’s back. Josh when he saw that he grabbed her by the head and pushed his dick deep inside her mouth, till his tip touched her throat and went a little further than that. He let it there a few seconds and then he pulled it out and looked at her girlfriend.

“You want to came baby?” She said.


“Yeah? Came on this face full of another man’s cum?”

“Yes baby. I want that”

“How much baby. How much you want your hot cum on my face?”

“So fucking much!”

Josh finally could cum. His shots were full of thick cum that went all over Amanda’s face. It went on her hair too. She was impressed.

“Oh my god baby!” Amanda said.

Josh grabbed her head and started to make out with her passionately. Both of them felt amazing. Ben was feeling like that too. He was feeling so good that he wasn’t able to go to the shower right away so he took his time and stayed in bed a little longer. The couple went in the shower where there they began to make out again. The atmosphere got so hot in there that they started to have sex. After such a moment they both felt amazing and now that they were having sex, the two of them felt like they were connected with the universe. When they got done with the shower they got back in the room. They saw Ben sleeping so they dressed up and left the room to let him sleep peacefully.

Amanda and Josh exists the hotel and went to the parking lot and got in their car.

“Oh my. What a night.” Amanda said.

“Yeah. It was a hell of a night……. You got it?” Josh asked.

Amanda unzip her jacked pockets and pulled from them a walled and some keys. It looked like some car keys. Josh smiled.

“Of course.” She said.

“Hahaa! Good girl.” He said.

“I thought that he felt it when I put my hand on his butt but he probably was to focused on having a boner. Jeez….he had a short dick too. Lucky with those balls but it is in vein.”

“Okay. Now give me the car keys and you take my car and drive home. I’ll see what car he owns and then I’ll go to my buddy Fred to see what we can do.”

“Great baby!” Amanda said then kissed him on the lips.

“We make a great team.”

“Yes baby. We are the best team!” She said.

The Amusement Park
My name is Mia and today is the day that I wanted to offer my boyfriend, Lucas who has been a lovely boyfriend in this past months. It was a hot day of summer but we managed to have some fun. We went to an amusement park. Because it was too hot outside me and my boyfriend stood inside the café bar that was near to the park. The sun was about to go down and as the sunrise was happening before our eyes we went to the Ferris Wheel. As we entered in one cabin in the Ferris Wheel I saw Lucas how he looked at my chest. It made me feel so good. I had a white top with no bra on me, it made my nipples to show but I was not the only girl to have her nipples be shown. The best part about it was that when we walked I saw how boys checking me out and then they looked jealousy at Lucas because they didn’t had a gorgeous girlfriend like me. But more importantly, I loved how Lucas was looking at me like he wanted to do naughty stuff to me. Along with the white top I had black short shorts with no panties on me. It was exaggeratedly hot outside so yeah, I needed to be comfortable.

When we entered in the ride, in our cabin there was another couple that by the look on their faces they wanted to do some naughty stuff too. The girl, who was a blonde, had the body of a whore like: big silicone boobs, big lips that were made for sucking dick. Not just one dick. Multiple dick. Her body was like she was photoshopped, and I hate girl who looks like that. I feel sorry for her boyfriend. Although, she may be looking like a whore but that’s what the majority of boys want. This kind of girl are making boys want to fuck the hell out of her until the remain without a breath. If I saw Lucas fuck such a whore I will end his life instantly.

I was surprise though, she had a bra on and her T-shirt was slightly thick, she didn’t had a bit of sweat on her. God, I hate that face of hers. It makes me want to have a dick to fuck her face like hell. Of my…. I can’t believe it! So this want boys feel when they see a girl like this? Holy shit. I feel sorry for her now…

Out of nowhere, when the ride began, the blonde took of her T-shirt off and then her bra. I remained shocked. She did that all in front of my boyfriend. I couldn’t say nothing to him because that meant that I was controlling him but fuck…he looked at her boobs. The blonde’s boyfriend touched her boobs a little and then she put her T-shirt back on.

“There. Now is much better darling,” she said to her boyfriend. “Oh, I’m sorry that I did that. It’s just that I was very hot.”

“No problem.” Lucas said.

Say that one more time you fucker and I’ll cut your dick off. How he can say that? “No problem”… Bitch! I’ll cut you off into pieces. I don’t know why I am so jealous all of the sudden. He doesn’t like blondes, he hates them. My boyfriend like only redhead, like me. We just sat there and tried to enjoy the ride and then the ride stopped. It was a malfunction and we had to wait until it got fixed. So we sat there waiting. The blonde began to make out with his boyfriend.

“You know, if is okay with you, can me and my boyfriend have sex in front of you?” she said. This bitch…. Not that she shown her tits to my boyfriend bow she wants him to see her how she gets fucked. But if I think about it more…I have an idea. This could be an awesome moment to give my lovely boyfriend the time of his life. The always told me that he wanted to do me in front of people and now is the perfect time.

“Yeah. There’s no problem. Go ahead!” I said happy. After that the blonde started to take her clothes off and unzipped her boyfriends jeans. She started to suck his cock just like a whore. No tease, no spit, just dry sucking like a complete whore.

Me and Lucas were sitting down and then I pulled his dick out too. I slowly began to stroke it and tried to focus just on his dick. As I was stroking his dick I looked at him and bit the bottom of my lip. Then I saw how his pupils dilated so quick and leaked a little moan. A moan so sweet that was just like a melody to my ears. I spit on the dick and continued to stroke it slowly. The blonde was having her mouth fucked hard. With gags and chokes. It irritated me that it was distracting my boyfriend but when I looked at him, he was waiting on my next move.

“What do you want me to do with it?” I asked.

“Anything. Anything you want baby,” he responded.

I leaned my head down and put the head in my mouth. The taste of it pleasured my mouth so good that I began to moan as I started to suck on his dick. Slutty blonde looked at me and smiled, I saw it and looked her in my eyes. My speed increased and then I kissed Lucas.

“I’m sorry babe. But your taste is so good that I wanted you to see how great it is. Fuck, your dick is so tasty. I wish I could suck your dick everyday,” I said on a sensual tone. Something happened to me. I felt so horny and had this sensation that I was on drugs. It was a feeling that cannot be explained.

On the other side there was the blonde being in doggy style. Her boyfriend was giving it to her fast. He was fucking her just like a whore. I quickly got naked and began to massage Lucas’s dick with my pussy. The blonde was put into doggy style with her face at us and then Lucas puts me in doggy style too. He started to finger me and when those magical fingers went inside me, I completely lost control. The whore was right in my face and I couldn’t stop myself and kissed her. But as my boyfriend’s fingers moved faster inside me, I got hornier and kissed her harder.

“Oh my god! Baby! Ahhh….ummmmmm. Fuck. Keep it like that. Holy shit. God bless your holy fingers!!!”

“Oh my, look at your face. You are so horny,” the blonde said. From out of nowhere I spit on her face. She smiled and licked the spit from her face and then she put it on her palm and massaged her pussy with that palm.

Lucas got in his knees and I felt his mouth on my pussy. Shit was about to go down. As his tongue went in my pussy I began to moan like crazy. My eyes rolled out if pleasure non-stop then he started French-kissing my pussy. The blonde looked jealous at me. Like she didn’t felt hers boyfriend dick inside her. She began to me interested in my boyfriend. But then something clicked in my mind.

“Got you bitch!” I said grabbing her neck and put her down with the face up. Then I put my pussy on her mouth and told her to lick it. After that I told his boyfriend to come fuck her pussy and then my boyfriend to come fuck my mouth. They all remained shocked but I was horny as hell. I couldn’t stop myself.

Her tongue technique was pretty good on my pussy. I liked it. But the dick that was in my mouth was far more better than that. My hand grabbed my bf’s balls and slightly squeezed on them while he was fucking my mouth. From the look of it, the ride was still broken so we had plenty of time to have fun. On my surprise, the blonde’s boyfriend grabbed Lucas and when he sat down he put Luca’s asshole on the top of his dick and then inserted in his ass. Of course, that shit made me super horny so when the dude began fucking my boyfriend I immediately went there to suck my boyfriend’s dick. I pulled the blonde’s head on my ass to lick it too. My eyes were fixed on my bf’s eyes and the way of how he looks at me while being fucked got me super wet.

“What is it baby? You like it? I said. He nodded his head but slowly. I smiled and began to make out with him while stroking his cock.

We took a little break because the atmosphere was hot. Both boys were laying down and us, girls, were on top of them. We were doing 69. I sucked my bf’s dick like never before. It felt so amazing in my mouth. My lips were so satisfied to touch the tip of his dick and when I saw that pre-cum appear. I licked it like a lollipop. The blonde was looking strange at me. She was jealous of my technique of sucking dick. I was so happy to make her feel like that. After that I began to ride him, the blonde took a break and stood beside her boyfriend and just stroked his dick. When I felt the dick penetrating me I began to moan. When it completely went inside me I gasped and I bet that my pupils were dilated as fuck.

“Oh my goooood! It feels so good baby!” I moaned.

“Your pussy is so tight babe.”

“Yes it is. That’s the pussy that you want right?” I said.

“Yes baby. And I’m more than happy that your pussy is mine” he said.

“Oh yeah! Uhhhh…..YEAH! AAAAAAAAAAHHH”

My hips were moving on their own. I couldn’t control my body, I was feeling so fucking good. His dick inside me was like a drug that I waited seven years to take and now I couldn’t get enough of it. At one moment I felt how he came inside me but I didn’t cared about that because I felt very erotic and I wanted him to have a great time. I continued to ride him faster and more sensual. The blonde’s bf got aroused and came on his own stomach then the blonde began to lick the cum from there and started to suck his dick again.

“Oh my god baby. Please cum as much as you want inside me. I don’t care. Whenever you are close to cum, please do it because I feel so fucking good. Holy shit. Your dick is the best!”

Lucas was so happy to see me like that. And not long after I said that he came inside me. Then it started to come out of my pussy, it looked so sexy to me. I would love to show these two fucker how a used pussy from my Lucas is like. He then grabbed my hips and began to go fast on me. From the looks of his eyes he wanted to cum again so I nodded and let him do it again. After that I pushed back my pussy from his amazing cock and sat down. As a extremely big surprise for me, Lucas spread my legs and began to lick my pussy. I was so impressed by it and it felt so fucking good when he was making out with my pussy full of his cum. With the corner of my eye I saw how the blonde shoved her mouth on my bf’s cock and began to suck the cum from it.

“Hey. Don’t you see your girlfriend what she’s doing?” I said to her boyfriend.

“Ehh…I don’t care. Is okay.” He responded back. I was shocked to hear that. Although she was going the work that I didn’t wanted to do because there was a lot of cum on that dick but is the dick of my lovely boyfriend and that was his lovely cum. Oh my god! I’m gonna kill her!!!

“Take your mouth from my dick and let him do his job as a boyfriend!” I said to the blonde. She felt a little scared and bad about it now after I said it. But I didn’t cared at all.

After that the two of them dressed back and waited for the ride to get fixed. Lucas spend another five minutes pleasuring my pussy then we got dressed too. Then we sat down and until the ride got fixed I kissed him while having my hand on his cock, saying that I love him with all my heart.

The lesson for that blonde was that she should have not messed with me because I’m way more better than her. Anyway, the ride got fixed in the end and my boyfriend was extremely happy.

It gotten pretty late and me and Lucas were heading home. On our way there I thought of what just had happened and I couldn’t be more proud of me.

“So, you liked what we did today?” I asked.

“Oh my. It was amazing!”

“Right? I liked how in the end you started to give me oral. It was so hot.”

“Yeah. I liked it too.”

“I hated how that bitch kept trying to distract you. But you had eyes only for me. How sweet.” I said then kissed him.

We walked and walked and then we stopped to hug each other. While hugging I felt his boner and it started to give me ideas. I slid my hands down there and started to massage it.

“Oh my. It is so hard!” I said.


“Ah. Look at it. I bet that wants to get out now.”


“But I can’t baby. There people that are watching” I said massaging his cock more. The tease was so beautiful.

“Mia…stop. I….”

“Huh? I what? You can’t handle it?


“What’s the matter baby boy? You want to cum? You want to cum for mommy?”

“Stop it…”

I put my other arm around his neck and said “Cum for mommy!” then kissed him and stroked his dick under the jeans faster. And he came. He got so horny that that moment of tease made him cum. His jeans had a big stain of cum on them. I began to smile.

“Oh my oh my. What we have here.”

“Shut up” he said sad.

“Awwww. Come here. You got upset. Come here baby.”

It was so sweet. I adored that he couldn’t resist to my charm and came like that. It meant that I am very special to him. We started to continue our walk and got home, where there we had a hot shower and then we got in the bed and slept until late in the morning.

Sweet Training
This was a pretty nice day for practicing. I was on a studio with my friends Niko, Marcus and Elara preparing some new dance moves. We planned to stay there all day practicing but it was not like that. After some hours our bodies got tired and had to take a two hour break. The studio was pretty empty, nothing but some chairs, a sofa and a laptop that we used for music.

Since we didn’t had what to do next I thought out a game that it will be enjoyable for all of us. I spoke to Marcus about it and he had a devilish look once I said about the game. The purpose of the game was to see who does the most push ups. The girls of course were confident about their stamina and they liked a good challenge.

Me and Marcus were the first to try and we did pretty good, like 150 push ups. Of course that we were wasted after that but when we saw that the girl’s arms are getting tired after 50 push ups we knew that the game will end very soon.

“Niko. I don’t think I can keep it much longer.” Elara said.

“Damn it. My arms are so tired.” Niko said.

Without any doubt the girls lost the game and we won. Whoever loses the game had to do what the winner wants. I talked with my buddy and something dirty came in our heads. For a long time since we knew the girls we didn’t had a chance to see the girl’s most developed features and that was their breast. We were confident that they will accept to show us their boobs because of our long friendship.

“Okay. I talked with Marcus and because you two lost we want you to do the following thing. We want to take off your T-shirt and get in the push up position.”

“Whhhaaaaat……” Niko said.

“Guys…..really?” Elara said.

“You have to keep the promise, right? You lost the game….?” Marcus said.

“Well yeah…but….”

“Don’t worry Elara. They are our friends so it will be no problem in doing this. After all, we lost the game.”


The girls finally accepted their fate and did what we said. The girls slowly took off their T-shirts and their beautiful breast shown to us. When I saw them I thought of something more interesting and immediately told Marcus about it and he was extremely happy about that.

“Girls. We have one more condition to add.” I said.

“Huh? What is it?” Niko said.

“We wanted to make it a little more dirty…….so we want you to do some push ups in just one hand while we rub our junks in front of you.”

The girls went silent when they heard what Marcus just told them and blushed while looking down. I thought it might make the girls to refuse but Marcus gave me a thumbs up and smiled.

“O-Okay….” Niko said and began to do the push ups.

Elara wasn’t doing to say something so she followed Niko and did the same like her.

We put the sofa in front of them and took our pants off. Our junks had to be wet so before the girls started to do the push ups we asked them to spit on our dicks. They looked very cute when they spitted their saliva on our things and me and Marcus got so excited that we fast rubbed our cocks in front of them and the girls got a little scared.

After we got all set up we sat on the sofa and began to jack off while watching at their marvelous breasts. We were amazed at how our girls watched us so carefully and it was just one moment when I saw in Niko’s eyes that she was focusing on my dick. That got me very horny.

I stroked my junk while looking at Niko and I felt something pretty….exciting. I felt how my body was so satisfied and each time when I stroked my junk and thought about how Niko spit on it got me worked up. When I looked at Marcus he was having the same feeling as me and that was when I saw him how fast he stroke his junk.

It was a shame to be this close because I wanted to stay like this a little more but since I couldn’t hold it in me anymore I began to show signs of ejaculating. I was looking straight into Niko’s eyes and it was like a miracle that she got what I wanted to do just by looking at my eyes. With a slight blush on her face she slowly nodded like she was accepting me to ejaculate on her. And without any further do I let myself free and all the semen went out from my junk, landing on her gorgeous boobs and on her arms. I hold my manhood very tight for some seconds and then let it go, shooting a load that got straight on Niko’s face spreading all over. I was so happy to see Niko covered in my cum.

Just when I was done Marcus started to came too. Elara was looking pretty surprised at Marcus’s manhood. His first shot landed on the floor but the next ones went straight on her boobs, arms, legs and all over her face.

Our girls covered in semen looked at us so cute and continued to do the push ups. Marcus and I went to the girls and put the tip of our cock inside their mouth to suck them. The girls were surprised about what we just did but didn’t said a word. After that we kissed their lips with such passion like we were lovers.

” How about I get you cleaned and then continue?” Marcus said to Elara.


“Yes yes. I want to do more things to you.”

I looked at Niko and stroked her cheek with my thumb.

“You want the same thing?” I said smiling.

“Mmm….” she nodded.

When we cleaned our girls the four of us began to have a long and loving sex round. It didn’t lasted long till we turned this in a foursome. Me and Marcus took full advantage of this day and explored all of the girl bodies.

Hot Day of Summer
Summer finally came. From this morning till lunch, the weather was extremely hot outside. I look around me and I see now one. Everybody is inside their homes or at the beach. It is such a beautiful day.

I and Aya were on a date but the hot weather was ruining the date for us. Aya was a gorgeous brunette with purple eyes and a skinny body. But not that skinny, it was more of a sexy type of skinny. I adored her a lot.

“Oh my god. It is so hot outside!” Aya said.


“At this rate…I’m gonna faint if I’m not going to hydrate my body.”

“I have a better idea Aya. But I don’t know if you are okay with it.”

“Tell me.”

“I was wondering if you would want to come to my house. I had some ice cream and a air conditioner. We could get more comfortable and continue our date.”

“Hmm….that means that you would see more parts of my body…”

“Well….yeah.. I don’t know.”

“Hehe…you know what. Some ice cream would be great so I won’t mind you staring at my body from time to time. You’re cool anyway.”

“Yeah? Oh jeez. Thanks.”

So like that we headed to my house. I was nervous because of it. I never had a girl at my house before. I was excited and I thought that maybe I could steal a kiss from Aya today. Is something about her twin tails that is making me want to grab her face and make out with her. She was so sweet and had this aura of a shy girl that makes me want her more than ever.

When we entered my room I turned on the air conditioner and I began to get more comfortable. Aya took her skirt off and I gave a T-shirt of mine to wear and to take her bra off. Until now she didn’t said anything to me. Like if I’m being a pervert or something else. Aya was wearing only my T-shirt and her panties. She looked so sexy. I went to the kitchen to take the ice cream then we laid on the floor and began to eat it.

“Oh my god. This ice cream is sooooo good.” Aya said happy.

“Glad you like it.” I responded.

“Hmmmm. Now I see why all of the people stayed at their homes. Is so freaking hot outside. I can’t believe it.”

“Yeah. It’s so hot. You can barely breathe.”


“Listen, would you like to put on some music at my laptop?” I said.

“Yeah. Oh let me. Let me” she said and went to the laptop to turn on.

Aya didn’t sat on my chair. She bend over and stood like that in front of me. I felt how in my pants a boner soon appeared. She looked so sexy in that position.

“Hmmmm. You have some good music in here. Let put this one first.” She said then turned around. I couldn’t hold it anymore so I grabbed her waist and kissed her cheek. I let her a few seconds to see if she wants to say something then I kissed her cheek again. Seeing that Aya shuts up I went with my lips on her neck.

“Mmmmm. I like neck kisses.” She said.


“Yes yes. I love them.” She said excited.

“Okay then.”

I continued to kiss her neck and then I grabbed her butt. To don’t make her feel uncomfortable I immediately tried to find a topic to talk with her about so her butt was in my mind at that moment.

“Wow. Your butt looks awesome.”

“Really? You think so? Well, I’ve been doing squats for some time.”

“Really? For how long?”

“For three months.”

“Oh wow. You can see that so well.”

“Really? You can see it?” She said turning around and I put my hands on it too.

“Oh yeah. You can see it. It looks amazing. Keep doing it.”

“Thanks.” she said then went on my bed. Near my bed was a drawer and Aya began to look in it. There she found some card games and wanted to play with me. The thing was that in the time that she was with her back at me I took all my clothes off and when she turned at me again she was surprised to see me naked.

“Hey. Do you want to play some…….oh! Mmmm….is still hot here?” She said with a shy voice

“Yes. It is.”

“Oh, I see,” she said gazing at my junk then back at my eyes. “Umm…do you want to take mines too? To feel more comfortable?”

“Yes. That would be lovely Aya. Thank you.”

“Sure…ummm. No problem.” She said again gazing at my cock. She slowly took her T-shirt off then her panties and then I began to walk slowly towards her. Aya began go look more and more at my dick then me in the eyes. When I got in front of her her face was red and she looked at me.


“What is it Aya?”

“Aaaa…nothing. Umm…is just that….mmm….you have it so big….and…mm…hard.”

“You want to touch it?”

“Huh? Touch it? Why…? I mean…umm…isn’t this hurt you. It doesn’t hurt you when it’s get that big?”

“Mmmm. I don’t think so. Here, try to touch it.”

I take her hand and place it on my junk. From her eyes I saw that she was very shy. It was so cute.

“Ummm….I’ve never…you know…touch it. Doesn’t it hurt you? I mean…I squeeze pretty hard on it. Are you sure this doesn’t hurt you?” She said curious.

“Come here.” I said and then grab her neck and kiss her lips. I took the other hand of hers and place it on my dick. We began to make out while her hands were on my dick. I pull her tongue out with my teeth and then I started to suck on it a little. Aya began to moan then I grabbed her butt and slap it.

“Oh my god! What was that?” She said.

“What?” I said then I look down and see that the tip of my dick touched her pussy. We both look at each others eyes then I put my hands on her hips and then I started to move my dick back and forth under her pussy.

“…Uhh…Why….why are you doing this Luke?”

“Shht princess,” I said covering her mouth “Is time to please you.” Aya’s face was red. She was shy as hell. I pushed her on the bed and then I spread her legs wide. Aya immediately covered her pussy because she thought that I would put my dick in there.

“Is too big!” she said with a childish voice. I looked her dead in the eyes then I bring my head closer to her hands covering her pussy. I started to kiss her hands slowly then her thighs. She began to moan and out of curiosity she asked me what I want to do.

“Uncover your delicious pussy and you’ll see” I said. Aya slowly uncovered her pussy and then I immediately kissed it. She gasped. I immediately started to make out with her pussy and I imagined that I was making out with her mouth.

“Holy shit!” She said moaning and grabbed my head. “What are you doing?????? My pussy……oh fuck…..I feel so good.”

“You don’t say.” I said looking in her eyes. From out of nowhere I kiss her lips and let her know how her pussy tasted. She licked her lips and smiled.

“Oh my. I’m that delicious?”


My mouth made her pussy get very wet and I decided to finger her. I took one finger and inserted in her then I began to pull it back and forth. Aya immediately moaned like crazy and to have a greater pleasure, I grabbed her neck and fingered her harder. I saw from her face that she lost it. Her eyes were rolling over very fast, the mouth was open and her tongue was out and her cheek was blushing like hell. She was on ahegao mode. After a few more seconds Aya began to squirt.


“Shhhhh baby girl. Shh sh.”

“What was that? Aaaah. It felt sooo good. Oh my….”

“You like it?”

“I love it! Oh my…I love it sooo much!

“Great! Then the next thing I’m going to do you’ll love it as well” I said grabbing her and put her in doggy style. When she got in doggy I grabbed her waist and inserted all of my dick inside her wet pussy. She gasped so cute when I got inside her.

“Ohh my! I can’t believe you did that. Oh my. So this is how you feel with a dick inside you. Oh goodness. Mmmmm! Oh my god!”

“Does it hurts?”

“Huh? No….it doesn’t. It feels so good inside there. I like it”

“I was sure about that” I said. My hips began to move back and forth and while doing that Aya was moaning at every move that I made. I looked at her back and it was so sexy. Her spine was gorgeous and it made me so happy to see her in this position, having fun with her.

“Ahhhhh…. Uuuuuhhhhhh.”

“What is it baby? You like it?”


“Huh? I didn’t heard you baby. What you said?”

“Yeah! I like it.”

“I still don’t hear you babe.” I said and this time put all my dick inside her. She stopped and grabbed one of my hand that was holding her waist.

“Oh dear. I love it. I love your dick inside me. Please continue.”

“Aaah. Well that’s what I wanted to hear” I said smiling.

“Yes baby yes. Pound that pussy hard. Oooh. I can’t believe how good it fucking feels. Oh god! I love it some much. Uuuh uuuh. Heheheee….I love this dick so much.”

“Really baby?”

“Yes babe. I love it. Don’t stop it okay. Keep fucking me like that.” She said with a lewd voice.

I wanted another position so I got on the floor and put her over me. When I put my dick inside her again I grabbed her waist and began go push my hips up, fucking her faster.

“Holy shit! My pussy is getting fucked faster. Oh lord! What is this awesome feeling. Ohh fuck.”

Her eyes began to roll again and I see her smiling. I grabbed her by the neck and did her harder. It was like I was hitting a sweet spot because she began to moan differently.

“How are you darling?” I asked.

“Oooohhhh…. Thank you so much. I feel so fucking good. Please don’t fucking stop. Dammit! I love it so much. Fuck this shit. Let’s be together! I want this dick inside me everyday. I don’t give a fuck. I love it! I loooooove it sooooooooo fucking much. Please darling….please, let’s be together. I want that. Oooohhhh pleaseeeeeee!”

“Yes my princess. But only if you’ll let me cum on your face now.” I said.

“Cum where you want my love. I don’t care. Cum on me!” She screamed out of pleasure.

I quickly get up and pointed my junk to her face. My cum began to shot out and land all over her face. Her face was looking so slutty and sexy. After my put all the cum that was in my balls to her face she got up and looked at her pussy then at my dick.

“Oh my. I can’t believe that this big dick got all inside me,” she said a little exhausted. Aya grabbed my hand and got in the bed. “Come on. Here here, I want to love my pussy. Come on, love my pussy.” She said pushing her pussy on my lips. Aya was still horny and wanted more. I began to eat her pussy again and again until she squirted again. This girl was extraordinary. At the end she told me that she is going to make everything to be a good girlfriend to me. I couldn’t believe it at first. I couldn’t believe that I made her be like that. I’m curious now because I wanted to see from this day what I can do with her.