Monster Basement 2 – Yellow Guy With Axe

The gate to freedom in the basement has been locked and now we must find the key!
Please note that there’s probably a bug in this game because when you play it once and than if you hit play again it kinda glitches a little, so reload should be a better option in case you want to replay.

First, we are going to examine the TV set, take out the DVD, just because it’s annoying but we will get back to TV at the later stages. This is where you pick up the box of matches.

Turn off the lights and than the pictures will change.

Go to the room with stairs, take one match out of the box, strike it and light up all of the candles in both rows. Behind a small shadow revealed by on of the candles you will spot a bottle with ultra lax. Pick it up because we are gonna use that later. I’m not gonna be doing full walkthrough in this text, so if you need further instructions I suggest you take a look at the video down below.

First, there’s this farting guy, doing some kind of dissection of the body in the kitchen.

I think the real monster is this bug yellow guy walking around with an axe sticking out of his head.


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