FNAF3 Online is remake of the third sequel of survival horror series recollecting events from 30 years ago. Are you ready for Freddy ?
Let me remind you what Five Nights At Freddy’s (3) is about. This is a series of games played from the first person perspective, where player is controlling security camera and other devices from fixed position as you attempt to survive 5 nights by avoiding murderous animatronics. After parts 1 and 2 now we finally got the third game released on Steam exactly 8 months after the part 1.

In this part you are now in a control room of Freddy Fazbear’s Fright, which is a horror attraction and an amusement park based on the events from first two games. You are testing attractions making sure everything will work properly for the grand opening. You need to monitor security cameras, vents and audio system. You should survive through the night until 6 AM next day.

The catch here is that there’s only one robot named Springtrap that you need to worry about this time, while the rest are just hallucinations, which only scare the living crap out of you and forcing you to restart the ventilation system to regain your sanity and recover. The Springtrap is really the only one who can end the game. If you see him outside the control room you are usually already dead.

This is a hard game but mostly because it did a terrible job in telling you what you were supposed to be doing. The first night though is the tutorial where it’s briefly mentioned how the security system works. You’re supposed to monitor the vents and keep the certain vents locked up if you see the animatronics inside. It feels a little bit confusing because the things are heavily randomized so you can hardly see patterns. But one thing is for sure – the atmosphere is still terrifying.


All credits for video/audio/animations go to Scott Cawthon who is the original creator of Freddy Fazbear horror series. ScratchCube is an indie developer who coded this remake in Scratch tool, by using all of the original images/assets.

Some changes to part 2

– Much darker tone
– Controlling vents
– Best technically implemented part so far
– Only one robot: Springtrap


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