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The Slendrina-hunt carries on through dark corners of the Houses’ cellar.

Actually I think there are two games in the series, this one – called the Cellar, and another one called the House, which probably had been made first but I decided to go with the Cellar one.

Ok, the story is rather thin, I mean first you’ve been searching for some pieces of painting to unveil the secret of Slendrina and than you got knocked out and thrown into a dark basement.

The game begins after that point on, so basically your goal is to make your way through whatever is attacking you, to eventually reach the exit and leave this dark and creepy place.

Waves of cockroach-like creatures are all over you but luckily you have a gun on you with some pretty decent stash of ammo and there’s some more to pick up from the floor on your way if you look down at the corners carefully.

Of course, the game milks out the most out of famous Slender-man horror-tale. As if we’ve had enough of him, so now we are about to deal with his mrs Slendrina, and try to put her down as well.

The part about where you need to collect 8 books is quite cheese and doesn’t hold the water, but others than that, the 3d look is not too bad and actually quite playable.




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