I miss you

I miss you is evidently a kind of horror game which tries to revive the glory of the old point and click ‘Horror House’ series. If you ever played The Horror House and The House 2 you’ll know what I am talking about.

I’ve spotted the game on GameJolt where it showed up first, and to be honest I wasn’t sure about whether I should put it on dark horror games. Yet the lack of good horror and the fact that Markiplier did a video review of it, made me change my mind. He called this ‘horror comedy’, which is perhaps a little excessive, as the game is not that bad. There’s also a part 2, which I am going to also publish here.

The story goes like this: a guy gets killed in a car accident, so his wife decides to commit suicide two days later. The house they used to live in gets haunted, people started to report all kinds of weired sounds and activities, but nobody had guts to get inside and check out what was going on there. I guess this is where you come in.

If you’d like to squeeze the maximum of horror out of this game, I suggest you not to watch Markiplier’s video first, because he did it in a funny way. Anyway, just like in House 1 and House 2, first you get inside a room, and than you’re supposed to find clickable items and click on them rapidly until something happens. Every room usually ends up with a jumpscare and than you move on to a next room until you finish the ‘game’. And that’s about it.

author: rx-games, ramy sabah


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