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Part One

I have been away for a while, which is nothing new for me as I am forever away it seems, and due to this my sex life can be extremely non existent most of the time.
You know that I have just got back and start texting me and asking if we can meet up, I decided what the hell why not, so we arrange to meet up and get a nice hotel room booked.
I decide to get a train there as I have an idea that there will probably be large quantities of alcohol drank throughout the evening and I don’t fancy driving back the next day still pissed.
You meet me at the station wearing a nice white gypsy dress falling just above the knee, we embrace for a kiss and I give your bum a cheeky squeeze and find to my delight that there is nothing under the dress.
We soon reach the hotel and it is only mid afternoon so we decide to go on up and just chill for an hour or two before going out for food.
I drop my bags down next to the bed and jump on to the bed landing on my back with my head on the pillow, you climb onto the bed also and straddle me playfully as you do. I am looking straight down my body at you as you shuffle your way up me, raising your dress naughtily as you do, it is not long before I can see your freshly shaven pussy heading slowly for my face, I decide I can’t wait for you any longer and I grab your arse cheeks and pull your pussy faster towards my face, I am just dying to taste the sweet juices I can see are already forming on your smooth pink pussy lips. I stop you close enough that I can still see but also tease your hot wet slit with my tongue, paying particular attention to your growing swollen clit, I let my tongue flick over it very fast and then take it between my teeth to suck it and flick it harder with my tongue, I can feel your legs start to shake and tremble slightly as you give out little gasps and moans of pleasure, and you can’t just kneel there any longer and you start to grind your pussy into my mouth, soft and slow to begin with getting harder and faster as you are getting yourself off on my mouth and tongue.
Suddenly you arch your back and let out a loud moan of pure pleasure, your legs are turning to jelly either side of my face and you just let yourself go and you release your hot juices all over my face as you cum hard into my mouth.
You pull away from my face and lean in to lick your own juices from my face, giving me quick hard kisses as you do.
I then throw you to the other side of the bed and inform you that I really need a shower after all that travelling, I leave you lying there still recovering and getting your legs back as I head to the bathroom for my shower.
I turn the shower on to get it nice and hot for me as I undress, I step into the bathtub and let the hot spray of the shower wash over me, it feels great after being in them clothes all day long.
I soap up my head and body nice and good then just stand there under the powerful spray with my eyes closed as it all rinses off, I must have stood there for several minutes as I don’t hear you creep in and climb into the tub yourself having removed your clothing out in the hotel room.
The first I am aware of you is when I feel your hands take my still semi hard cock and guide it between your soft lips and into your mouth, flicking your tongue over the top of it and around it in playful circles.
You soon get into a rhythm and start to slide your lips further and further down my now fully erect cock taking it deeper and deeper as you go, your head moves faster and faster and the fact that you are taking my cock so deep that it is hitting the back of your throat is just turning me on all the more. My face is turned up into the water with pleasure and my hands find the back of your head, pulling you into me harder and faster as I am literally fucking your face, it starts to get to the point that it is a little too deep and fast for you as you choke and gag, I stop what I am doing to make sure you are ok, but you tell me not to stop as you love the feeling of my cock pounding into the back of your throat to make you gag and choke.
Soon my cock is back into the rhythm of slamming hard into the back of your throat to make you choke and bring tears streaming down your face, but you are loving every second of it, it isn’t long before you feel the change in my rhythm and feel me tense as I can hold it no longer and I cum deep and hard into the back of your throat, this sensation does make you pull your head back and choke, but you put your hands there to make sure you don’t lose any of my hot white cum, you sit back onto your ass and lick your hands and fingers clean, not wanting to miss out on a single drop.
As you sit there and finish off licking my cum from between your fingers, you look up at me with a very naughty smile and ask me to make you feel like pure filth, I ask how you would like me to do that, and you tell me to hose you down, and not with the shower. I know exactly what you mean and take my cock in my hands and direct it towards you, it isn’t very long before I manage to produce a stream of hot golden piss and start to cover your ample tits with it, you give out a little giggle of pleasure and tell me to aim higher, I aim the stream of my piss towards your face and you open your mouth wide wanting to feel the hot tangy piss filling your mouth as you drink it.
You finish drinking my piss and I laugh and call you a dirty little bitch, you laugh with me and ask if I want to taste yours, I nod and say hell yeah, so you get me to sit in the shower as you stand over me, you start to piss all over me, I open my mouth so I can taste it, it fills my mouth and runs down my chin and all over my chest, I gulp it down with a smile on my face. As you are finishing pissing, you start rubbing your pussy again, teasing your swollen clit as you do, I get the urge to lick and suck your pussy again, but you tease me and won’t let me, eventually you relent after some begging, and as I am licking your hot wet pussy again you tell me that you want to feel my big cock deep inside you, I get up and pick you up and carry you to the bed, we lay there kissing for a couple of minutes until your hand finds my cock and guides it into your sopping wet pussy, I start to fuck you nice and slow looking down into your face as you moan with pleasure, I start to go harder and deeper into you getting faster so that my balls start slapping against your ass. You keep begging for it harder and harder, you then ask me to lie on my back as you want to straddle me, you ease yourself down onto my cock bouncing down harder with each go, I look at you with a silly smile on my face mesmerised by your tits bouncing in front of me. I grab your tits and pull them and you towards me so I can suck on them as you fuck me, you are just constantly moaning with pleasure now. I suddenly stop you and flip you over into a doggy position but instead of carrying on fucking you I decide to lick your pussy again teasing you, you keep begging to feel my cock deep inside you again but I cant help but tease you some more, I just cant get enough of your juices in my mouth. Soon you can take it no more so I slide my cock into you again, but I keep sliding it in and pulling it out slowly all the way, you are nearly crying as you beg me to stop teasing you and just fuck you hard from behind, I start to fuck you real hard now, slamming into you as hard as I can until you are screaming with pleasure. You can feel yourself on the verge of cumming but really don’t want to just yet as you want to feel me fuck you more before you do. We give it a break for a minute and I lie you down so we can get into a spoon position, you reach behind and grab my cock to slide it back into your cock hungry pussy, we fuck like that fairly slowly as you rub your clit, you know just how to rub it in the exact right way you rub harder and harder as I am fucking you, pretty soon you can hold back no longer and you cum all over my cock, I can feel your hot juices all over my cock, you tell me not to stop fucking you as you want to feel my juices inside you too, I keep on fucking you from behind until I tense up and can hold back no more, you can feel my hot cum flowing into you mixing with your own juices. I pull out slowly and lie on my back, you turn over and slowly lick and suck all the mixed up juices from my cock, we both then kiss and fall into an exhausted afternoon sleep.

Part Two

It is around 6pm when I finally wake up and you are still fast asleep, so I leave you lying there while I go grab myself a shower and a shave ready for the evening ahead.
You wake up just as I get out of the shower and decide to jump in while I have my shave, it isn’t too long before we are both cleaned up, dressed and ready to hit the town.
We decide to go for a nice meal at an Italian restaurant first, it is quite a cosy place and the food is excellent, not to mention the wine.
The night is rolling on nicely as we are getting merrier with the alcohol flowing at a good rate.
We decide to hit a bar or few after our meal and pretty much just see where the night takes us.
I can’t help but admire your shape every time you walk to the toilet, you are wearing a sexy little black number, small and sleek enough to look sexy without being slutty.
All I can think about though is how much fun it is going to be removing it from your body later on.
After visiting a few lively bars it starts to get fairly late so we decide to make a proper night of it and hit a club.
The club itself is a typical club playing the usual club tunes, it has a good feel about it and a friendly atmosphere which just adds to the overall feeling of a great night out.
We have now moved onto shots and shorts, without any regard to how crap we will both feel the next morning.
You excuse yourself from the bar as you need the toilet again, but I am happy with that as I get to watch you from behind again.
I order myself another drink to sup while I wait for you to return as I know how long women like to spend in a nightclub toilet.
I finish my drink and decide to order another one as you still haven’t returned, as I near the end of that one I start to worry a little as you have been taking a lot longer than usual, I ask the bar maid to let you know that I have gone for a wander round the club to look for you in case you return.
After wandering around the maze like club I spot you in a darkened corner speaking to another woman, you are both having to lean in close to each others ears to be heard, the way both of your hands keep touching each other though, suggests more than just a chat in a nightclub, so I stand back where I am and watch you, becoming intrigued by what could be playing out in front of my eyes.
You look around scouting the area around you and your eyes lock onto mine, you give me a little wink and then lean in and start to kiss the woman in front of you, I am unsure whether to be pissed off or what, but the feelings stirring in my groin lets me know that now is definitely not a time to be pissed off.
After a few minutes you walk over hand in hand with your new mystery friend, “hi” you say mischievously, “I seem to have found a new friend who wants to come play with us.”
My heart nearly misses a beat as I can’t believe what I am hearing.
“I guess it is time to head back to the hotel then” I say with a massive cheesy grin on my face.
The walk back to the hotel takes only a few minutes as it is not too far away. Once we get to the room door, I can’t get the key card out fast enough, once inside you lead our new friend straight to the bed and continue with the deep kissing that you started back at the club.
I go to join you on the bed but you pull away and shake your head, “you can sit and watch” you tell me, “we might let you join in later if you’re good”.
So I sit on one of the hotel room chairs and watch you both as you get back to kissing each other, as you both get more turned on and start undressing each other in front of me, it is plain to see that I am getting extremely aroused by what I am seeing. “you can play with yourself while you watch if you want” you tell me with a mischievous twinkle in your eye, but that is all the prompting I need before I take my jeans and boxers off and sit on the chair with just my top still on.
As you both explore each others bodies with your mouths and hands, I sit and slowly stroke my cock in anticipation of what is still to come.
You are both naked now and you both get yourselves into a 69 position, wanting to taste each other whilst pleasuring each other. All the while I am sat stroking my cock whilst my heart is racing. It isn’t long before I can’t take it any longer and I cover my stomach in hot sticky cum, but you are both far too engrossed in what you are doing to each other to even notice, so I go to the bathroom to clean myself up and get a glass of water.
When I return from the bathroom, you are both lying back on the bed looking at me with cheeky satisfied grins. You get up then and walk towards me, pushing me back down on the chair as you do, “time for some fun I think” you whisper in my ear as you give it a playful nibble. As you move around to the back of me, you tie my hands behind and to the back of the chair, you then move back round to the front of me and straddle my lap forcing your breasts into my face, I give each nipple a little suck and nibble making you give a little moan of pleasure. You then produce a silk scarf and proceed to tie it over my eyes so that I can’t see anything.
I sit there for a minute or two blind and unable to move wondering what was going to happen next, I then feel my neck being kissed and nibbled nice and slowly, the feeling intensified by not being able to see, I then feel someone push my legs apart and kneel between them, I then feel a soft pair of lips start to slowly kiss my now semi erect cock, followed quickly by a tongue licking it, I then feel it get taken by a hand and start to get sucked and teased nice and slowly. The sensation of having this happen whilst all the while having my neck and and ears kissed and nibbled on is just mind blowing to me.
I then feel the person who was kissing my ears, move around and join the person sucking my cock, I then start to feel two sets of lips and two tongues teasing and sucking on my cock, I feel you both taking it in turns hungry to take my cock deep into your mouths.
The assault on my senses is out of this world, and in no time at all I start to spasm as I cum once again, unable to contain myself any longer. You both take it in turns to clean me up with your tongues, and I can also hear you kissing each other as you do.
You then take off the blindfold and untie my hands, “now it’s your turn to pleasure the both of us with your tongue” you say to me playfully.
“What guy could possibly turn down a request like that” I say back to you.
As you both lay back on the bed I start to pleasure one pussy with my tongue and the other with my fingers, making sure that I take it in turns with you both as you kiss each other hungrily.
The fun carries on through the night like this until there is daylight streaming through the crack in the curtains and we all fall asleep exhausted.
When me and you wake up several hours later, our new mystery woman has already left and gone home, but we both lay there with the happy memories of what she did for the both of us.