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I open my eyes and see by the sun’s rays it’s still early. I look at the clock and it says 8:15am. I look down at the sleeping woman on my chest and softly kissed her forehead. God this woman was beautiful. Body of a goddess, great personality, and she’s banging in bed. I slipped from under her and decide to go make ourselves some breakfast. I slip on my boxers and as I turn the door knob to leave Vivi shifts in her sleep. I turn quickly to see if I woke her but she turns on her back and moans. “Oh shit Erik.” She arches her back and then lays back on the bed clutching a pillow in hand but eyes still closed. She’s dreaming about me. Just the thought of having sex with her again makes my dick stand to attention. Well the hell with it, I’ll just have her for breakfast.

I slip my boxers back off and sit softly on the bed careful not to wake her. I slowly peel the covers off of her body exposing her naked, vulnerable, sleeping body. “Erik.” She moans again, but she’s still not awake. I noticed her legs are already opened for me, so I slowly crawl between her legs so my face is even with her glistening wet pussy. I gently part her lips with my fingers and licking her clit and sucking it in my mouth. I hear her take a sharp in take of breath and tense. Then it seems that she registers what’s going on and puts her hand in the back of my hand. She giggle and says “Well good morning to you too I was just having this same dream.”

I look up at her and see she’s propped up on one elbow looking at me and I say “Good morning to you too but lay back while I finish my breakfast.” I lower my eyes back so her pussy and suck her clit back into my mouth. “Shit.” Vivi moaned. “Hold it open for me.” I tell her. She reached down and opened her lips for me. I suck and lick at her clit and insert one finger then two fingers into her pussy. “Oh shit Erik I’m getting close.” She moans. I pump my fingers into her pussy faster and lick and suck her clit faster. “Yes Erik I’m about to cum, oh shit.” She begins to buck under my lips and I hold her hips in place as I drink her juices.

Then she collapses back on the bed trying to catch her breath. “Whoa I need to have more mornings like that.” She says between breaths. I kiss her pussy and said “stick with me and you most definitely will.” Then I crawl up between her legs and hover over her and kiss her tenderly on the lips. “Well since you gave me suck an amazing orgasm I’ll go make us some real breakfast and later return the orgasmic favor.” She says while biting her lip. “I’m all up for that.” I say rolling off her onto my back and then off the bed. “Here you go.” I said as I handed her my shirt to put on. She takes the shirt and climbs off the bed and puts on my shirt that stops mid- thigh on her. “Very sexy.” I say as I do a look over at her with nothing but my shirt on.

“Hell you look just as sexy with only them boxers on.” She says eyeing my bulge from my previous hard on. “Let’s go to the kitchen before I have to take you again and make you miss breakfast.” I say as I give her a teasing smack on her perfect ass. “Mm don’t tempt me.” She says giving me a flirty smile as she started to head to the kitchen. As we got to the kitchen she got out bacon, eggs, and biscuits. It took her about fifteen minutes to finish and while she was cooking we had small talk about her favorite color which is red also mine, her favorite type of music which was R&B also mine, and all sorts of thing. As we sat down to eat I look at her and smile and thought this could be a girl I could be with for hours just talking to a never get bored. We ate in silence for a minute playing footsy under the table when she puts her fork down and looks me in the eye. “What?” I say wondering what’s on her mind.

“Do you have plans today?” she asks. I think for a second about my schedule today. I was going to go play ball with Jermaine but he’ll be ok if I cancel and I was going to wash my car but that’s not even close to having sex with a beautiful woman. “No I’m free, Why got any plans?” I say “Nope besides having sex with you again I’m free.” I smile and begin to say “Vivi-” “You can call me Victoria.” She says “Victoria hmm…. I like it.” Victoria smiles her beautiful smile and says “Thank you. And with that she takes my hand and tugs me away from the table and wraps her arms around my neck and says “I thought you were going to be nothing but sex in my life but I can see now that I need you and I want you Erik I just can’t imagine my life without you right now and I know this is really soon and I don’t usually do anything like this and you’re not like any other guy I’ve ever met and….”

“Shhh.” I say putting an index finger lightly on her lips. “I really like you to Victoria and I would love to see where this goes but right now I have to make love to you again.” I truly did. Hearing her say how she truly feels about me turned me on so much I just have to have her or I felt all of a sudden I might burst. I grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom to give her the ultimate pleasure. Afterwards Victoria and I are wrapped around each other and she has her head on my chest and my arms are around her. I can feel the tension in her shoulders though. Confused I kiss her forhead and ask her “Whats wrong baby?”.

She sits up pulling her knees to her chest covering herself. “You said you wanted to see where things go with us.” she says. “Yes I did.” I said looking at her contently still confused. “There’s not suppose to be a legitamite future for us Erik this is suppose to be strictly sexual and thats it.” I sit up quick “What? You just want to use me for sex?” “Yes.” She says quickly not even thinking about it. “But why Victoria? We could be so much more than just sex.” She looks down at the matress no longer looking at me. “Well that’s how it has to be.” She says quietly. “But why baby I could take such good care of you.” I say anxiously.

I have no ideas why I’m really saying this I don’t even know this girl but its like I feel a very strong connection to her already. “Erik I can’t.” She says even quieter still not looking at me. “Tell me why please?” I say pleading with her to tell me why this beautiful woman can’t be mine. “Don’t lie and act like you really want to be in a relationship with me Erik you can drop the act and stop trying to be the nice guy.” She says, her voice suddenly very defensive. She gets up from the bed quickly and starts to grab her clothes off the floor. I hop up as well trying to stop her exit “Wait Victoria please dont leave it’s not an act I swear it’s not.” She looks me in the eye and I try to show her all my sincerity through my eyes.

“Please Victoria talk to me.” I say pleading with her to stay. I look at her face seeing the confusion and apprehension in her eyes. I walk up to her and place my hand on her cheeks causing her to look up to my tall height and meet my eyes. “Please.” I say one more time. Her face is torn “Erik.” she says it as though my name pains her “It wasn’t suppose to be like this your suppose to be like every other guy and just want sex and move on… It’s so much easier that way… I can’t deal with the outcome of relationships.” Victoria says sounding so torn and upset. “What’s the outcome?” I ask

“Erik you’re an attractive man who can have any girl he wants at the end of the day your either going to cheat on me or get bored and dump me so might as well not go through all that and just keep it simple.” She says matter of fact like it was nothing to debate. “What the hell?.” I say in shock “Victoria I could never get bored with such a bright beautiful woman and why would I even think twice about other women when I have a beeautiful, sexy, amazing, woman right in front of me.” I say planting a soft kiss on her lips. She moans softly “Erik i ca..” “Yes you can and you will Victoria.” I say interupting her.

“I won’t break your heart baby I swear it, your heart is safe with me just please give me a chance.” I actually get on my knees and put my hands together. “Please baby just give me a chance I know we don’t really know each other yet but I want to get to know her from her favorite color to your shoe size, to your deepest dreams I want to know everything if you’ll st give me a chance to.” She cracks a smile and then laughs softly ” Fine Erik I’ll try, you can get up now.” I get up ogg my knees and grab her in my arms and swing her around as she laughs harder. I set her back down on her feet and kiss her softly.

“I promise you won’t regret this Victoria.” “She kisses me again and says “You better not or i’m going to kick your ass.” I burst out laughing at the image of this small beautiful wonam trying to beat my ass. “What? dont underestimate me because i”m little.” she says laughing along with me. “Yes ma’ma I find you completly terrifying.” “Good.” She says. I kiss her and pick her up carrying her back to bed and say “I can already tell we’re going to have alot of fun together.” And I make sweet sweet love to her again.

5 years later…

I wake up and see my beautiful wife of now 2 years right beside me. Breathing evenly in deep sleep. I bet if a truck crashed through the window she wouldn’t even stir. I smiled and pushed a stray hair out of her face. I place my hand on her swollen stomach which holds my future son. Our first child which we should be seeing any day now. I don’t even care what her intentions were when we first met its right now that matters most to me. I feel our son kicking inside Victoria. Then with a stir Victoria’s eyes flutter open.

“Good morning beautiful.” I say and place a light kiss on her lips. “Morning babe in the mood for pancakes this morning?” I laugh and kiss her nose and get up to make her pancakes. She’s always craving something new every morning. I go over to her side of the bed to help her out of it and almost instantly when she gets up I hear the sound of water hitting the floor. “Oh crap my water just broke the baby wasn’t suppose to be due for another three days.” Victoria says “Well it looks like he’s coming now I’ll get the bags and we can…” I’m cut off by the moan of pain from Victoria. “Oh god those contractions came fast.” She says. “Hold on babe let me just get those bags and we can head out.” I get to the closet and grab both of the bags and start to help her get down stair when I hear another moan from Victoria. “Babe those contractions were barely 5 minutes apart we’ve got to hurry maybe if we just leave now and I get the bags later then…” Victoria grabs my arm very tightly and says between clenched teeth “I will not have my baby born in a car call the doctor and tell him we’re having the baby here these contractions are coming fast.” another moan as she clenches my arm tighter. “Ouch babe I cant call the doctor if you rip my arm off.” I helped her get settled back in to bed reminding her to do her breathing exercises and I grab my cell phone off the bed room dresser and call the doctor and explain the situation and they tell me they will arrive in about 10-15 minutes and relay the message to Victoria. “Damn it this baby is not waiting 10 or 15 minutes its coming now.” she says with another moan. I put my cell phone back on the dresser and grab her hand trying to comfort her. “Ok babe looks like I’m going to have to deliver our son so I’m going to need u to bend your knees and open your legs so I can see what’s going on.” I climb on the bed and push up her night dress and remove her panties. “Oh crap I have to wash my hands.” I get up and run to the bathroom and quickly wash my hands. Then from what I learned in the birthing classes and books I read I put my fingers in her to see how dilated she was. Hell yeah she was definitely about to have this baby now. “Oh god Erik I feel like I need to push.” Victoria says threw short pants. “Hold on one sec babe.” I ran down stairs and gotm the suction cup we got originally for the babies nose and I grab some towels. “Erik!” Victoria screams as I’m hurrying up the stairs. I run up the last few stairs and say “ok baby I’m here.” I set the towels down on the bed then climb back up to see what’s going on. “Babe I need to push.” She says threw clenched teeth. “Okay when I tell you to push I need you to give it all you got okay?” She nods her head and I say ” 1…2…3… Push!” and I count in my head to 5 and say “Ok stop pushing and breathe ok good job nothing yet but were getting somewhere.” “Erik I’m sorry I think I started really having contractions a few hours ago I didn’t know I’m sorry I just thought it was little labor pains.” says Victoria. ” I kiss her forehead and say “it’s okay babe I’m not mad just try to stay calm and try to push again okay 1..2..3.. Push!” I slowly start to see the top of the baby’s head. “Okay stop breathe….” “Good job I can see the head a few more pushes and it should be over okay 1…2…3… Push!” the baby’s head slides right out and I quickly grab the suction and clear its air way. “The heads out one more push babe and your done.” Victoria does one last push and the baby starts to cry and everything looks good and well. I cut the cord and pin it and wipe the baby clean with the towel. “Let me see our son.” Victoria says as she reaches for the baby. I hand her the baby and climb over and lay next to her looking at my beautiful son. Tears start to run down my cheeks as I look at my son and my beautiful wife. “I am the luckiest man on the world.” I say. A few minutes later the doctor arrives and takes Victoria and our son Corey to the hospital. Now my new family begins.

The end