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Escape The House Of Fear

If mind-boggling point and click puzzles don’t scare you, than this house break in horror adventure is a good choice for you.

This is a horror game but it’s not scary at all:(

What is it about?

House Of Fear: Revenge is point and click horror adventure. The goal is to break into the old haunted house, solve its mysteries and then escape. The game is filled with logic tasks and brain teasers. You need to collect items and then use them to solve various problems. The puzzles are something like: unlock locked door, open the safe using code, find hidden object etc. The game is rather complex and utilizes great number of objects. It takes a lot of patience and good amount of time to solve the game.

Is House of Fear the right game for darkhorrorgames.com?

Based on comments on other portals like Newgrounds and jayisgames.com, I’ve decided that this game is worthy enough to find its place in our collection. My only concern was that the game, besides an obvious horror motives: music, ghosts, skeletons inside the closets, creepy-cool creatures, body in the attic, an old house… actually isn’t scary. The only scary thing in this game is the number of objects you need collect and use. It would be interesting to read your comments and grades for this game. It is well known that escape games are widely popular but also they have a very specific audience.

Textual Walktrough (spoiler !!!)

I think that there are some problems in the game which can be solved in several different ways. For example, entering the house. In video walktrough we can see how you use a pickaxe to smash the light in front of the house, that is how you find a key and a shotgun shell. You use the key to unlock the side door. However I managed to get inside without the key. I broke the skeleton standing at the front door using pickaxe.

The game is simply huge and it would be pointless to name all steps from the start to finish. It is not too hard but if you need help you can always consult the video walktrough.

The main principle of problem solving is standard, like in any other point and click game. You walk around the house, collect all kinds of items (razorblade, pliers, map, candlestick, bulb, alarm clock). There are 24 slots for discovered items. The game is more house break in than escape the room. The goal of the game is to break inside the house and then after you have solved all puzzles you escape back out and blow the whole thing up with dynamite. Even though no motives for breaking and entry were given, it is obvious that it is all about some kind of revenge just like the game title suggests.


There are 24 slots in the inventory for objects you find along the way. On your right there are icons: magnifier for item’s closer inspection, interlocked puzzle pieces for combining two or more items and separated puzzle pieces for item separation.


There aren’t many lacks in this game. Design and graphics are great with smaller oversights regarding less intuitive clues. The main problem is with cursor which doesn’t change to mark the interactive objects. That is why there is lots of random clicking around, which can be irritating. Enormous effort was put into this game and many say that it has potential. The items you’ve already used, and can’t use again, still remain in the inventory, which is very confusing. So, the main issue this game has is the interface.


Dmitry Mamontov
Vitaly Letov
House Of Fear Official Walkthrough




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