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Chapter 1 – Him…

“And I mean, he’s a great fuck and all, but I’m more than just a pussy, y’know?” Alyssa, my best friend complained.

She, like all my other friends always seemed to come to me with all their guy problems. Like who the fuck am I, the Oprah of guys and sex problems? Nope. Quite the opposite, actually. I’m the awkward virgin friend who’s never even kissed a fucking guy before. Yet they still expect me to understand this shit?!

I, Olivia Brandyn, haven’t even had a boyfriend since the third grade. I broke up with the kid, Paul something I think, because he wouldn’t play with me at recess. They all know this yet a billion times a day I get asked stuff like:

– If he texts me this what do you think it means?
– Do you think he likes me?
– Should we have sex?
– Should I this? Do guys like that? What do you think he likes?
– Blah blah blowjob blah blah handjob blah blah blah?

Like seriously. I think a 12 year old would have better answers than me. And it’s not that I’m ugly, or a closet lesbian, or a prude. I like guys, I do think about sex, I’m just shy as hell. And awkward. But it’s my senior year, and I don’t want to be like a 40 year old virgin. I feel ready, I just have a particular guy in mind. My eyes dart over by his locker while my perpetually confused best friend rambles on about more crap going on with her and Jared. There he was. I bit my lip looking over his long, toned body. He wore a tight Henley shirt in a grey color that made his blue eyes scream for attention. He wore sexy jeans that weren’t douchey and faded, and he wore them slouchily without sagging them like a prison bitch who wants it in the ass. A sexy leather jacket and blackout Vans completed his hot ensemble.

I smiled as he laughed and ran a hand through his short yet shaggy, rich brown hair. His laugh deep and husky, twisting my stomach in tingly knots. His teeth were straight and neat without being too straight or politician white. He licked his lips before nodding to whatever his friend said.

“Oh, drooling over Aaron again instead of consoling your best friend?” Alyssa teased, sending blood to my cheeks. The way she’d sneered his name did his hotness no justice. He was a god. And one I’d GLADLY kneel before (If ya catch my drift).

“Shuttup.” I mumbled, shrugging,”He’s just so…”

“Dreeeeeamy?” She cooed, completing my sentence right as the first bell rang. Starting out the first day of our last year in hell, err I mean high school. I wore an old loose black t shirt that had a white outline of a human heart on the front. On on the back I’d cut it out like a skull, you could see my back skin thorough the holes. I wore faded denim cut offs over lace tights with converse. My eyes were outlined with cat eyes but not to look like a raccoon or anything. I wore my naturally blond hair down, long and wavy, and kept it over my shoulder to show off the back of my shirt. I was 100% myself.

I figured why overdress for the first day, these people know me by now, and if they don’t, I don’t give a rats. I hugged my best friend who had followed the same policy. She wore slashed leggings with Punkrose sneakers and a crew-neck sweatshirt that read: break necks not hearts. Her hair was up in a sloppy/ dressy bun and her lips were ruby red. But we’d helped pick each others’ outfits so I already knew that!

We hugged and I held up my phone as if to say ‘text me, hobag’ and then we went our separate ways to homeroom. I walked in just in time for the final bell to sound and slipped discreetly toward the back of class. I settled into a desk in the corner and slipped my bag off my shoulders. I pulled out a pen and notebook, like a good little student. I applied nude lipgloss to my lips and turned to the front when suddenly, a fashionably and deliciously late Aaron walks through the door. Of course there’s an empty seat next to me and the seat on the other side happens to be occupied by his fellow band member Spencer. Oh yeah, as if Aaron weren’t hot enough, he’s in a band. And has tattoos. So there’s no wonder why as he walked smirkingly toward the empty desk my temperature rose and my heartbeat thundered. Oh boy…


I knew Drew would make me late. I’d spent the last 3 minutes cooling off in the bathroom after Drew had told me a long and vivid description of the sex he’d had the other night. It left me with a raging hard-on that I was incapable of hiding so I went to the bathroom, splashed water on my face and started speaking Spanish to myself as a distraction. I’d gotten it to lessen enough where an quick adjustment and the walk to class would allow me to have hidden myself effectively.

I stepped into homeroom and all that cooling off was nearly reversed. I was speaking full blown paragraphs of Spanish to myself as I walked toward the empty seat next to the drummer for my band, Spencer. On the other side of the empty desk was a mysterious girl who was beyond hot. I snuck a glance over at her and she was biting her lip while drawing something in her notebook. And there we go, no Spanish could help me now, my ‘friend’ was back in full force. I shifted in my seat and turned away. The teacher began her intro about the school year and I tried to engage in a conversation but my mind was on the pouty lipped, gray eyed, sexy girl humming a familiar tune on the other side of me. Her voice had a sweet, clear quality but I could hear an incredibly sexy rasp to it.
After a tortuous class the bell rung releasing me from my spell. That was until I saw her bend over to grab her backpack. Her denim shorts hugged her ass perfectly without her looking like a slut. Through holes in the back of her shirt I could see enticingly smooth back skin along with the lacy black strip of her bra. she exuded quiet confidence as she gracefully walked out of class. Holy fuck, my dick pressed hard against the front of my jeans, and I adjusted the best I could but I was burning with desire. I sighed and walked to the next class. Hoping that out of the next 6 classes I’d have at least one more with her.


As soon as I was out of class I whipped out my phone and texted Alyssa:

– Dude omfg…guess what?!
– What?! Tell me tell me.
– I have homeroom w/ HIM..he sits NEXT to me XD
– Oh shit gurrrrl did you get your flirt on?
– Haha I wish. I’ll tell you later, maybe we’ll have more classes? hopefully….

She replied and I barely read it. I was still thinking about how his deep arousing, clean musky scent had affected me earlier. I had begun to hum one of his band’s songs without even realizing it. Great mother of shitballs I want him….

Chapter 2 – Boom


Now it’s lunchtime and I meet my smirking best friend by the lockers outside the cafeteria.The last two periods, Government and Women’s Lit., had zoomed by. Admittedly it was mostly because of a lack of Aaron in either class. Me and Alyssa had A lunch so I was gladly stepping up toward our meeting spot. That was until she opened her big fat mouth (I kid).

“So… You got a class with dreamboat. How was that?” She teased, a sinister smile taking over her face. She grabbed me, still awaiting my answer, and pulled me to the lunchroom.

“Oh you know.. it’s no big deal. other than the fact that he’s hotter than a fucking lava monster!” I giggle as we take our place in the lunch line. “What’s for lunch today?” I desperately change the subject. I could barely think about him without spontaneously combusting.

“Uhh salad, nachos,” she begins falling for my tactic, ” and.. oh gurrl!” she grins devilishly at me, “They’re serving popsicles!”

“SUCK-OFF!” WE yell at the same time, bursting into laughter. ‘Suck-off’s were something we’d done since 6th grade, before we realized the hidden sexuality, and continued to do now that we had realized. Now we even played on the sexual innuendo of our favorite game, changing the objective to who could suck their popsicle first, to who could suck it the most sexually, with a straight face first. It had become something of a spectacle for our other friends at the table to watch and some had even began to participate. Saryn and Mila were two who competed, Mila mostly for her bf Drew’s entertainment. But the rest of the table just watched and laughed and chanted. I usually wussed out before anyone, because I have no idea how to suck a dick, and I hate looking stupid. We got up to the front of the line and ordered our foods then asked for cherry popsicles. We paid, and then sat at our (practically reserved table).

Soon after, the rest of the gang joined us, some with popsicles in hand(* means they have a popsicle), Mila*, Drew, Saryn*, Nastacia, Blythe, Jeremy, and surprisingly Tracy* had a popsicle.

“Trace-Trace, you lookin to join?” Alyssa waggled her eyebrows, Tracy just nodded. “Then let it begin. Ladies: wrappers off!” She commanded and we all took out the popsicles.

“Suck off!” We all chanted, raising our five popsicles into the air.

“Suck, bitches!” Alyssa called. She began by kissing the top and slowly bobbing her head down and she wrapped her lips around the frozen treat. her eyes wandered and I knew she was looking for Jared, hoping to impress him.
Saryn attacked hers ferociously, even spitting on the tip a little before sliding it into her mouth.
Mila stared directly into Drew’s eyes as she kissed down and back up on side before swirling her tongue around he to and taking the top into her mouth. Nastacia and Blythe were laughing at Drew’s darkened expression.

“Ooowee!” Jeremy catcalled. Tracy timidly licked at her popsicle sneaking glances at Jeremy, awww! She took a deep breath, and much to everyone’s surprise, began to deep throat.

I soon realized that all eyes were on me, waiting for me to begin, they didn’t expect much from me, the awkward friend. Which was only gonna make mine more shocking. I’d been practicing. I smiled sweetly before licking all the way up one side before swirling my tongue across the top and dipping it into my O-shaped mouth. Everyone clapped for me as we all continued. So naturally, this is the moment when Jared decides to show up, long time best friend in tow.

You guessed it folks, Aaron. Jared sat next to Alyssa eyes fixed on what her mouth was doing to her cherry-flavored icy treat. She began to bob her head confidently turning to face Jared.

“What. is. actually happening?!” Jared mumbled in disbelief.

“The suck off!” Blythe casually explained. I became aware of Aaron’s presence as he slowly sat in the seat across from me. I sheepishly avoided his gazes as I twisted my head, swirling my tongue as I bobbed back up. Nastacia called my name and jokingly cheered me on. I glanced up to see Aaron nodding while smiling sexily. I brazenly held his gaze, if only for a moment as I wrapped my lips tighter, paying special attention to the top of the treat. He nearly choked on a sip of his milk and I blushed, looking away again. Tracy soon wussed out, after putting on a show. Saryn followed suit shrugging but waving flirtatiously at a gawking Spencer who sat at a nearby table. Mila disappeared with Drew ten seconds later. Alyssa and I were the only 2 left. She was putting on quite the show for Jared, his presence only serving to increase her confidence. Me however was going through the motions trying to ignore the husky-breathed sex god sitting opposite me. Alyssa, next to me bumped into me and I let out a little noise which I realized sounded like a moan. I glanced up to see that Aaron had realized this too and blushing I pulled what was left of the popsicle from my mouth and gasped. Alyssa had won and she even stood up and took a bow. Everyone clapped and we started eating our lunches. I carefully avoided his gaze for the rest of lunch.


‘What the fuck did we just walk up to?

‘ I thought as we approached the table where my band’s guitar player, Jared’s current not-girlfriend, Alyssa sat. 5 girls were giving the school lunch popsicles intense blowjobs, and, much to the aching of my groin, the gorgeous girl from first period was partaking. I sat down opposite her to enjoy the show and conceal my boner. Jared seemed as perplexed as I did, and he asked what was happening, a polite brunette casually explained it was a ‘suck off’. Whatever the hell that is, I liked it. I could tell some of the girls were doing it to impress the guys around them, Alyssa was certainly playing it up for my boy Jared. But the girl in front of me, the hot one, was just doing it. And well.

I watched as she twisted her head around and lapped her tongue up the length to the top. Some girl yelled out ‘Yeah, Go Olivia, that’s my girl!’ in her direction and I just nodded. So her name is Olivia, hot. She glanced up at me and I smiled, and much to my surprise she held my gaze as she tightened her mouth and worked the ‘head’ of the posicle. I struggled to swallow a sip of chocolate milk and she blushed and looked away. I was so horny right then I thought I would combust. My cock stood at full attention ramming into the front of my jeans begging to replace the frozen treat in her mouth.I was breathing hard and I could barely keep myself from walking over to her ripping her pants down and bending her over right then and there. The other girls around her gave up one by one until her and Alyssa were the last remaining. I could tell that for Jared’s sake, Alyssa was getting really carried away, which lead her to lean back and bump into Olivia. Which caused Olivia to let out the sexiest little moan. She pulled a significantly smaller popsicle out of her pouty mouth with a sharp intake of breath, and looked directly at me. Her cheeks suddenly flamed and she wouldn’t again meet my gaze for the rest of the lunch.


With all the awkwardness that occurred during lunchtime I felt the need to run like a bat out of hell. Well, not literally but I was definitely getting my soccer-mom-fast-walk on as I headed toward Chem. class. I mean, awkwardness is always to be expected when we play suck off, we are giving fucking fruity ice sticks blowjobs! But HE had been there….

Aaron had been there, siting across from me, definitely watching me. And then the moan…oh god I’m gonna kill Alyssa. I walk into the classroom and notice the teacher isn’t there yet. I shrug and take a seat at one of the lab tables, setting down my bag. I run a hand through my long wavy hair and think about him. To be honest I thought about sex too. I felt so ready, and He was the one I craved. As I reapply my lipgloss I remember the time I’d seen his boner at one of his shows.

Alyssa and I had gone to see one of Aaron’s band’s shows. ‘Dyslexic Sex Drive’ was up and coming (at least locally) and me and Alyssa were hooked. For no apparent reason, Aaron, who’s the lead singer, had an obvious boner and I had just stood there looking at it. It was big and it fought to escape the black basketball shorts he wore. When Aaron had thought no one was looking he adjusted it and tucked it into his waist band, I’d seen the big, pink, tip of his cock, and, for one of the first times in my life, I was aroused…

I was abruptly snapped back to reality as more students and the teacher funneled into the room, taking seats. I fanned myself because after thinking about Aaron I’d gotten really hot. As if on cue the object of my lust strolled into the classroom, flashed me a grin and took the second seat at the lab station I sat.
I crossed my legs and dropped my eyes away from him. Thinking about that night had left me
feeling a little damp in my panties. I hear him clear his throat and I choose to ignore him, until he does it again. I look up at him and he smiles.

“So do you guys always eat like that?”

“Hmm? I dunno what you mean…” I feign innocence.

“Yeah okay, you’re a good girl, I forgot. Olivia, is it?” he pretends to be in thought.

“Yep, it’s Olivia. And yep good girl all the way!’ I laugh, just before the teacher passes out contracts for us and our parents to sign and tells us what we’ll be learning about. He talks for ten minutes and I try to pay attention. He stops his lecture and tells us to get acquainted with our new year long lab partners. I turn and nod to Aaron.

“Well, Aaron, guess your stuck with me” I shrug.

“Haha you know my name?” He sounds confused. Oh god now I sound like a psycho.

“Well yeah, for one your friend Jared is dating my best friend, and two, Alyssa and I are fans of Dyslexic Sex Drive.” His eyes widen and he gets a shit eating grin on his face.

“Ah-ha! You were humming ‘Your Body’ earlier weren’t you?” He realizes. Your Body is my favorite DSD song. How can it not be when Aaron sings in a deep raspy voice: “I need to be closer to your body” and “oh, the things I’d do to you, I’ll make you scream my name!”?

I blush and reply shyly, “Uhh yeah, it’s a great song.” I meet his eyes, they’ve darkened mischievously. I shift in my seat and put my feet up onto the lab table and lean back in my chair.

“Yeah, well I’m glad you like it. Have you been to one of our shows before?” He asks.

“A few.” I shrug, “With Alyssa. We’re supposed to be going to the one next weekend especially now that her and Jared are yeah.”

” I look forward to seeing you there. Hey, are you going to Missy and Dave’s this weekend?” he asks. Missy and Dave’s house is the party house, everyone’d been talking about the siblings’ back to school party.

“Oh hell yeah, I smile. This good girl loves to party.” I joke. The bell rings, ending our conversation.

He laughs, that sexy laugh. “See you there then.” He grabs his stuff and walks out the door behind me.

Chapter 3 – Spicy Last First Day


Groupies are all the same.

In the local area, Dyslexic Sex Drive has got its own little fan base, and with a fan base comes groupies. The one purposely pushing her tits toward me and gushing about my band as I sat in music class was no different. Worshiping at my feet,overly enthusiastic, flirty, and usually loud. I snuck a glance over at her bubbling cleavage she was slightly pushing together with her arms. I nodded approvingly, she had nice tits. I continued to quietly strum my guitar as she told me how hot I was. She ‘caught me’ staring at a chest and she put her hand on my thigh with an excited giggle. She glanced up at me and watched for a reaction as she slid her hand over to my crotch. I tensed a bit. I’m only human. She started to rub and increase the friction. I smiled.This was starting to get good. I felt my cock slowly springing to life under her palm the friction feeling better and better. She leaned in and kissed on my neck while fumbling with my zipper. I looked around the room where no one was paying attention, they were either too busy trying to tune their guitars or were across the room at a station with the teacher learning how to read music. A chair and some various music equipment partially blocked the view anyone would have of me. I let her unzip me as I set my guitar down off to the side.
Underneath the jeans my dick formed a tent in the front of my red and black boxers. Her eyes grew large and out came another giggle. she reached inside my boxers and grabbed my hot cock. She gasped at the size of it as she slowly stroked downward. “Mmmm” I said appreciatively. She picked up the pace jacking my dick off and I started thinking; ‘This is fucking great!’… Until she ruined a good thing.
“You like it?” She attempted to say seductively. I nodded. “Do you think I’m hot, do you like me touching your cock baby? Mmm you’re so big. You like when I stroke your big cock, Aaron?” Her voice grew more nasally with every word, I swear. But my body didn’t mind and a while later she’d brought me to the brink of cumming. Evidently she noticed too, because her pleas became more frantic and louder to the point where I did another check around the room to make sure there were no watchful eyes.
“Cum for me!” she laughed, upping the pace of her strokes. “Cum baby. cum!” Not to be one to disappoint, my cock obliged, and she milked me dry, my jizz landing somewhere on the floor nearby and some on her hands which she licked with a happy smile.
As soon as it was done I hated everything.Her annoying laughter as she kept talking, this room, myself, all of it. I felt kinda like a guilty little kid with his hand in the cookie jar and I had no idea why. it’s not like I cheated on anyone, or made her do it… it was just wrong. And I found myself finding more and more things wrong with… fuck

I don’t even know her name.
But what it ultimately boiled down too is that I wished her fingers weren’t the ones that had grasped me dick… I wished they were Olivia’s, I realized as I put myself away just as the bell rang. I walked quickly away from.. whatever her name was and marched angrily to my next class.


“THANK FUCKING GOD!” I laughed hopping into my car with Alyssa. I love my car it’s my baby.. A bright blue 69 Chevelle SS that from age 12 I helped my grandpa rebuild. I’d re done the whole inside to be high tech with touch screen controls and a new sound system. My favorite part? The subs in the back. Alyssa and I put them to good use too.

“Yeah seriously, last first-day-of-hell ever baby,woo!” She did a little dance. “Though today was pretty spicy!” I raised my eyebrows a her.

“Spicy?” I asked, she nodded. “HOW?”

“Well turns out I have the class after lunch with Jared…” She grinned devilishly, “And we were watching a video in class. Most people were asleep, even the teacher. So… he fingered me and I gave him a handy!” She finished with a clap.

“Oh my stars,I’m clutchin my pearls, miss! I do declare!” I fanned myself feigning a southern belle.

“Oh yes! Though I struggled to hold back a moan or two and I think the kid in front of us started jacking off!” She shrugged.

“Ewwmahlord. Wait… where did Jared’s uhm… gravy go?” I looked at her horrified. Something I said must’ve been truly fucking hilarious because Alyssa proceeded to die of laughter. I shoved my keys into the ignition and turned my car on.Finally she sobered, buckling herself.

“I’m sorry dear it’s just for one, you called his cum: GRAVY! 2, you’re so awkward. And tres, that’s the funniest part! It landed on some girls back pack!” More laughter. My jaw dropped. I was officially heebed out.

“Yuckkkkkk.” I buckled in and backed out of the spot, we’d successfully waited out the parking lot traffic. Alyssa tapped her chin like she was in thought.

“Hmmm…” She mused, “I wonder… Where did the other guy’s jizz go?” I just stared at her. “No seriously, that shit’s dangerous!”

“Well great someone could slip and fall!”I gasp. “And, I feel bad for the janitor!”

Alyssa suddenly grew quiet. As if considering something. She looked meekly up at me as I pulled up to a stops sign. “Spill.” I command, never looking away from the road. She sighed and turned toward me, muting the radio.

“Well rumor is, Jared wasn’t the only DSD member to get an in-class handy today…..” Realization dawned on me. Aaron. Of course, the groupie sluts at our school would do anything for him, than brag all about it later.

“Which fanwhore this time?” I ask dryly sharply rounding a corner. I’m not good at hiding anger/jealousy.

“That bimbo we saw at the concert last time, the one who works at Blaster Juice? I think her name is Tina or Tanya or someshit.” She makes a gross face.

“God, well I hope her hands are good for something because she fucking sucks a making smoothies…” I grumble, pulling up to Alyssa’s house. She kisses my cheek as she unbuckles her seatbelt.

“Bye bestie, skype later?” she turns back around after exiting the car.

“Bye, and sure, as long as its after you dirty skype Jared,” I laugh, “Because when i’s before you’re always so anxious to hang up on me!” We laugh and she closes the door marching up to her big ass house. I drive off smiling… That is until I remember Tia the fanwhore’s sluttiness. Ugh, typical Aaron, perfect in every eay except his man whoreness. Well I guess it really was a spicy day for everyone.