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Exmortis 3 Free Edition

This is Exmortis 3, demo free edition, horror game saga about Abhorrents, mystical creatures who roamed the Earth Realm before the dawn. It was the time of darkness and chaos, no rules but only one – to survive. It walks you through the times of ancient Earth, before man and beast.

How to play? Click the ‘play now’ big orange button and wait for sponsor message to load up. Than click ‘start’ button. That’s it. There should be a sign ‘free version’ in the top right corner. Don’t click upgrade, or anything like that. Just go for ‘NEW GAME’. You should soon see the city from the birds eye view and a nuclear catastrophe on the horizon. Click continue and you’re in the game.

Their greed to conquer and rule turned those creates against their own kind, so in the end, there were only three left: Kfafta, Azrael and Vlaew, three brothers.

Their power has been buried under the Earth’s surface for eons, until now.

Now, it’s your job to stop them, the Exmortis.

That is the story.

Please note that this is not a full version of the game. There’s also a pc downloadable version, also full, but this one isn’t. Yet it’ll still give you a good hint of what the famous horror series of Exmortis have turned into after 2 sequels.

Exmortis 3 is basically creepy game, weird story-line, but also very very cool. Graphics are cool too. In demo version there are 11 achievements but you don’t need to unlock all of them to get it finished.

To start, you need to grab hook and cable, combine them by dragging one over the other (the order is irrelevant) and than use it on the lever from the upper right corner. It’s best for understanding to watch the video walkthough down below.

On your way, there’s gonna be certain objects which if clicked will lead you to download game or to show the trailer for the game, but these should not concern you and it’s best if you avoid them. Than first go to the industrial complex. Grab the rope. Combine the rope with fireplace poker and return to the street. Check out the car with the dead man. Grab his keys, open the glove box (not to be used in the demo). Go in the market, grab the batteries (also not needed for the demo). Click on the apartment building, head into the stuff room and grab the fire extinguisher, grab the AA batteries and use them on the radio. I’ll stop now, because the game is way to complex and long to be retold in a do this do that step by step manner. Your best option is to either watch the walkthrough on your own, or to download the full game and try to solve it by yourself. The full version is not free through.

Aside the demo walkthrough, I will post the full version walkthrough so you can get a hang of it and see how the full game looks like.
Exmortis 3 (Demo) Narrated Walkthrough

Exmortis 3 Walkthrough Part 8




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