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The Deepest Sleep

You wake up but you can’t move, while a pair of grey eyes is watching you from the dark – you are entering the Deepest Sleep.
What is it about?

It is hard to say specifically. The game was made to resemble a dream, so all logic was thrown out the window. While you play, you are mostly focused on solving ‘mini problems’ and how to get to the next room. For example, if you are looking for the door key, or a secret passage, you don’t ask any questions about who and why had locked them. The answer to all your questions in this game is ‘THEY’. And ‘THEY’ are some kind of creatures from the dark, and they want to keep you there until you become one of them and never wake up. When you see the man running towards the light in the last scene, you should click on him. If you don’t, you are forever stuck in a dream. In a way we can say that this game has two endings. The second ending is when you wake up and we can see your eyes open. This is basically point and click escape game. There is an inventory at the bottom of the screen where you put items you have collected so far. Those objects are various: a screwdriver, hammer, gems etc. and they are later on used to solve problems. The conclusion on this game is that it seams a bit unrelated to the previous sequels and that the puzzles are just too simple. Some players think that it is too short.

Twist in this game, compared to the earlier versions, could be seen somewhere near the end. When you take a look at yourself in the mirror and realize that this time you are sunken so deep that you are practically one of them already.

History/Previous Versions

After ‘Deep Sleep’ and ‘Deeper Sleep’ , the logic dictates that the next one of these games is called ‘The Deepest Sleep’, unless of course it isn’t the last one. For those who don’t know, this is the third sequel of point and click adventure, which begins in 2012. That’s when user ‘scriptwelder’ had won the ‘Casual Gameplay Design’ competition organized by Armor Games, with his game ‘Deep Sleep’. The game proved to be unusually successful because the accent was on the gameplay, while the graphics was minimized. All objects and characters were represented in low 8-bit resolution. What we are interested in and why this game is in ‘Dark Horror Games’ collection are numerous dark and somewhat scary elements.

Deepest Sleep Horror

Dark, sound effects, doors creaking, loud foot steps and some kind of flies filling every room. Of course, the space is lit with a flash light only, so there is always that undiscovered dark corner which needs to be investigated. Many players feel that ‘Deep Sleep’ version was the best one, meaning the scariest of all. Those who had played Deep SLeep know that the game doesn’t have jump-scares, but it is dark enough to be called a horror game.

Pixel-art horror

In horror movies in 90% of the time it is dark, and very often you see almost nothing. And yet we are afraid. That is the main idea of pixel-art developers. Visibility and sharpness are at a minimum, but that makes our other senses turned up on maximum. We listen, read instructions, follow the action. Pixel-art horror games are proof that graphics is not the most important thing for good gaming experience. Not everybody will agree with this statement, and that is understandable too.




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