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Clown Nights – FNAF Game

A night guard job at the local circus turns into a survival adventure because of one spooky clown. If you ever played any of the FNAF games, you should know what to expect as the rules remained identical.

The goal of the game is to watch the cameras all night long until 6 am. That should be easy if there weren’t’ any deadly clowns walking around the circus. The point is, every time you look at the cameras, the clown that should normally be sitting still has actually changed its position. It is moving towards your room. If yo don’t do anything about it, it will eventually get to you and kill you.

So, how to stop the clown? How to prevent him from killing you?

This clown can move only in dark, by night, and it doesn’t like to be watched. So, to keep him under control you must regularly check up on him, and keep the lights on sporadically in the corridors. That will keep him off. The problem is the energy. Your cameras and the doors are powered by a battery, with has a limited amount of power. When the power drains, the doors automatically open up and the lights go off, leaving you alone and unprotected with a maniacal killer clown. Not a pleasant situation.

So, the point is in saving the energy. You keep doing regular checkups but you also make sure to turn off the lights and keep the doors unlocked for the most of the night, to be able to save the energy and leave enough power to use it when you need it the most. A good balancing is a key to success in this game, the same as it was in the original series. On top of that, the game is quite creepy and it will probably keep you at the edge of your seat most of the time.

I’m aware that many of you will go like ‘oh nooo, not another FNAF game’ Haven’t we seen them all yet? 🙂 But, the game is really good, and if you’re are a fan of the series you will probably like it and you should definitely give it a go.




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