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Curse Village Defense

Curse Village has some pretty gritty illustrations for their story segments, with lots of button-mashing, zombie-like enemies and dark and creepy atmosphere.

The art looks very professional, and the graphics are just as well done. As far as gameplay goes, I can easily compare it to Plants Vs. Zombies, Pixel Kingdom, or any other line defense game. You have three rows that various zombie-like enemies come at you from. It’s pretty fun if you like button-mashing, because that’s pretty much all you do. I will say, however, that the variety of defense items is higher than most line games. First, you choose the weapons you use yourself, then you have the option of creating barricades, setting traps, and even hiring survivors to aid you. As far as dark and creepy goes, yeah, the atmosphere definitely fits the bill. Gameplay? Ehhh, I’d peg it more as action and strategy, personally.

This short guest preview has been written by our friend Serialzero, to whom I especially thank for the effort, hoping we’ll get the chance to read his full review of the game soon.

Curse Village as growing genre of line defense games

If you have another go at the game, you will realize there’s a little more to it than strict button-mashing. Curse Village is another title in the growing genre of line defense games, such as Plants Vs. Zombies or Pixel Kingdom. However, it is far from typical. Like other line defense games, you have multiple rows that enemies stream from, and it is your job to prevent them from reaching the other side. Unlike other games, you have more freedom of movement when taking them down, and the variety of defense items is much higher. Not only do you get to choose from an array of personal weapons, but there are also traps and barricades available, and you can even hire survivors to aid you in battle.
Button-mashing and decapitation

For the most part, battle involves quite a bit of button-mashing, to be sure, but the hit detection is incredibly detailed. There are multiple areas on each enemy that you can hit for various results, such as knock-downs and decapitation. So make those head shots count!

Gritty illustrations

The story segments have some pretty gritty illustrations, and the graphics are just as well done. The sound effects may be a little on the reserved side, but combine that with the visuals, and the tension from trying not to get overrun, and you have a really enjoyable experience overall.

To avoid any confusion, this is a just a recall of an old game from 2009. In the meantime, Curse Village got the sequel in 2010 called “Reawakening”, followed by two more sequels: part 3 in 2012 and part 4 in 2014. Generally new versions didn’t bring anything new to the original game so they didn’t do well with the gaming audience. I decided it to give it a go on dark horror games just because of some gore and bloody elements. Generally this is not real dark horror games candidate, but what a heck.




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