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I smiled as I entered the night club, unbuttoning my coat to reveal only my bra and pants. I headed over to the bar, and made sure I was slightly drunk. I noticed a handsome young man about my age (24) sitting on his own in a booth, and strolled over to him.
“Hey there,” I said in a sexy way.
“Hi,” He replied, winking at me. “I’m Joe.”
“Haley,” I shook his hand and winked back at him, slowly moving my hand up his arm till it rested on his shoulder.
“Wanna dance?” He asked, smiling.
He led me onto the dance floor, where I wrapped my arms around him and rubbed my pelvis up and down against his body. I felt him reacting, him shaking uncontrollably. I loved this feeling, the feeling of making people sexually excited. After a while, we went back and sat in the booth, where we ate dinner. Once we had finished dinner, Joe asked me:
“So, shall we head back to mine?”
I replied, “Of course.”
I grabbed Joe’s hand and led him out the door. We got into his car and drove off. I sat impatiently in the car, and decided to renew his sexual excitement. I placed my hand on his lap, and slid it into his trousers. I slid it under his pants, and felt his penis. I rubbed it gently, and felt him begin to shake again. I was tempted to climb on top of him, but knew that would be a bad idea.
“Ok, Haley, stop that, please,” He said. I reluctantly withdrew my hand.
Once we got to Joe’s house, Joe parked his car and asked me:
“Is there anything I can get you?”
“Hmm, let me think,” I said, moving closer and closer to him. “You.”
“Wh-” He was saying, but his sentence was interrupted by me placing my lips on his.
He leaned against his door, and unlocked it with me still kissing him. Once inside his house and with the door closed, I pushed him onto his sofa and we stared at each other for a second before I climbed on top of him. His legs were straight and sticking off the side of the sofa, his arms gripping the sides, me sitting on top of him, our pelivises rubbing together, my arms around his neck. I kissed him, and began to undo his trousers, him taking off my bra. I yanked off his trousers, shoes and socks, and he yanked off my jacket and was about to take off my bra when I said,
We dashed up to his bedroom, where we returned to our position and ended up completely naked. I stared at Joe, and Joe stared at me. I was delighted to see how huge his cock was.
“Nice dick!” I murmured.
“Nice boobs!” He replied.
I crawled up till my vagina was on top of his face. He stuck his tongue into it, and I arched. I got off him and kneeled down on the floor in front of the base of the bed. He sat down on the base of it. I took his dick in my hands and kissed it, and then licked it, and then slowly placed my lips around it. I sucked and sucked. He stood up and patted my head, and joked,
“Well done, Haley, gold star for you!”
I removed his penis from my mouth and said,
“Thank you, Mr Joe.”
After hours of hot sex, Joe and I lay in bed together, fast asleep, our arms wrapped around each other, and the bed still soaking from Joe’s cum.