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The Last Door – Chapter 4

Jeremiah Devitt continues his horror adventure through the ‘Ancient Shadows’, The Last Door’s last chapter of season 1.
Devitt is searching for answers in Alexandre’s house, who is his childhood friend, and inside he is finding instructions. You control Devitt, who is passing through some, mostly dark and moldy, corridors and rooms with only oil lamp in his hand. You collect various objects on your way and store them in the inventory. Later you will use them to solve puzzles with only one goal in mind which is to get some answers. Sometimes a dialog box will appear with one or more options to choose from.

You goal is explained like this, in short: You must find the door, just like Alexandre did, the door which gives passage through the Veil. When you find it, open it and you and Alexandre will “walk again beyond the mist”.

The Last Door is a variation of so called ‘room escape games’. The only difference is that here we have the main hero who is visible and he is also moving through the scenes, which is not the case in classic room escape games. Another specific is a low resolution, so called pixel art horror game, while escape games are usually very colorful and they are mostly about solving puzzles. Regarding that, here we have much better balance between the problem solving and the story happening in the background.

The Last Door Project

It’s been several months since we’ve played The Last Door Chapter 3. In the meantime, thelastdoor.com official website of the series had appeared. The story has been a bit commercialized because now they accept donations and also offer an in advance play of incoming games. There is obviously a tendency to turn a few episodes into a series, and author shall publish a new season every year. Ambitious and professional, but it still remains to be seen if the audience will respond adequately. All in all, it looks like ‘The Last Door’ s not going to be shut any time soon. It is very important to emphasize that ‘Dark Horror Games’ has no connection to this project nor has it any part in it whatsoever. We are only here to present the new horror games and wish them luck. The financial aspect is not of any interest to us.


Up till now there are 4 episodes made in total. First we had “The Last Door – Prologue” or “The Letter” , then came episode ‘Memories’, ‘The Four Witness’ (chapter 3) , and chapter 4 is also called the “Ancient Shadows” – Devitt’s final call. Well, that obviously won’t be the last call, since another episode was announced for 2015. under the name ‘The Playwright’ or “On Devitt’s trail”.

About the Author

This series is the work of several people from ‘The Game Kitchen’ – independent game studio (http://www.thegamekitchen.com/ )from Seville, Spain. An interesting fact is that all sound effects and music are completely original, and an independent composer ‘Carlos Viola’ was hired for the job. The team are: Enrique, Mateo and three other programmers.

About the series

The Last Door is pixel art horror game. If you need more information about pixel art games you can get them here (pixel art) . This is a series of point and click games where the main hero Jeremiah Devitt is looking for ‘answers’. The game is available for almost all platforms: windows, linux, android and flash-enabled devices (on an official facebook page you can even see this game running on commodore 64!). The game has been translated to more than 10 world languages.




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