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Geist – Escape the death game

Geist means ghost, and the little boy’s task is to chase the ghosts away, find the key and escape the death.

I’ve played this game a while a go and now I decided to go back and upload it to darkhorrorgames. The thing is, I couldn’t really remember what it was about but the tune, I recalled that one in a second. The game music is so catchy, spooky and repeating that you will remember it probably until the rest of your life.

The game itself is not bad. It’s a classic escape game about a little boy trapped inside a dark room, who are looking for a room key to get out and escape before his mom returns home. Mom is bad, she’s probably an alcoholic or something, giving the poor boy a really hard time. Instead of playing out with friends, he’s stuck inside this room with toys and books. The boy needs friends.

And it’s not just the mom. There’s a tall dark creature observing him for a while. All these things make a little boy not just sad, but scared too. He needs to get away as soon as possible. Your job is to click certain things in a certain order until the boy finds the key.

Doing all that in a timely manner is a must because if you fail to find the key before the mom returns home, the boy dies !???! Yeah, strange part.

This is the exact steps you must undertake in order to solve the game. First, make sure the lights are off and play with your toys for a while. Then, turn on the TV, click the aquarium, click on the picture with a cat on the wall, letter blocks, pills, check out the coloring book, and finally read something from the diary. The thing is that the key will show up underneath the shaded piece on the floor. Pick up the key and you’re free to go. I’m not really a fan of games like this, simply because of the fact how the hell could you know what to do and in what order to make certain things happen. It’s not like there’s a logical order of actions you would normally try in a real life. Reading through a diary book to get the key is not what you’d normally expect.

There’s a couple of video walkthroughs of this game available on YT, and here’s one of them:




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